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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Fire, 995:system, during the cycle of humanity, the astral body is the pivotal point of endeavor, having aFire, 995:lower cruder colors which distinguish the astral body of average man, for the clearer, purer tonesFire, 1000:the three persons of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body.Fire, 1000:of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body. They, with theFire, 1000:mental body, the astral body, and the physical body. They, with the Illuminator, make the "Four"Fire, 1005:which he has created. The devas who form the body of the idea which has failed in its purpose formFire, 1005:important stage in many ways, for the astral body of any form conditions: The nature of theFire, 1008:plane, and to dangers menacing the physical body. They are the most dangerous where the physicalFire, 1009:which is active in connection with the pituitary body, is added, and man becomes [1010] responsiveFire, 1012:consequence of the discipline of the physical body, and its subjugation to the laws of spiritualFire, 1013:thought form upon the mental plane, or that germ body which will (through accretion and vibratoryFire, 1013:plane the thought form must now function, and a body must be provided so as to make this possible.Fire, 1013:taken depends the construction of the etheric body, and the consequent physical manifestation. ThisFire, 1014:equilibrium before informing them, the perfected body of the Adept is formed. All magical work onFire, 1015:plane is regarded as secondary; his physical body, and the work engendered therein, beingFire, 1016:so that it may take to itself a physical body, and next, the dispersal of the building forces, nowFire, 1016:mental sheath, yet separated from the physical body, owing to the occult "drowning" of theFire, 1017:self - S. D., III, 525, 527. If with a physical body it becomes a soulless man. In this case thereFire, 1017:this case there is hope. If without a physical body it becomes a spook, or one form of the DwellerFire, 1023:it, or combine it with the forces of his own body, and then transmit it to the thought form whichFire, 1023:recognized by him as the planetary vital body. Only he who is free can control and utilize thoseFire, 1024:of deva lives who form the planetary pranic body, and are swept in on the floods of vital forceFire, 1025:serious proportions, and for the final time the body of the magician is menaced by destruction. TheFire, 1025:now ready to take to itself a "fiery" or gaseous body, and it is these fire builders who menace theFire, 1025:reasons. Firstly, because the fires of the human body are closely allied to the fires with whichFire, 1025:to work, and should these latent fires of the body and the latent fires of the planet be broughtFire, 1025:with the work. Otherwise, the fires of his own body may get out of control, and his etheric bodyFire, 1025:own body may get out of control, and his etheric body suffer in consequence. He, therefore, fightsFire, 1030:as the blood or the nervous energy of the body circulates, throughout the entire system. This isFire, 1031:cosmically and humanly considered. The causal body of the macrocosm and the microcosm. The centers,Fire, 1031:of the sheath, the centers, and the causal body as it produces: Periodic manifestation. The linkingFire, 1033:emanating in cyclic fashion from the causal body of man, which impulses bring about his appearanceFire, 1042:atomic unit. Each human Monad is an atom in the body of one of the Heavenly Men. The causal body isFire, 1042:the body of one of the Heavenly Men. The causal body is an atom, or sphere. The physical planeFire, 1045:the potent activity of the Heavenly Man in Whose body it is the cell. The planetary atom, equallyFire, 1048:the Microcosm, manifesting through the causal body, which contains the three permanent atoms, theFire, 1048:the Cosmos - The Sun is the kama-rupa, or desire body of Akasha (the second aspect of Brahma).Fire, 1050:viewing it as a unit. The energy of the causal body, within the monadic periphery. The energy ofFire, 1050:monadic periphery. The energy of the physical body, the synthesis upon the physical plane of theFire, 1051:Logos in meditation upon any center in His body corporate. It is, of course, all under cosmic law,Fire, 1055:milliards of atoms which compose the planetary body (whether dense or subtle) pursue an orbitalFire, Chart:of energy, and also within the dense physical body of the Logos of any scheme, the physical planet.Fire, 1059:activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system theseFire, 1061:First, that in all occult conclusions, it is the body of energy which is dealt with and theFire, 1063:human or divine) wherein the etheric or pranic body is in such a state that it can no longer limitFire, 1063:from the enveloping greater existence of whose body it may form a part. This is nevertheless onlyFire, 1066:(or to negate) both the dense physical [1066] body and the etheric form, yet they had no perceptionFire, 1069:currents of force which play upon His planetary body, and which emanate from other planetaryFire, 1071:tin, is emanated from a different center in the body of the Entity informing the mineral kingdom toFire, 1071:to force originating in the center in the body of the planetary Logos - which center depends uponFire, 