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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Healing, 654:later in the Gospel story) to create a body at will in order to meet His needs. The subtle andHealing, 657:towards some area of the patient's physical body. This produces a tremendous effect upon theHealing, 657:towards the area of disease in the patient's body. You can see, therefore, that - consciously orHealing, 658:of withdrawing all consciousness from the body. This is why so many people are in a coma prior toHealing, 672:Poise indicates complete control of the astral body, so that emotional upheavals are overcome, orHealing, 679:(which are connected entirely with the body of manifestation of the One in Whom we live and moveHealing, 680:this refers to the discarding of the physical body, it is useful to remember that this form ofHealing, 680:deaf to the call of the soul to relinquish the body. No habitual response has been developed. IHealing, 681:form uninformed and without any dweller in the body. When this happens the personality (and by thisHealing, 682:vacate. This is then passed on by the man in the body to the heart (where the life thread isHealing, 682:this Law X deals with the passing out from the body (meaning the form aspect of the threefold lowerHealing, 683:the limitations imposed by the dense physical body are excessive; nevertheless, each life sees aHealing, 684:form as the soul in its own vehicle, the causal body or the egoic lotus. Yet again, facility inHealing, 689:initiation even the egoic vehicle, the soul body, is regarded and treated as a part of the formHealing, 689:students, who almost invariably place the soul body and the mental permanent atom outside the formHealing, 689:It accounts also for the need for the egoic body to disappear. The Sound reverberates throughoutHealing, 690:responds to the sound, and from thence the whole body; in the second case, consciousness has beenHealing, 690:of knowledge which the form nature - soul and body - can make possible; when the registration is inHealing, 691:constitute the atomic substance of the first body of manifestation of some soul seeking incarnationHealing, 697:The appropriate vehicle can be either the mental body or the emotional body. With the mass of menHealing, 697:can be either the mental body or the emotional body. With the mass of men being centered in theHealing, 697:if the healer's channel of transmission is that body also. A triangle of energies is thereforeHealing, 697:the soul. The appropriate vehicle. The etheric body, through either the heart or the solar plexusHealing, 697:or the solar plexus center. Within the etheric body, a secondary triangle is formed for theHealing, 698:with the appropriate center in the etheric body; the heart or the solar plexus, always preferablyHealing, 698:the energy of that center within his etheric body which is related to his soul ray. Process three.Healing, 700:(each based in a different location in the human body), and then attempt to decide what method,Healing, 702:particular nature. Its location in the physical body. The center involved and (when he is anHealing, 703:stimulate the natural processes of the physical body and (in cooperation with nature and so in lineHealing, 704:in no case must the healer touch the patient's body. When quiet, peace and silence have beenHealing, 714:with the theme of healing. The physical body is not yet generally recognized as an electrical unit;Healing, 714:is not yet realized; the fact of the energy body, the etheric vehicle, is not at this timeHercules, 8:arrive at this knowledge. In the physical body, handicapped and limited by the tendencies conferredHercules, 10:and matter, of life and form, and of soul and body. First: "Nature expresses invisible energiesHercules, 11:is so vast that it now in itself constitutes a body of proven facts and cannot be gainsaid. TheHercules, 17:in manifestation, of life in form, of soul in body, and of spirit and matter. This duality is theHercules, 18:Hercules was the disciple, living in a physical body, but capable at times, like St. Paul, of beingHercules, 18:entity, no longer a duality, but soul and body formed one unity. This indicates always the stage ofHercules, 18:the at-one-ment and knows himself to be soul in body and not soul and body, and this realizationHercules, 18:himself to be soul in body and not soul and body, and this realization has now to color all hisHercules, 19:to every type of contact; his physical body must be a fit medium of expression for the indwellingHercules, 22:his mind, his emotional nature, and his physical body. We now discover him going through a veryHercules, 29:powers. In these three we have spirit, soul and body summarized. Life, consciousness and form meetHercules, 33:to individual creation, of the soul to take a body, or of a human being to create something whichHercules, 33:first sensed, and the building of the spiritual body is begun. This is the sign of germinalHercules, 44:Leo represents fire or spirit; Taurus, earth or body; Aquarius, air or mind; and Scorpio representsHercules, Note t:of spirit, whilst soul, through desire, takes a body. Thus the idea of the relation of the Self andHercules, 52:a rightly organized and rightly used physical body, conformity to the laws of the land in which hisHercules, 52:when he said, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"? May it not be thatHercules, 52:will act as the controlling factor and the whole body will be full of light. Through