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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Fire, 1219:on the astral and the mental. Just as the astral body of a man is larger than his physical body,Fire, 1219:astral body of a man is larger than his physical body, and, therefore, has built into its structureFire, 1219:vehicle who form a component part of the mental body of the group. These two laws are termed: 6.Fire, 1221:the Earth sign, and the keynote of the physical body of the planetary Logos. Law 7. This symbolFire, 1223:14. Stimulation of logoic dense physical body, the three worlds. 15. Manasic energy or impulse. RayFire, 1241:the life of the two aspects, the soul and the body, and is passing away from the realm of awarenessFire, 1242:which (with ours) form the seven centers in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID.Fire, 1242:is concerned with the system as a center in the body of that Existence Who vitalizes the Logos ofFire, 1249:the blazing forth into objectivity of the vital body of the Logos prior to the final abstractionFire, 1250:Logos is as yet polarized in His cosmic astral body, it is not permitted to hint at the name of theFire, 1252:for the destruction of the egoic or causal body. The third produces a spiritual alchemicalisation,Fire, 1253:life they are connected with that center in the Body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID whichFire, 1255:of the solar Logos through the medium of the body of consciousness, or through the soul-form. TheyFire, 1255:those Builders who create and make manifest the body through which the soul seeks to expressFire, 1255:fifth Hierarchy which gives to man his egoic body. The adepts on our Earth planet who seek thisFire, 1264:a [1264] serpent biting its tail, and the entire body of the serpent is closely covered withFire, 1270:at the midway point within the great Kumaric Body formeth the pyre. It pulsates and it glows. ItGlamour, 5:and vibrant. The nucleus of every cell in the body is a point of light, and when the light of theGlamour, 8:perhaps in some center, perhaps in your astral body, or perhaps only in your mind. This study,Glamour, 10:but are reactions to the feeling or astral body. Finally, take note of what you have found to be,Glamour, 10:A comprehension in the astral or emotional body of [11] its quality, the reaction of a sensitiveGlamour, 13:the consciousness is polarized in the mental body, and no attempt is definitely made to contact orGlamour, 19:this order can constitute a working, mediating body, and transmit the new knowledge and teachingGlamour, 23:His enunciation of the Four Noble Truths. His body of disciples and His nine hundred arhatsGlamour, 57:The quality of the development of the mental body of the disciple produces the next "veiling" ofGlamour, 57:is brought about by the ray type of the mental body itself, which may be, and usually is, differentGlamour, 61:a trained intelligence, a purified emotional body, and a good glandular equipment, as the result ofGlamour, 63:He imposes an energy current upon his mental body with which he cannot cope and disaster follows.Glamour, 66:have no further hold over him, and the astral body itself fades out. You will remember that IGlamour, 66:you in A Treatise on White Magic that the astral body itself was an illusion. It is the definitionGlamour, 66:and glamor have both been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There isGlamour, 66:essentially of soul-mind-brain, within the body nature. This is a great mystery, and itsGlamour, 69:I would say that the planetary astral body (viewing it from soul levels) is lost in the [70] depthsGlamour, 70:shining stars. Looking, however, at the astral body of the planet, could you but do so, you wouldGlamour, 71:is some definite organization of the mental body. His family "desire life," both past and present.Glamour, 72:It might almost be said that the astral body of a person comes into being as a part of the generalGlamour, 72:for him to differentiate between his own astral body and the glamors which affect and sway andGlamour, 77:we express through an exertion of the astral body and this activity affects our contacts; it is notGlamour, 78:his own making, which emanates from his astral body and which is composed of the sentimentalizingGlamour, 80:plane of the activity of spirit, soul [80] and body; of life, consciousness and form, the threeGlamour, 83:precision in the mind nature or in the mental body, and not in the soul nature or the egoic form.Glamour, 85:is predominantly a difficulty of the etheric body, for in relation to maya we are dealing with theGlamour, 85:forces pouring through the seven centers of the body (in all or in some), producing reactions andGlamour, 86:the medium of the seven centers in the physical body. These forces or impulses, plus the pranaGlamour, 86:plus the prana available, constitute the etheric body of the undeveloped and frequently of theGlamour, 86:of mass energy of a low kind, for his etheric body is responsive to, and draws its energy from aGlamour, 86:etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passes through two stages prior to theGlamour, 87:the lowest aspect of man, the dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pairs of oppositesGlamour, 87:upon the lower spiral, in which the physical body in its two aspects is concerned, can be seenGlamour, 87:out through the medium of the dense physical body and the etheric forces, and in