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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Healing, 82:atom. It should be remembered that the etheric body of the human being is an integral part of theHealing, 82:human being is an integral part of the etheric body of the planetary Logos and is, therefore,Healing, 82:related to all forms found within that body in any and all the kingdoms in nature. It is part ofHealing, 82:the major difficulties arising in the etheric body, plus the inability of the outer tangible formHealing, 82:above) of the bulk of the trouble. The etheric body of the planet does not yet freely transmit andHealing, 83:the individual human life can enter. The etheric body is fundamentally the most important responseHealing, 83:realms stand wide open also. The etheric body is a potent receiver of impressions, which areHealing, 83:words refer to forms of activity of the etheric body, but only as the physical body registers themHealing, 83:of the etheric body, but only as the physical body registers them and acts under their impression.Healing, 83:that man is essentially (through his etheric body) an integral part of a great and vibrant Whole;Healing, 83:of divine expression. Only when the etheric body is swept into [84] activity under the influenceHealing, 84:soul, the mind, and temporarily, of the astral body, can man become aware of all worlds, allHealing, 84:which, when carried down into the physical body, produce disease of various kinds, the manyHealing, 85:It is the vitality coming from the etheric body which works through into the blood stream, via theHealing, 85:there is a close relation between: The etheric body as a transmitter of a vast aggregate ofHealing, 85:of life force which underlie every part of the body and particularly the nervous system in all itsHealing, 86:which control or fail to control the physical body. Where there is lack of control it is due to theHealing, 86:failure to establish right relations within the body, or to lack of development. These interlockingHealing, 86:interlocking groups are: That of the etheric body, which works primarily through its seven majorHealing, 86:so familiar, indicate the inertia of the etheric body and its lack of vitality. The results of thisHealing, 86:The results of this inertness of the vital body can be both physical and psychological, because theHealing, 86:because the glands in the physical body will not function normally and, as is well known, theyHealing, 87:the reverse situation, too powerful an etheric body and the over-stimulation of the centersHealing, 87:somewhat because the relation of the etheric body to the physical body and its receptivity to theHealing, 87:the relation of the etheric body to the physical body and its receptivity to the inner energiesHealing, 87:the causes of the diseases arising in the mental body, or due to the activity of the soul in theHealing, 87:a man is prepared for initiation. The etheric body must always, and invariably does, act as theHealing, 87:energies to the outer plane, and the physical body has to learn to respond to and recognize thatHealing, 88:the lost power to "see the light" of the etheric body and of its seven major centers and, through aHealing, 88:are available, the entire subject of the etheric body will take on a new importance and beHealing, 88:of Disease 3. Causes Arising in the Mental Body I started this section of our study with the causesHealing, 88:certain difficulties may arise in the physical body. Their origin is not basically mental butHealing, 88:but primarily due to the fact that the mental body is the transmitter (when active and rightlyHealing, 88:and this soul energy, pouring into the physical body, can produce certain conditions ofHealing, 89:broken in also on the rhythm to which the female body should be subordinated, and which - rightlyHealing, 90:forces which, rightly used, tend to bring the body into a sound and healthy condition; by so doing,Healing, 91:or such ills arise in the astral or the mental body, or that certain ills are due to wrong feelingHealing, 94:Disease is therefore the result in the physical body of the failure to bring in these higherHealing, 94:it, as the forces which constitute the physical body, for instance, and which pass through and playHealing, 95:embittered. Disease then appears in the physical body, according to the predisposing tendencies ofHealing, 95:according to the predisposing tendencies of the body and its inherent, inherited weaknesses. [96]Healing, 96:[96] You will note that, in reality, the mental body, and the power of thought, have in no caseHealing, 96:stream of energy. As a consequence, the physical body is devitalized and falls heir to bad health.Healing, 97:produce over-stimulation of the brain and of the body cells and so cause nervous trouble andHealing, 97:cannot cause disease and trouble in the physical body. As the race learns to think clearly andHealing, 97:of force and of energy throughout the material body. The problems of stimulation will, however,Healing, 100:so that the forces can find no place in his body. There must also be the supplying of fresh energyHealing, 101:the disease itself or the area in the physical body involved and carefully keep all thought inHealing, 105:you, my brother, and permeate every part of your body - healing, soothing, strengthening; andHealing, 105:be laid upon the technique of the etheric body, for that is the next step forward. The three majorHealing, 106:for