control,Hercules, 60:really begins the labor of unifying soul and body. This is the theme of this labor. It is in thisHercules, 60:and of coordinating, or at-one-ing, soul and body, so that duality gives place to unity and theHercules, 65:status of Hercules, the aspirant. He is soul and body unified. This was the problem to be wrestledHercules, 66:seems to be what is called 'pure reason' . In body, it governs the brain and nervous system, theHercules, 72:vibration of One who has achieved. The body would be shattered and the brain overstrained if one ofHercules, 76:the Will. She says to Hercules, "Tread the Way". Body, soul and spirit; Intelligence, Love andHercules, 85:of form and of soul is unified in the physical body. The opposite sign to Cancer is Capricorn, andHercules, 85:the soul descends upon earth (to unite with the body), which is its spiritual death. ThroughHercules, 86:therefore, of the soul dwelling in the physical body but predominantly living in the water, whichHercules, 87:and esotericists tell us that the physical body is not a principle. (The substitution of theHercules, 88:life and the consciousness of the cells in the body, and of that instinctive, collective life,Hercules, 88:in man, but which always influences his physical body and, subjectively, his lower mind andHercules, 100:of the lower fourfold nature, the mental body, emotional body, vital body and physical sheath. InHercules, 100:fourfold nature, the mental body, emotional body, vital body and physical sheath. In the languageHercules, 100:nature, the mental body, emotional body, vital body and physical sheath. In the language of theHercules, 100:and the response apparatus of the physical body. These four we have seen brought into relation toHercules, 100:sentient soul. In Gemini, a new and vital energy body was constructed [101] by the bringingHercules, 101:poles were en rapport, and the vital or etheric body came into being. In Cancer, which is the signHercules, 106:Six expresses, therefore, the limitations of the body nature working through form and theHercules, 106:Christ aspect. This cup forms really part of the body of the Hydra, for the stars at the foot ofHercules, 106:stars at the foot of the cup form part of the body of the Serpent , and both constellations claimHercules, 110:out of the solar plexus center, into the mental body and, therefore, into the head. There is in theHercules, 110:guards one of the most important glands in the body, the pituitary. When this gland is in full andHercules, 110:mental activity and endurance. This pituitary body is dual in its configuration: in one of itsHercules, 111:of the chakras or force-centers in the etheric body. The discovery of the endocrine system showsHercules, 111:the same locations. One of these, the pituitary body, with its two lobes, symbolizes the cave withHercules, 118:root meanings. Too long have we belabored the body, the physical, as the root of all evil, when itHercules, 118:that cause wrong attitudes and habits; the body being but an automatic response apparatus, [119]Hercules, 120:of the spirit; when the truth is that the body should be attuned to the soul and bring its beautyHercules, 121:of food, to a hungry world: bread [121] for the body and bread for those who hunger and thirstHercules, 131:of the soul directing the ungainly body. This relationship in which each aspect achieves dueHercules, 144:The immortal head, dissevered from the hydra's body, is buried beneath a rock. This implies thatHercules, 158:he was engrossed with the problem of soul and body and how to coordinate them. That is why GeminiHercules, 159:Hercules became conscious, not of soul and body placed in juxtaposition to each other, but of theHercules, 159:ways because the man is neither the soul nor the body. Libra is the balancing on the physical planeHercules, 172:in his mind, or desires, or physical body. He can use these if he chooses; and he does, to help allHercules, 173:or foundation, is the symbol of the physical body. James, the deceiver, symbolizes the emotionalHercules, 174:He works as a superhuman being in a human body. The great stages of development upon the path ofHercules, 176:heart, your solar plexus and every part of your body. You do this not by centering on them, not byHercules, 177:bark, with snakes growing out all over his body and with snakes for a tail, was the guardian ofHercules, 184:[184] the human being, i.e. that he is soul and body. Christ came in Pisces to demonstrate to usHercules, 191:unit with mind, emotional nature and physical body functioning as one, and that the stables haveHercules, 197:where lived a human monster called Geryon with a body of three men united. He had a herd of redHercules, 199:of death in various aspects. The death of the body sometimes, or it may be that an old foolishnessHercules, 201:He might come as he came before, in a physical body with its incidental handicaps. There areHercules, 201:no individual World Savior, utilizing a physical body, will come to us. I believe in thatHercules, 221:the three divine aspects, Spirit, Soul and Body. They are as follows: [222] The Cardinal Cross,Hercules, 225:aspects of the personal lower self, the physical body, the desire-feeling nature and the mind. InHercules, 227:second initiation, which concerns the emotional body. He balances the pairs of opposites andInitiation, viii:man. This aspect is also threefold A mental body lower - manas An emotional body - astral body A
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