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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Fire, 1119:produces the eventual disintegration of the body of the Ego. The knowledge petals, not being theFire, 1119:what is to be said anent motion in the causal body, I would like to point out that it too - on itsFire, 1120:through the unified activity of the causal body, is the coordination of the lower energies of theFire, 1120:of centers in the three bodies. The etheric body itself. Certain centers in the physical body suchFire, 1120:body itself. Certain centers in the physical body such as the pineal gland, the pituitary body andFire, 1120:body such as the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the spleen. We are not here referring to theFire, 1121:it is the energy, accumulating in the causal body and from thence making its presence felt, whichFire, 1121:the stimulation of certain of the glands of the body which are deemed at present purely physical,Fire, 1121:grip and hold to His purpose the dense physical body. It may be helpful if the student bears inFire, 1121:due to the streams of energy from the egoic body which [1122] can reach him. The egoic lotus isFire, 1122:the light of its own central fire. The etheric body especially is to be noticed as it is aFire, 1122:deserves the name sometimes given to it of "the body of the Sun." It is the envelope which holdsFire, 1122:consciousness of the two aspects of the dense body so that the continuity is preserved. This workFire, 1122:nature - the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the spleen - themselves become luminous andFire, 1122:luminous and radiant, and all the fires of the body are so stimulated that the atoms which form theFire, 1123:a man whose atoms, centers, sheaths, and causal body form a coherent unit in full and radiantFire, 1124:heart center in etheric matter. The pituitary body. The sympathetic nervous system. These variousFire, 1128:activity of the centers, sheaths and causal body produce: Periodicity of manifestation. The linkingFire, 1128:he finds himself. The constitution of the causal body has been seen to consist of a triple form ofFire, 1128:matter which find their place in the etheric body, and which awaken and become active as theFire, 1129:head centers, the pineal gland, the pituitary body, the alta major center. 20 Another factor whichFire, 1131:to teach him the constitution of his own body, the nature of the sheaths, and the function andFire, 1134:one or other of the lower kingdoms. The mental body - mental unit - animal kingdom. The astral bodyFire, 1134:body - mental unit - animal kingdom. The astral body - astral permanent atom - vegetable kingdom.Fire, 1134:permanent atom - vegetable kingdom. The physical body - physical permanent atom - mineral kingdom.Fire, 1135:it might be pointed out that when the animal body of prehuman man was rhythmically adjusted, andFire, 1135:it might be noted that the dense physical body of the solar or planetary Logos is fully developed,Fire, 1136:then [1136] be made with the etheric or vital body. It is this contact which produces man, forFire, 1136:Nature is the appearance of the physical body of the Logos, and the laws of nature are the lawsFire, 1136:the laws governing the natural processes of that body. The Life of God, His energy, and vitality,Fire, 1138:and these spirillae energize the logoic dense body, were vitalized in the previous solar system,Fire, 1150:time, and is driven by his Ego into a physical body with great rapidity. Second, to work out someFire, 1150:to express Himself, and cannot use a physical body Himself, owing to the rarity of its substance,Fire, 1150:the rarity of its substance, He will utilize the body of a disciple. We have an instance of this inFire, 1150:of this in the manner the Christ used the body of the initiate Jesus, taking possession of it atFire, 1154:a correspondence to the burning of the causal body at the fourth Initiation through the merging ofFire, 1155:focal points of energy located in the etheric body, and having a definite use. This use is to actFire, 1155:or Self, with the intent of driving the physical body (which is not a principle) to fulfil egoicFire, 1155:not only conscious control of the physical body, but a knowledge of the laws of energy, and of theFire, 1155:energy, and of the constitution of the etheric body, and its relation to the physical. TheFire, 1157:converges, and seeks to energize his physical body, and direct his action via the seven ethericFire, 1158:during manifestation as Spirit, Soul, and Body, and through them the three aspects of the GodheadFire, 1158:than that which is being received. The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire, and isFire, 1159:the egoic auric egg, the medial point, and the body or gross form, its lowest point. Another hintFire, 1159:between the triple lower man and the egoic body, or between the mental unit on the fourth subplaneFire, 1160:linked. When man is polarized in his mental body, he begins to bridge the antahkarana. When theFire, 1160:correspondence to the energy center, the causal body, constructed by the Monad. The alta majorFire, 1161:fiery energy via the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the alta major center and this reachesFire, 1163:the Logos of Saturn holds a position in the body logoic similar to that held by the throat centerFire, 1164:to that held by the pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center, but