it controls paramountly the etheric body and its assimilation of prana or vitality. This pranaHealing, 106:lesser trinity of importance: The dense physical body, of which science and medicine know much.Healing, 107:and medicine know much. [107] The etheric body, which is the next field of endeavor, of experimentHealing, 107:of experiment and of discovery. The astral body which, simultaneously with the etheric, is the nextHealing, 107:as the human being is polarized in the astral body, which is the reflection of that second aspect,Healing, 107:primarily of astral energy to the physical body. This is now in process of changing. The wholeHealing, 107:to the concrete facts of the dense physical body and moving towards the study of vitalization andHealing, 107:is controlled principally today from the astral body, via the etheric, and the basis of all nervousHealing, 107:all nervous trouble lies hidden in the emotional body wherein humanity at this time is polarized.Healing, 107:The circulatory system of the physical body is controlled principally from the etheric body. WhenHealing, 107:body is controlled principally from the etheric body. When you have an etheric body that is notHealing, 107:from the etheric body. When you have an etheric body that is not functioning properly and does notHealing, 107:and when you have an astral or emotional body that is not adequately or properly controlled, youHealing, 107:the physical brain (again due to the etheric body) leads to mental strain and eventual collapse.Healing, 108:pour through from the inner man, via the etheric body, to the physical. The following suggestionsHealing, 108:his work, and then will send the atoms of his body into pralaya. That is the sleep of the physical,Healing, 110:today is so engrossed by that which is not the body that he is far less useful to the sick,Healing, 111:that the form nature and the physical [111] body are not essentially the major considerations or ofHealing, 111:beings when the soul demands liberation from the body and from form life, and nature has her ownHealing, 111:built into organisms and finally into a coherent body, and that this body is held together by theHealing, 111:and finally into a coherent body, and that this body is held together by the will of the soul.Healing, 122:seven groups, affecting seven major areas of the body. For the average disciple, before there isHealing, 122:head center) are distributed to the rest of the body. A definite science of the centers and theirHealing, 122:that all disciples are energy centers in the body of humanity and are in process of becoming pointsHealing, 127:a definite work is going forward in the etheric body. The disciple is learning to lift theHealing, 128:to be. Today these conditions do not exist, the body of humanity is diseased and its internal lifeHealing, 129:due to the flow of energy to all parts of the body, directed by either the personality, some aspectHealing, 133:the major and most important areas in the human body; they have both a physiological and aHealing, 133:forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on His body. These three influences are called "TheHealing, 136:any real or factual relationship to man and his body. The basic theory upon which the new medicalHealing, 137:is the effects of this conflict in the physical body. I wish, therefore, to confine myself only toHealing, 138:initiate is to have every center in the etheric body responsive to the ray energy of the soul andHealing, 138:is to promote control of the centers in the body, via the soul, through stimulation, eliminationHealing, 140:controls the seven major areas of the physical body and is responsible for the correct functioningHealing, 140:glands constitute a great relating system in the body; they bring all parts of the physical vehicleHealing, 141:they also relate the man to the etheric [141] body - both individual and planetary - and likewiseHealing, 141:of the life principle to all parts of the body. There are consequently four major agents ofHealing, 141:of distribution to be found in the physical body. They are all complete in themselves, allHealing, 141:both the functional and the organic life of the body, all closely interrelated and all producingHealing, 141:the subtle bodies, underlies the entire physical body. In it are to be found the seven centers asHealing, 141:the inner, vital, dynamic network of the etheric body and the millions of nadis or the prototype ofHealing, 141:the nerves which underlie the more substantial body. These nerves and plexi and their manyHealing, 141:exoteric expression of the activity of the vital body and its seven centers. The seven centers ofHealing, 142:Pineal gland Center between eyebrows Pituitary body Throat center Thyroid gland Heart center ThymusHealing, 142:responsible for the production of the physical body and - after birth - they condition itsHealing, 144:and so presenting a clear picture of the energy body which underlies the dense physical vehicle.Healing, 144:There are many focal points of force within the body, but we shall deal only with the major sevenHealing, 145:only after the destruction of the causal body at the fourth initiation. It is the Shamballa centerHealing, 145:It is the Shamballa center in the physical body and the agent of the Father or of the first divineHealing, 145:and prior to the destruction of the causal body, it gathers into itself the energies of all the
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