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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Healing, 548:major centers, controlling definite areas of the body via The nadis. The nerves. The endocrineHealing, 549:reorganizing and the revitalizing of the etheric body, with the intent of getting behind the outerHealing, 549:in right alignment - will preserve the physical body in good condition and keep it free fromHealing, 549:points, and not with the details of the physical body, with the construction of the organs andHealing, 549:of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual [550] man also be cured. This is aHealing, 550:and scientific recognition of the etheric body of the planet, and consequently of man. Healing, 550:The area affected. The center in the etheric body controlling that area. You will also realize whyHealing, 553:imposition of the healer's will upon the etheric body of the patient. This does not mean theHealing, 554:this does not mean that all the areas of the body below the diaphragm are not habitually suppliedHealing, 554:the preservation of a conscious contact with his body. When he is unable to focus his attention,Healing, 554:between the patient's soul and the etheric body will be adequate to promote a cure, if that is theHealing, 554:of the trouble lies in the emotional or astral body, the task of the healer is not so easy; he hasHealing, 555:[555] bringing some center in the patient's body under control, owing to the emotionalism which theHealing, 555:his own head center and that center in his own body which corresponds to the area which is diseasedHealing, 556:before his own equipment - personality, etheric body and its centers - are brought into suchHealing, 556:with the patient's soul so that his etheric body focuses all its inflowing energies in order toHealing, 556:the direct activity of the healer's etheric body in [557] connection with a renewed activity on theHealing, 557:activity on the part of the patient's etheric body. The technique of withdrawing his healing powerHealing, 557:with a full working knowledge of the etheric body, with an understanding of the energies whichHealing, 557:- not primarily for the healing of the physical body, but because of the expansion of theHealing, 558:which the predominating energy in the etheric body emanates. I would remind you here that in TheHealing, 559:vital energy will find its way into the physical body, via the etheric vehicle. The greater partHealing, 560:from complaints affecting the upper part of the body and those areas which are controlled by theHealing, 560:on the astral plane (or in the astral body), a clue to one of the greatest sources of diseaseHealing, 560:scientific procedures connected with the etheric body, they have nothing which relates theHealing, 561:modern healer recognizes the fact of the etheric body, and works scientifically and intelligentlyHealing, 561:such as the fact of the existence of the etheric body. Constant introspection, all forms of morbidHealing, 562:demonstrates my contention that the physical body automatically [563] responds - even whenHealing, 565:localize itself in some area of the physical body and produce a point of friction; this friction,Healing, 565:energy of the soul, pouring through the physical body, meets resistance from that body of aHealing, 565:the physical body, meets resistance from that body of a correspondingly intense kind. This frictionHealing, 565:inherent in the resistance of the dense physical body (and not only the subtler bodies) to theHealing, 565:the Earth itself. Forget not that the physical body is constructed of such matter. This firstHealing, 567:volume of this treatise of the words spirit-soul-body; we defined them as life-quality-appearance.Healing, 570:to do in reality with eyes in the physical body. Here the words, "the eyes of the personality,"Healing, 570:soul energy have to penetrate into the physical body, via the subtler bodies, and the point ofHealing, 570:resistance) is found first of all in the mental body, then is repeated even more potently in theHealing, 570:is repeated even more potently in the astral body, and is reflected into the physical body; theseHealing, 570:astral body, and is reflected into the physical body; these (and this is [571] the a-b-c ofHealing, 571:the right eye transmits the energy of the astral body when directed consciously towards an objectHealing, 573:energies of the soul enter the physical body, via the etheric vehicle, and are responsible for theHealing, 573:distributed to the various areas of the physical body and either cause points of friction orHealing, 573:the trouble. They cannot be sent out of the body altogether, via the head center, for in that caseHealing, 573:of which soul energy entered the dense physical body. The [574] healer is therefore working withHealing, 574:working with the two aspects of the physical body simultaneously - the dense and the etheric. FromHealing, 578:man the uses and purpose of the physical body and its intelligent control; the man who mastered theHealing, 578:intelligent control; the man who mastered the body and was in control of it as a machinist is inHealing, 579:physical exercises, in the hope of bringing the body under control. These forms of discipline wouldHealing, 579:aspirant. Concentration upon the physical body only serves to enhance its potency and to feed itsHealing, 579:shift of the attention from the dense physical body to the