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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Fire, 626:in space and time, of the dense physical body. This should be carefully considered, along with theFire, 627:sense of dense substance, and not a planetary body; he is the God of the physical plane, theFire, 630:The logoic permanent atoms (within the causal body). The cosmic higher mental levels. Yet theseFire, 631:Entities, Who form the psychic centers in Their body in the same manner as They - in Their turn -Fire, 632:are occupied in building the logoic physical body, and in carrying out His plans in that body, inFire, 632:body, and in carrying out His plans in that body, in this way fulfiling the purpose for which HeFire, 632:works at two things: First. The building of his body of manifestation, a threefold body. Second.Fire, 632:of his body of manifestation, a threefold body. Second. The construction of thought-forms, which heFire, 632:primarily with the evolution of the dense body of the Logos, the liquid, gaseous and denseFire, 633:and with the vitalization of the centers in the body of the Heavenly Man with Whom we areFire, 633:the purposes of the Logos in his dense, physical body. Let us get our ideas as clear as possible onFire, 633:of the greatest concretion. In the planetary body of our planetary Logos they are the builders ofFire, 634:nervous system in the logoic physical body, just as their brothers of the seventh vibrationFire, 634:which in their mutual interaction hold the body in health; there is an analogy also in theFire, 634:and the motor and sensory nerves of the physical body. I will not enlarge upon this angle ofFire, 634:Planetary scheme. (Dense Planet) Human physical body. (Dense Body) and are therefore a powerfulFire, 634:(Dense Planet) Human physical body. (Dense Body) and are therefore a powerful factor in theFire, 635:important, for they are the builders of the body of consciousness per se. From the psychicFire, 636:of each subplane, viewing that matter as the body of manifestation of one of the seven devasFire, 636:between the centers and the remainder of the body, as they investigate the construction of the bodyFire, 636:as they investigate the construction of the body of the solar Logos or of a planetary Logos. [637]Fire, 637:units - the human Monads. The remainder of the body is composed of deva substance, yet the twoFire, 637:logoic Trinity, and therefore Spirit, Soul and Body Himself in His separated essential nature. ThatFire, 638:than the dense vehicle, being essentially the body of the [639] life, or vitality, then the rôle ofFire, 639:polarization in the case of man into his etheric body, composed of matter of the four higherFire, 639:both man and the Logos, they occultly form the "body of death." This brings us to the point whichFire, 640:Dhyan Chohan. The informing entity in the causal body is the Divine Thinker. The informing entityFire, 642:of a nature analogous to that of the physical body. Hence destruction of the form would ensue, orFire, 642:with the development of that portion of the body of a Heavenly Man which is not included in theFire, 643:with the permanent atoms, with the egoic body, and with the development of the spirillae. Thus theFire, 647:place on allied levels in the cosmic etheric body of the planetary Logos, and of the solar Logos.Fire, 648:through them as a man manifests through his body. The Lord of a chain. The Lord of a globe. CertainFire, 648:planetary schemes forms the center in the logoic body which harbors kundalini. This scheme, whoseFire, 648:their function of animating the dense physical body of the Logos in the same way as the kundaliniFire, 649:experience. The kundalini fire in the logoic body is at the height of its activity in stimulatingFire, 649:of its activity in stimulating His physical body - our lower three systemic planes - and the fourFire, 651:organs, and in the vitality of the etheric body. Therefore, those of us who see somewhat of theFire, 656:Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body of Manifestation under the Law (His denseFire, 656:man - under the same Law - creates his physical body, or as the solar Logos (at the other end ofFire, 656:(at the other end of the scale) creates His body, a solar system. This has a definite and esotericFire, 656:might be expressed thus: Just as each man has a body which, in its main characteristics and form,Fire, 656:so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of deva substance or spirit-matter whichFire, 656:constituents which He requires to build His body or scheme. It will, therefore, be recognized thatFire, 658:considered, and the analogy between the etheric body, the vehicle of prana vitalizing the denseFire, 659:the dense physical, and [659] man's astral body, and the method of its vitalization will be foundFire, 659:itself is energized via: The planetary etheric body. The mental plane, or the cosmic gaseousFire, 660:lies in the fact that at present the astral body of man is positive to the physical plane, negativeFire, 660:buddhic plane. As evolution proceeds, the astral body should become positive to the mental, andFire, 660:and the forces are evenly balanced, the astral body should become the transmitter from the buddhicFire, 660:through it as a man manifests through his body, Varuna, the Lord of the astral