they are notFire, 1164:scheme is the correspondence in the logoic body to the atrophied third eye in the fourth kingdom ofFire, 1164:gaze, and he will find that (as in the body microcosmic) there are seven (or ten), paramountFire, 1164:of energizing various organs. So likewise the body macrocosmic has myriads of energy focal pointsFire, 1166:intelligence. Microcosm The mud - The physical body. Water - Emotional or astral nature. Flower onFire, 1169:animal kingdom, for they are the builders of the body of man in the final three stages of the pathFire, 1172:force, and the aggregated tamasic lives of the body of the planetary Entity. This force works uponFire, 1176:the etheric triangle found in the human etheric body. I have here conveyed more than has as yetFire, 1176:within the sphere of the entire etheric body, so the etheric planetary triangle - passing from theFire, 1176:and are functioning as part of the solar Body. They are informed - as are the planets - by a cosmicFire, 1180:jiva), has its place within the causal body of the Logos on His own plane; it is, therefore,Fire, 1180:of influence, thus producing the logoic physical body: through the medium of the planes which areFire, 1182:situated in the interior recesses of the solar body, and have reference to the nature of the solarFire, 1184:force for lack of a better term. They form the body of the raja Lord of each of the planes, and areFire, 1186:of Energy Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will.Fire, 1186:Cosmic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Causal Body. Lotus (two petalled). Heart of the Sun.Fire, 1186:Negative. PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. Planetary Causal Body. Jewel. Heavenly Man (on his own plane).Fire, 1186:Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Planetary Causal Body. Lotus. Egoic Groups. Systemic Love. Solar Fire.Fire, 1186:Fire by Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel. Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. ElectricFire, 1186:Electric Fire. Positive Force. 2. Human Causal Body. Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire.Fire, 1190:are energy centers and make His dense physical body eventually an accomplished fact. Finally, thereFire, 1193:of these three can, if so He will, occupy a body on the physical plane which will not be simply aFire, 1193:through the occupancy of a willingly vacated body, as was the case when the Christ occupied theFire, 1193:as was the case when the Christ occupied the body of Jesus, or by a divine over-shadowing of aFire, 1194:his physical he would appear in his astral body - having in addition all the knowledge of an Adept.Fire, 1194:going into Nirvana, he remains in that glorious body he has woven for himself, invisible toFire, 1194:of all earthly concerns. The Dharmakaya body is that of complete Buddha, i.e, no body at all, butFire, 1194:body is that of complete Buddha, i.e, no body at all, but an ideal breath; consciousness merged inFire, 1194:the right to Nirvana, 'renounces the Dharmakaya body' in mystic parlance; keeps, of theFire, 1198:and our seven planes, we have only the physical body of the Logos, and that that physical body is aFire, 1198:body of the Logos, and that that physical body is a limitation of the expression of His threefoldFire, 1199:but They cannot pass out of the logoic etheric body into the dense physical vehicle. This thirdFire, 1202:in the three worlds, or in the dense physical body of the solar Logos. They are those who canFire, 1202:who can discard or pass through the etheric body of the solar Logos and take forms composed ofFire, 1206:of all that persists, for all are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. ThisFire, 1206:regarded the form as being the dense physical body, whereas to the occultist the physical body isFire, 1206:body, whereas to the occultist the physical body is not the form, but a gross maya, or illusion,Fire, 1206:maya, or illusion, and the true form is the body of vitality. Therefore, these hierarchies are theFire, 1206:and unorganized) of the logoic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, with the livingFire, 1206:higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy has an interestingFire, 1206:has an interesting position as the "mediating" body between the higher four and those which areFire, 1206:the three head centers (pineal gland, pituitary body, and the alta major center) and the expressionFire, 1207:built (from the form of all atoms to the [1207] body of the Ego, from the form of a flower to theFire, 1207:same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to man, and all that concerns theFire, 1209:nature, place and responsibility of the etheric body in man, or of his vital body, and its positionFire, 1209:of the etheric body in man, or of his vital body, and its position as the true form, and basic unitFire, 1209:true form, and basic unit of the dense physical body. When this has been admitted, and theFire, 1210:understood till the true function of the etheric body is realized. It is the attractive agent forFire, 1211:three relations: To those units which form its body of manifestation. To its own unitary life. ToFire, 1213:to be similar in the two kingdoms (the physical body with its activities and purposes) and thatFire, 1218:of these laws of the Soul, the logoic physical body will become an active expression of His
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