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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Magic, 74:Plane Mind - Brain Pineal Gland - Pituitary Body The relation also between the centers, and theirMagic, 76:arriving at an understanding of his etheric body, and this for certain reasons. First, the ethericMagic, 76:and this for certain reasons. First, the etheric body is the next aspect of the world substance toMagic, 77:etheric forms or bodies. Secondly, the etheric body is composed of force currents, and in it areMagic, 77:of force, it is connected also with the etheric body of the environing system. Note that in thisMagic, 77:Thirdly, the need of realizing that the etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought and canMagic, 77:of that most potent instrument, the vital body. That this end may rapidly be consummated is myMagic, 80:can a full light be achieved, and the whole body be full of light, the fire from above - theMagic, 80:- a faculty of the concrete mental body - the lower bodies are trained in the art of distinguishingMagic, 84:A fourth hindrance is found in the physical body, which has been built up by the aid of meat andMagic, 86:now engrossed. The relation between the astral body and the physical, which, for the majority, isMagic, 86:of the negative automatic physical. The physical body, the instrument of desire, is swayed andMagic, 87:relation is set up and stabilized when soul and body are a functioning unit. The relation betweenMagic, 87:between the pineal gland and the pituitary body as a result of the above. The relation between theMagic, 88:the setting up of a relation between soul and body and beyond this there is no need to go. Magic, 90:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light RULE THREE The Energy circulates. The pointMagic, 90:shall the second sound go forth. Soul Light and Body Light In these Rules for Magic, the laws ofMagic, 94:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light This thought form, created by the aspirant,Magic, 95:When the negative and positive forces of the body, which express themselves via the ida and pingalaMagic, 96:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light 3. The period wherein he sounds the SacredMagic, 98:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light So it is with the human kingdom. As itsMagic, 101:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light Thus humanity serves, and in theMagic, 103:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light Let harmlessness, therefore, be the keynoteMagic, 105:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light Let us now consider the words at the end ofMagic, 105:of light to consider: There is the radiant body of the soul itself, found on its own plane, andMagic, 105:frequently, the Karana Sarira or the causal body. There is the vital or etheric body, the vehicleMagic, 105:the causal body. There is the vital or etheric body, the vehicle of prana which is the body ofMagic, 105:etheric body, the vehicle of prana which is the body of golden light, or rather the flame coloredMagic, 105:rather the flame colored vehicle. There is the body of "dark light", which is the occult way ofMagic, 105:of referring to the hidden light of the physical body, and to the light latent in the atom itself.Magic, 105:intermediary" is the term given to the etheric body, which is part and parcel of the universalMagic, 105:the universal ether. It is through the etheric body that all the energies flow, whether emanatingMagic, 105:the shining forth of the light throughout the body. This [106] shows as the radiance emanating fromMagic, 106:is blended with the magnetic light of the vital body, it stimulates the atoms of the physical bodyMagic, 106:body, it stimulates the atoms of the physical body to such an extent that each atom becomes in turnMagic, 106:its center at the base of the spine. The vital body working through the heart center where the lifeMagic, 106:principle has its seat. The activities of the body which are due to this stimulation are carriedMagic, 106:the circulation of the blood. The emotional body, working through the solar plexus center. The headMagic, 107:on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light Students must remember that it is possibleMagic, 107:determined by the caliber of the physical body, by past karma and achievement, and by the abilityMagic, 107:stimulation produces a reaction of the physical body. The magnetic power of the light in the head,Magic, 107:vibration awakens the atoms of the material body until eventually the powers of the vibratingMagic, 107:eventually the powers of the vibrating etheric body have swung even the lowest center into lineMagic, 107:line with the highest. Thus the fires of the body (the sum total of the energy of the atoms) areMagic, 108:can enter into samadhi and be withdrawn from his body, carrying the light with him. In this way theMagic, 109:soul is thrown downwards. The light of the vital body and the physical form is synchronized withMagic, 111:is the predominating ray to which a man's causal body vibrates. It may correspond to the ray of theMagic, 112:you use the term: "a man polarized in his astral body" - you really mean a man whose ego worksMagic, 113:the ego will center his endeavor on the astral body. If he has a mental body of fourth subplaneMagic, 113:endeavor on the astral body. If he