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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Healing, 148:aspect of love-wisdom. Related to the pituitary body. The Left Eye - the throat center - ActiveHealing, 149:dense physical externalization is the pituitary body; the two lobes of this gland correspond to theHealing, 150:centers, interiorly related within the etheric body, related at the same time to the subtlerHealing, 150:of a man who has discarded his physical body as the spiritualists use the term. CertainHealing, 151:eye The left eye The pineal gland The pituitary body The carotid gland thus presenting theHealing, 155:para-thyroids and the two lobes of the pituitary body, thus bringing into one related system theHealing, 156:another of the center nearest to the area of the body under consideration. It will also be apparentHealing, 158:brings about the final destruction of the soul body or causal body as the relationship reaches itsHealing, 158:the final destruction of the soul body or causal body as the relationship reaches its highest pointHealing, 158:It is that center, therefore, in the physical body through the medium of which the Hierarchy works;Healing, 163:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease The Body - Phenomenal Appearance Not much need be writtenHealing, 163:much need be written here anent this, for the body nature and the form aspect have been the objectHealing, 163:postulates may serve to clarify: Man, in his body nature, is a sumtotal, a unity. This sumtotal isHealing, 163:function in a unified manner, and the body is a correlated whole. Each of its parts differs in formHealing, 164:of the spiritual man. The important part of the body is that triple division, the head, upper andHealing, 164:and pituitary. The two eyes. Within the upper body are: The throat The lungs The heart Within theHealing, 164:The throat The lungs The heart Within the lower body are: The spleen The stomach The sex organs TheHealing, 164:The stomach The sex organs The sumtotal of the body is also triple: The skin and bony structure.Healing, 165:are the analogy to the dense and etheric body of man. Soul nature: The blood vessels andHealing, 165:system, as the blood goes to all parts of the body. Spirit nature: The nervous system, as itHealing, 165:to the occult terminology. In the upper body we have an analogy to the triple soul nature. TheHealing, 165:to the third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart,Healing, 166:the creative aspect, the fashioner of the body. The stomach as the physical manifestation of theHealing, 169:sacral center; the most quiescent center in the body (from the angle of the spiritual man) is theHealing, 169:an interesting triangle of energies in the human body and one which is receiving much attentionHealing, 170:- if such a word can be used - of the astral body into the outer world, and the instrument throughHealing, 172:is consequently a most disturbing center in the body, and is a basic cause of the majority ofHealing, 175:immediate and conscious control over the astral body and its focal point of entry into the physicalHealing, 175:all the energies throughout the entire etheric body into one central focal point of distribution -Healing, 175:naturally put a strain upon the physical body and are the cause of many of the ills to whichHealing, 177:three points in the lower part of the human body: The spleen, the organ of prana or of physicalHealing, 177:to the sacral center. The pituitary body, corresponding to the spelling center. [178] The pinealHealing, 186:and destroys the etheric web in the etheric body. These circular disks or webs are to be foundHealing, 187:gland. The ajna center and the pituitary, body. The 1000-petalled lotus and the pineal gland.Healing, 188:to all the above points of synthesis in the body - one consummating point of complete fusion. IHealing, 188:and energies, functioning through the etheric body; that we are dealing with [189] the tertiaryHealing, 189:The Psychological Causes of Disease The Etheric Body, Nervous and Endocrine Systems What I have toHealing, 189:pages wherein I pointed out that The etheric body itself The nervous system The endocrine systemHealing, 189:them, the entire interior health of the body depends." To these three I then added the blood streamHealing, 189:the blood stream as the conveyor throughout the body of The Life Principle, The combined energiesHealing, 190:with students of the occult that the etheric body conditions, controls and determines the lifeHealing, 190:It is a secondary truism that this etheric body is the conveyor of the forces of the personality,Healing, 190:the centers, and thereby galvanizes the physical body into activity. These forces, routed throughHealing, 190:are simply the forces of the astral or emotional body and the mind body; they also transmit theHealing, 190:of the astral or emotional body and the mind body; they also transmit the force of the personalityHealing, 190:in evolution reached by the man. The physical body, therefore, is not a principle. It isHealing, 191:great opposing energies, working within the body, produce what we call disease. To the aboveHealing, 191:system or only with the consciousness of that body in which the human being moves and lives - alongHealing, 191:or unsound lines; we are dealing with the world body in which a human being lives. Healing, 