1088:become gradually revealed. They are parts of His body of manifestation, cells within that greaterFire, 1090:and the physical - form the dense physical body of the planetary Logos and are, therefore, noFire, 1090:through necessity certain units or cells in the body are more active in space and time than others.Fire, 1090:and it is known also which center in the solar body is vitalized by His life, it will be the partFire, 1093:three worlds, or in some part of the physical body of the planetary Logos. The lesser cycles dealFire, 1093:the sparks in the planetary or systemic etheric body, or on the four higher planes of our solarFire, 1095:been told in connection with the dense physical body that it is not considered a principle and isFire, 1095:that is inherently characteristic of the present body of manifestation of the solar system. We mustFire, 1096:logoic manifestation which constitutes His dense body, and which He does not therefore regard as aFire, 1096:the term animal kingdom I include man's physical body. We have also the clue to some aspects of theFire, 1097:occult fact that as the atoms in the physical body of the human being pursue their evolution, theyFire, 1098:of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body is composed of only four types of essence,Fire, 1098:only four types of essence, whereas the astral body and the physical are formed of seven types. TheFire, 1098:of seven types. The devas who compose this body are grouped together as "the cohorts of the fourthFire, 1099:the case in connection with the mental body. Through the medium of the plane number (five), and theFire, 1100:have assumed the desired control of His physical body; the human units will be then functioningFire, 1100:the atoms of substance which compose the mental body. The energies of the lunar father who is theFire, 1101:is the coherent [1101] life of the mental group body. These two groups concern the Not-Self, theFire, 1101:energies of the intelligent lives who form the body egoic. These lives find their emanating sourceFire, 1102:as the rotary-spiral action of the mental body becomes intensified during the cycles ofFire, 1103:during the final stages of evolution, the mental body becomes a transmitter for force currents fromFire, 1103:sheath is built, and the "transmitting mind body" blends itself with the "reflecting astral body."Fire, 1103:body" blends itself with the "reflecting astral body." Thus separation is negated. Students willFire, 1103:note, therefore, that the goal for the mental body is simply that it should become a transmitter ofFire, 1103:the agent for the Triad. The goal for the astral body is that it should be the reflector in aFire, 1103:the buddhic impulses, which reach the emotional body via certain petals in the egoic lotus, and theFire, 1103:underlying thought when the words "kama-manasic" body are used, because for two-thirds of theFire, 1103:for two-thirds of the pilgrim's journey this body serves a dual purpose. It is only during theFire, 1104:between will and desire, and between his mental body and his desire body. 16 "Mind the Slayer ofFire, 1104:and between his mental body and his desire body. 16 "Mind the Slayer of the Real." - Voice of theFire, 1105:the physical brain. The activities of the astral body. The thought currents or energy unitsFire, 1106:interplay results in the "occult heat" of the body, and its increased radiation. It is one of theFire, 1107:and repulsion represent, in the mental body, dual force, for it is only through the coming togetherFire, 1107:which form the real barrier between the next body and the mental sheath. This is only possible whenFire, 1108:at a knowledge of the separation of the mental body and its individual functioning. It is anent theFire, 1108:physical subplanes, form the logoic physical body. At His final withdrawal from manifestation, HeFire, 1108:manifestation, He functions in His cosmic astral body, and the cosmic devachan is as yet far fromFire, 1108:of consciousness within the logoic physical body; devachan, therefore, is occultly a state ofFire, 1108:with the consciousness of the logoic planetary body, and with the gaseous subplane of the cosmicFire, 1109:on the Plane of Mind 2. Motion in the Causal Body We have studied somewhat this activity as itFire, 1110:astral and physical bodies [1110] to the mental body, and thus negate the necessity of our enteringFire, 1110:upon the subject in greater detail. The causal body differs from the Brahma aspect in that it is aFire, 1110:and due appreciation of the nature of that body. It should here be remembered that in consideringFire, 1110:be remembered that in considering the causal body, we are dealing specifically with the vehicle ofFire, 1110:Logos on His own plane. Each part of the causal body is actuated by a type of force emanating fromFire, 1111:eventually that intimate fusing of soul and body which makes man a living soul. b. Another streamFire, 1112:that which is the energy of the center of the body of the Heavenly Man or planetary Logos, andFire, 1112:of energy manifesting in the egoic or causal body. Certain other influences must likewise beFire, 1114:tier, owing to the inherent nature of the astral body, and the fact that it is augmented by theFire, 1117:is called "fohatic life." As the system, or the body of the Logos, is carried forward through the
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