has a mental body of fourth subplane matter and an astral bodyMagic, 113:body of fourth subplane matter and an astral body of fifth subplane, the polarization will beMagic, 130:The time is coming when the intuitional body (the buddhic vehicle) will be organized, utilizing theMagic, 133:with clarity of outline; if the emotional body is vibrating violently with some rhythm set up byMagic, 133:accomplished. He who has a stable mental body that is strongly positive in reception from above,Magic, 133:to lower vibrations, he who has an astral body that is clear, uncolored and still, he who also hasMagic, 133:uncolored and still, he who also has a physical body with steady nerves and stable rhythm (it willMagic, 140:a loosener of the coarse matter of the body of thought, of emotion, and of the physical body. WhenMagic, 140:body of thought, of emotion, and of the physical body. When sounded forth with intense spiritualMagic, 141:of the developed and controlled mental body, aspirants become aware of the ideas which the MastersMagic, 148:All that is lacking is the developed spiritual body which is equipped to respond to the vibrationMagic, 148:of the brain to the functions of the etheric body, as it exists as an intermediary between theMagic, 149:response apparatus of the soul - mind, etheric body, brain and nervous system - is reoriented, andMagic, 150:in the world of esoteric experiences, his vital body with its force centers. Thus the three aspectsMagic, 150:upon inhalation wherein all the forces of the body have (through the medium of the breath) beenMagic, 151:forth by the soul and passes down into the vital body, thus galvanizing the physical instrumentMagic, 157:a planetary scheme. The Ego, as it creates its body of manifestation. It should here be rememberedMagic, 160:into the emotional world to gather to itself a body of desire (the impelling force which producesMagic, 160:It is lost, by being drawn into the astral body of the disciple, which is the focal point for allMagic, 160:into a vortex of which the individual astral body is the center and loses its separate existence.Magic, 160:and whirling state of the aspirant's emotional body. Thus good intentions come to naught; thus goodMagic, 161:upon which I would like to touch. The emotional body of the disciple which must feed and nurtureMagic, 161:also be carefully considered, for the emotional body is thrown into a state of activity by theMagic, 163:of thought which draw forth from the emotional body a reaction of a poisonous nature. A certainMagic, 164:coming. That there is not as yet a very large body of disciples in incarnation at this time, andMagic, 165:their careful study. A mechanism in the natural body comes into use in two ways: First, its use isMagic, 165:or recall the experience. Within his etheric body, he senses active forces. Sometimes he canMagic, 170:his motives; he seeks to equip his mental body; he sets before himself the ideal of service andMagic, 176:things; a regulated life; a disciplined physical body and a whole-hearted devotion to humanity.Magic, 179:this method can be employed. In the astral body the centers corresponding to the physical have toMagic, 179:a corresponding vivification in the mental body counterparts. Secondly, we have telepathicMagic, 179:this equipment. From ego to ego via the causal body and transmitted direct according to theMagic, 180:dangerous. Why is this so? Because the mental body is not involved and so the soul is not inMagic, 180:thoughts into it. He may occupy his disciple's body, the latter standing aside, consciously, in hisMagic, 180:subtler bodies, but surrendering his physical body. A third method is one of a temporary fusing, ifMagic, 180:case you have transmission from the causal body, from the higher mental levels; in the third caseMagic, 184:thread from the soul to the brain via the mind body. The whole secret of spiritual vision, correctMagic, 184:the mind under control, stabilize the astral body and so develop and strengthen the thread soulMagic, 186:studies the condition of an aspirant's physical body and of the subtler bodies to see whether inMagic, 187:chelas becomes possible. A sick [187] physical body, an astral body prone to moods, emotions andMagic, 187:possible. A sick [187] physical body, an astral body prone to moods, emotions and psychicMagic, 187:emotions and psychic delusions, and a mental body uncontrolled or ill-equipped are all dangerous toMagic, 190:the student an elementary knowledge of the vital body and of its force centers and I am assumingMagic, 194:through the medium of the energy or vital body and the energy thus expressed will change his lifeMagic, 194:and utilizes seven focal points in the etheric body as its agents. Magic, 195:control the personality, via the mental [195] body to the head center. When this is the case theMagic, 195:in the egoic lotus, the will petals. The mental body. The head center in the etheric body. TheMagic, 195:The mental body. The head center in the etheric body. The nervous system and brain. 2. That ofMagic, 195:in the egoic lotus, the love petals. The astral body. The heart center. The blood stream. In theMagic, 196:egoic lotus, the knowledge petals. The etheric body as a whole, as it pervades the dense physicalMagic, 196:as a whole, as it pervades the dense physical body. The throat center. The cells of the body. In
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