191:building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay andHealing, 192:as much an automaton of the soul as the physical body is at this time the automaton of theHealing, 192:of the personality, builds the temple of the body, and then keeps it full of light, will diseaseHealing, 193:disciple does not concentrate upon the physical body at any time, or begin with any physicalHealing, 194:of the life principle - the area of the physical body in which it is found, including the multitudeHealing, 194:energy, or upon the ray governing the astral body in the case of the little evolved; it is alsoHealing, 194:of other centers. The appearance in the etheric body of a developed or a developing centerHealing, 195:conditioning results upon the dense physical body) are dependent upon the extent of the unfoldmentHealing, 196:of nerves and plexi covering the entire physical body. The nadis, and consequently the network ofHealing, 196:- the seven major centers in the etheric body (the substantial body which underlies the denseHealing, 196:centers in the etheric body (the substantial body which underlies the dense physical body), and theHealing, 196:body which underlies the dense physical body), and the spinal column with the head. It must alwaysHealing, 196:It must always be remembered that the etheric body is a physical body, though composed of subtlerHealing, 196:remembered that the etheric body is a physical body, though composed of subtler material than theHealing, 197:be implemented. [197] The nadis in the physical body correspond to the life or spirit aspect; theHealing, 197:being express through the medium of the physical body the condition or the state of development ofHealing, 197:will be to recognize the fact of the etheric body, the physical substance which underlies denseHealing, 197:When the centers are awakened throughout the body, there will then be present a highly electricHealing, 198:The vitality and life pouring through the entire body will then be of such potency thatHealing, 198:of such potency that automatically the physical body will be resistant to disease, either innate,Healing, 198:you have consequently, whole areas of the body where the nadis are in an embryonic state, otherHealing, 198:Such diseases either arise from within the body itself as the result of inherent (or should I sayHealing, 199:for this condition reaching every part of the body. Healing, 199:system and the blood stream, the areas of the body become vitally involved and responsive. ThisHealing, 199:is the working of the quality of energy upon the body which induces, stimulates, removes orHealing, 200:and is closely related to the pituitary body and the two eyes, as well as to all the frontal areasHealing, 200:of the head center. The pituitary body, related to the ajna center. The carotid gland, theHealing, 200:directs the activities of the physical body. [201] The spinal column (esoterically, the ida,Healing, 201:of energy to the surrounding areas of the body is carried forward by the intelligent, integratedHealing, 203:a unique function. It is to the substance of the body, to the physical tissue and to all matter notHealing, 203:in their minds the picture of the areas in the body which are governed by the head centers and theHealing, 203:and as the energy is distributed throughout the body. A full and balanced flow of energy from theHealing, 204:the blood stream, reaches into every part of the body and to the extremities. The glands are theHealing, 204:responsible. You have in the seven areas of the body, governed by the [205] seven major centers andHealing, 206:produce action in the connected area of his own body. The healer must learn to insulate himselfHealing, 207:centers and their relation to the dense physical body. We have also noted the areas which areHealing, 207:create basic predispositions within the human body: cancer, syphilis and tuberculosis. With theseHealing, 208:there will be no diseased areas in the body. The blood stream will then be kept also in perfectHealing, 208:system. By this means every area of the body is properly supplied with the needed forces and isHealing, 208:the energy distributed by its means to the body, via the centers, is unevenly distributed; someHealing, 209:and affect the bodily organism, supplying the body with the needed vital energy; thus the nervousHealing, 209:third aspect. Through its life each atom in the body is fed. This process of animating theHealing, 210:the eyebrows and conditioning the pituitary body, is related to the entire life of the integratedHealing, 211:all limitations are destroyed; every part of the body is vitalized and material perfection isHealing, 213:brought into a synthetic functioning within the body, and the disciple will experience not only aHealing, 213:is known (not much) about the pituitary body, but its extreme importance as it affects theHealing, 214:center and its externalization, the pituitary body, are also active, and the relation between theHealing, 216:life has a paramount effect upon the physical body, so this stage affects the astral vehicle withHealing, 217:The stage of its awakening, as the astral body becomes steadily more powerful. The stage of itsHealing, 217:the conditioning center in the etheric or vital body and the man is consequently entirelyHealing, 218:are the determining factors in the health of the body, and that where there is imbalance,
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