emotional vehicle began slowly to beHealing, 579:began to teach his disciples that the physical body was in reality only an automaton, and that itHealing, 579:only an automaton, and that it was the desire body, and the nature and quality of their habitualHealing, 580:Lemurian initiate ever achieved. Diseases of the body became more subtle and complex, and the firstHealing, 580:which they enclose. When all the powers of the body and the directed attention of the healer areHealing, 580:are centered in the head, and when the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as aHealing, 580:the needed center. All the centers in the body of the patient can be receptive to this energy, andHealing, 581:in the head: the pineal gland and the pituitary body. You have, therefore, in the head threeHealing, 583:and the forces produces within the physical body. The forces are those energies which are limitedHealing, 583:and imprisoned within a form of any kind - a body, [584] a plane, an organ, a center; the energiesHealing, 590:the mind or the conditioning force of the mental body; the ray of the emotional nature, and the rayHealing, 590:emotional nature, and the ray of the physical body, plus a fourth ray which is that of theHealing, 590:that of the personality. The ray of the physical body esoterically "ascends upward towardsHealing, 590:4. Ray of the emotions. 5. Ray of the physical body. 6. Ray of the personality. 7. The planetaryHealing, 591:ray. The astral ray. The ray of the physical body. However, with the creation and development ofHealing, 592:for instance, when the energy of the astral body makes its impact upon the forces of the ethericHealing, 592:between forces and forces, you have the etheric body involved, and the forces concerned are thoseHealing, 592:of energies coming from without the etheric body. These forces and their interplay produce theHealing, 592:physical organs and the areas of the physical body which are found around these centers. [593]Healing, 595:the forces; soul energy sweeps into the etheric body and all the centers become "fighting areas,"Healing, 596:the forces. The area of conflict is the etheric body and the physical body, and no energies areHealing, 596:of conflict is the etheric body and the physical body, and no energies are coming in from withoutHealing, 597:mentioned: the mind ray, the ray of the astral body and the ray of the physical body. ThisHealing, 597:of the astral body and the ray of the physical body. This enumeration will usually prove adequateHealing, 597:the Master, working through a relatively perfect body, depends upon to keep it in good health. ThisHealing, 601:trained familiarity with the structure of the body and their knowledge of morbid pathology. It willHealing, 603:to directing it to a center in the patient's body, must run no risk of his personalHealing, 604:with the corresponding center in the patient's body is established; this is done, not by the healerHealing, 606:into the corresponding center in the patient's body. This is an act of radiation and is veryHealing, 606:of the twenty-one minor centers situated in the body than to that of the seven major [607] centers.Healing, 607:controls the point of friction in the patient's body - is responsible for the healing, providing itHealing, 607:building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay andHealing, 608:the source of the major energy controlling the body. Though the soul is the source of all life andHealing, 608:then the quality and nature of the physical body. It can be healthy because it has not been misusedHealing, 610:unit in one of the kingdoms which constitute His body of manifestation. There is still no trueHealing, 610:die out. This can be seen working out in the body of an advanced person or an initiate to a greatHealing, 611:who is ill is seeking to bring about in his own body, and what the healer is attempting to aid himHealing, 611:is the statement that the dense physical body is not a principle. H.P.B. states this fact withHealing, 612:possible and inevitable. The physical body, and to a far less extent the astral and mental bodies,Healing, 612:medium of a mechanism. At present, the physical body is the only one which is as yet so fullyHealing, 612:most of the effect is produced in the etheric body and not in the dense physical. This is a pointHealing, 612:but of major importance. The dense physical body reached its high point of development and ofHealing, 612:of this little planet, the Earth, the physical body is not a goal, but simply something whichHealing, 613:to do entirely with consciousness. The physical body is simply (no more and no less) the vehicle ofHealing, 613:but the emphasis of attention is the etheric body as an expression of the subtler vehicles andHealing, 613:state of embodied consciousness. The physical body is important because it has to house and respondHealing, 613:am here, however, considering only the physical body of a human being, which is not a principleHealing, 613:of anything. Any changes wrought in the physical body are secondary to the goal of consciousHealing, 613:minds anent the subject. To sum up: the physical body is not a principle; it is not a main objectHealing, 613:events and environment. The physical body responds. When the physical body becomes, in error, theHealing, 613:The physical body responds. When the physical body becomes, in error, the object of attention,
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