plane, has achievedFire, 661:the Logos Himself is polarized in His astral body. Another reason is that he has a peculiar linkFire, 662:to the liquid portion in the physical body of man, and is for Him therefore no principle. TheFire, 662:is for him as yet only a possibility. The astral body is the seat of man's most violent vibration,Fire, 662:point: the little elemental lives which form the body of the emotions, and the positive [663] lifeFire, 663:particular man and who gives to him an astral body of a coherent and positive power, are as yetFire, 663:attributes. The two, blended together, form the body of manifestation, the centers and substance ofFire, 663:harmony there experienced, that the astral body of man calls for the closest study andFire, 664:sun, and its relation to prana and the etheric body. The subjective sun, and its connection withFire, 664:with the kama-manasic principle, and the astral body. The central spiritual sun, and its relationFire, 664:that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. In this connection it must be remembered thatFire, 665:planetary scheme, and thus through the astral body of a planetary Logos, a condition was broughtFire, 665:are only found in the dense physical body of the Logos - being the substance of the lower threeFire, 671:any particular planetary Logos as they form His body of manifestation, a scheme. The standpoint ofFire, 673:paths," which conditions (existing within the body logoic and consequently being part of the divineFire, 673:has to do with a special condition in the astral body of our planetary Logos, and with His historyFire, 673:of the deva substance of which the astral body of our planet, and the astral bodies of all formsFire, 674:a point but little realized. The dense physical body of the planetary Logos exists, as we know, inFire, 674:effect of this nature upon His dense physical body, and particularly that portion of it which weFire, 676:concerned with the construction of man's causal body, and who are the linking group between theFire, 676:plane, as they, in their totality, form the body of manifestation of the great deva or Raja-Lord ofFire, 676:who form the "liquid" aspect in the physical body of the planetary Logos and of the solar Logos.Fire, 677:matter. A group of devas, who form the desire body of that great entity who ensouls the animalFire, 679:connected with the permanent atoms in the causal body, but are very definitely associated with theFire, 679:of the pre-eminent importance of the astral body in the three worlds. It is by the domination ofFire, 681:with the building of man's dual physical body, with his astral body and with his lower mental body;Fire, 681:of man's dual physical body, with his astral body and with his lower mental body; these sheaths areFire, 681:with his astral body and with his lower mental body; these sheaths are energized by their forceFire, 681:the Builders or constructors of the egoic body on the higher mental levels) is to unite the higherFire, 681:the esoteric seven is completed. The physical body in its denser manifestation is, as we know, notFire, 682:the first condensation of the threefold lower body of man. They form part of his lunar body. TheyFire, 682:lower body of man. They form part of his lunar body. They are directly linked with the highestFire, 682:are the gaseous devas of the logoic physical body. We will not deal with them in greater detail atFire, 682:in manifestation, The building of the causal body, the opening of the egoic Lotus, and theFire, 683:Monads who form the various centers in the body of a planetary Logos and the self-consciousFire, 683:plane is the first aspect of the dense physical body of the planetary Logos, the buddhic planeFire, 683:more closely the nature of his own etheric body, he must extend that knowledge to higher levels,Fire, 683:effective action upon his own dense physical body, is better understood, he will pass to a fullerFire, 683:comprehension of the corresponding effect in the body of the Logos. It is on the mental plane (theFire, 684:this may be found in the fact that the etheric body of man receives, and transmits prana directlyFire, 684:and transmits prana directly to the physical body, and that the vitality of the physical frame isFire, 684:fire devas are "the Heart of the Dhyan chohanic body," 23 for their energy comes from the spiritualFire, 684:the energy of the pranic devas of the etheric body comes from the physical sun. This energy of theFire, 684:potently on the gaseous matter of the physical body. This is why the Sons of Wisdom, embodying theFire, 684:it is only as the threefold dense physical body of a planetary Logos (as expressed by our threeFire, 685:The old Commentary says: "When the Heart of the Body throbs with spiritual energy, when itsFire, 686:Logos, but for each and all the "Heart of the Body" has to thrill with awakening life before theFire, 688:three worlds is to Him now. Just as the physical body of man is not a principle, so all planes atFire, 688:Angels or builders and vitalizers of the egoic body; they are those through whom self-consciousnessFire, 689:solar Angels are the Pitris, the builders of the body of the Ego, and the producers ofFire, 689:who responds to Their life as a part of the body of these Dhyani Buddhas. (a.) Cosmically
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