this way a higherGlamour, 89:with a wide generalization), the training of the body and the organized physical direction of theGlamour, 92:the following order: Rays governing the mental body - Rays 1.4.5. Rays governing the astral body -Glamour, 92:body - Rays 1.4.5. Rays governing the astral body - Rays 2.6. Rays governing the physical body -Glamour, 92:body - Rays 2.6. Rays governing the physical body - Rays 3.7. Thus you will note that all the raysGlamour, 94:in the substance or matter. The dweller in the body perceives wrongly: he interprets incorrectlyGlamour, 96:consciously), the initial duality - the physical body and the vital or etheric body. One is theGlamour, 96:- the physical body and the vital or etheric body. One is the mechanism of contact upon theGlamour, 96:forces, energies and worlds of being. This vital body controls and galvanizes the physical bodyGlamour, 96:vital body controls and galvanizes the physical body into an almost automatic activity. I referredGlamour, 107:correct functioning and control of the physical body) began to differentiate between themselves, asGlamour, 107:the earliest Yoga, or the cult of the physical body with the objective of its control by the soul,Glamour, 108:and of the conflict between the physical body per se and the vital etheric body. A dimly sensedGlamour, 108:the physical body per se and the vital etheric body. A dimly sensed higher consciousness which wasGlamour, 109:duality was then solved, and the physical body and the etheric body constituted a unity, and in theGlamour, 109:solved, and the physical body and the etheric body constituted a unity, and in the healthy personGlamour, 110:his freedom by a complete control of the astral body. This he eventually does by developing theGlamour, 115:the stage of consciousness when both the astral body and the mental body are active andGlamour, 115:when both the astral body and the mental body are active and functioning, he himself becomes aGlamour, 116:of his dense physical nature and of the vital body which latter, functioning through the denseGlamour, 116:polarized in the majority of cases in his astral body and is, therefore, subject to the glamorsGlamour, 116:of the chitta or mind-stuff of which the mental body is composed. This [117] is colored by pastGlamour, 119:of difficulty. [119] In the sentient astral body, leading to a vast number of problems andGlamour, 119:to the glamors of other people. In the mental body, imposing mental illusions of many kinds, suchGlamour, 120:nature. These powerfully affect the physical body in both its aspects, producing glamors of manyGlamour, 123:brings together. The glamor of the physical body. The glamor of the mysterious and the secret. TheGlamour, 141:the soul and the astral plane, via the astral body of the disciple. This astral body must beGlamour, 141:via the astral body of the disciple. This astral body must be regarded by him as his responseGlamour, 141:and so carry soul light to his own astral body, learn to focus it there in the solar plexus center,Glamour, 141:contact has been made and the soul, the astral body and the astral plane have thus been intimatelyGlamour, 142:solar plexus, and the innate light of the astral body, also found localized in that center, intoGlamour, 143:the creative imagination, direct to your astral body and from thence to the solar plexus center -Glamour, 143:of the soul and the innate light of the astral body from the solar plexus center to the heartGlamour, 150:used may not save the unprepared physical body from certain evil and disastrous results yet, in theGlamour, 156:a whole. These five are the rays of the physical body, the astral ray, the mind ray, theGlamour, 168:gained, the realization will come that when "the body is full of light" then "in that light shallGlamour, 171:assumes control over the astral or emotional body and dissipates glamor. When light pours in,Glamour, 172:the freeing of the energies of the etheric body from the control of matter or force-substance, andGlamour, 196:The esotericist knows that in every atom of his body is to be found a point of light. He knows thatGlamour, 196:by the light within the atomic substance of his body and is, therefore, guided by the light ofGlamour, 208:it blends with the inherent light of the mental body, and this blended light steadily intensifiesGlamour, 208:and personality light, focused in the mental body and producing an effect in the brain. ThisGlamour, 208:peculiar or specific light in or of the astral body itself, for it is only an aggregate of forms,Glamour, 214:astral plane through the medium of his astral body. I would suggest that no aspirant attempt toGlamour, 216:the attention is not turned to the astral body of the aspirant, seeking to do the work. This is aGlamour, 223:is not so much the negation of the astral body, for they are apt to despise its hold, but they haveGlamour, 226:recognition of the members who form the group body. This is necessary both for the "pooling of theGlamour, 235:the dual light of matter and mind in the mental body. Focusing, through meditation, this dual lightGlamour, 242:occult truism. The outer form, the dual physical body (dense and vital or etheric) is produced,Glamour, 245:three worlds. He directs them into the etheric body from whatever level he chooses to work -Glamour, 246:or some dedicated desire. [246] The etheric body of the individual is, as you know, a part of the
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