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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Magic, 196:body. The throat center. The cells of the body. In the little evolved man, as in the case of theMagic, 198:heredity, producing a degeneracy of the physical body, or to enforced celibacy in past lives; thisMagic, 199:the work of at-one-ing the soul and the body, the subjective and the objective. In some occultMagic, 200:of the subjective soul and the [200] objective body in perfect union and at-one-ment. This is theMagic, 205:will follow as inevitably as in the physical body. Magic, 206:of the heart and the lungs in the physical body. The presiding Intelligence, the Self, "seated onMagic, 206:in and out) which affects most potently the body of prana, the vital or etheric body. StudentsMagic, 206:potently the body of prana, the vital or etheric body. Students should remember that subtle effectsMagic, 207:results [207] in two directions; on the physical body and on the etheric body. The entire vitalMagic, 207:on the physical body and on the etheric body. The entire vital body assumes a particular rhythmMagic, 207:body and on the etheric body. The entire vital body assumes a particular rhythm according to theMagic, 207:or a cohesive effect upon the physical body, and devitalize or vitalize the etheric bodyMagic, 207:body, and devitalize or vitalize the etheric body correspondingly. There is the effect upon theMagic, 207:the effect of breathing exercises upon the vital body. As surely as eating and drinking build orMagic, 207:and drinking build or destroy the physical body, and aid or hinder its right functioning, so doMagic, 211:and is only finally grasped when the causal body itself, the karana sarira, disintegrates and theMagic, 213:the personality, working through the pituitary body. These negative and positive forces interact,Magic, 213:spiritual light comes into being in the etheric body. This is the eye of Shiva, for it is onlyMagic, 214:and the physical parallel exists for the etheric body. It is this third work of the soul that isMagic, 215:total of the many lives which form the physical body, is controlled and feels the eye of the MasterMagic, 215:upon it. The gross elements constituting that body are "driven forth" and better and more adequateMagic, 215:are built in. The elemental of the astral or body of water undergoes a similar activity plus aMagic, 216:eye, the soul [216] rebuilds the astral body and holds it steady and coherent through its focusedMagic, 216:an analogous process goes forward in the mental body. Old forms disappear before the clear light inMagic, 216:which works through the forms of the etheric body, which is dealt with through the breath, andMagic, 216:on the physical plane. It is through the etheric body and the force, directed through one or otherMagic, 222:Because the forces in the aspirant's [222] own body are equally in disorder, he blends in with theMagic, 222:mind, as analyzer and separator, that the astral body is brought under control. Magic, 222:and according to the caliber of his physical body, and the condition of his centers [223] will beMagic, 224:became possible, and the soul was born in the body of humanity. This was preceded by a period ofMagic, 227:"steady in the light" and so enables the mental body to respond to impressions and contactsMagic, 227:par excellence, is fought out in the astral body, and only reaches its most intense point and itsMagic, 227:The greater the sensitivity of the astral body, the greater its reactions to [228] the physicalMagic, 228:people in the world have a more potent astral body and work under greater emotional strain than theMagic, 229:deepest matter; the other leads him out of the body nature, and makes him eventually aware of hisMagic, 229:and makes him eventually aware of his spiritual body, through which he can function in the kingdomMagic, 231:with ambition and with his sensitive emotional body. He thinks the battle is stupendous but fromMagic, 237:of the soul from the prison of the astral body. Henceforth the soul will use the astral body, andMagic, 237:body. Henceforth the soul will use the astral body, and mould desire into line with divine purpose.Magic, 237:man is learning the control of the physical body and the organizing of his physical plane life. TheMagic, 237:a similar lesson in relation to his astral body, its focus, its desires and its work. The studentMagic, 237:nature and so function consciously in the mental body. [238] The work of the initiate and the adeptMagic, 238:he buckles down to the work of making the astral body simply a reflector of that light and by theMagic, 238:of the "Agnisuryans" who constitute his astral body and are the living substance of the astralMagic, 242:of mind is making itself felt in [242] the human body, an even more serious situation is apparent,Magic, 245:may be succeeded by a cycle wherein the physical body is conscious of the flowing away from it ofMagic, 245:The same process can affect the emotional body, and periods of exaltation and of highest aspirationMagic, 245:of interest. The flow may pass on to the mental body and produce a cycle of intense mentalMagic, 246:he will be able to say "whether in the body or out of the body" is a matter of no moment. The actMagic, 246:able to say "whether in the body or out of the body" is a matter of no moment. The act of serviceMagic, 246:through a temporary identification with his body of sensory perception, of feeling, and of emotion,Magic, 246:term conveys, he focuses his forces in the vital body and becomes a focal point for theMagic, 247:thought and sanctified desire down into the body of ether, and so works with intelligent devotion. Magic, 247:and the initiate, the midway spot is the causal body, the karana sarira, the spiritual body of theMagic, 247:causal body, the karana sarira, the spiritual body of the soul, standing as the intermediaryMagic, 247:is between the eyebrows and has the pituitary body as its objective manifestation. The other is inMagic, 247:top of the head, almost entirely in the etheric body. The advanced worldly man is centered in theMagic, 247:It might be regarded as the vital or etheric body which has become the field of conscious service,Magic, 248:through the [248] medium of his force or energy body performs the magical creative work. One pointMagic, 248:and a centralization of the man in the spiritual body. From that point of power, outside of form,Magic, 248:attention in one or other of the centers in the body. This is accomplished through the medium ofMagic, 248:the medium of the force centers in the etheric body. He gradually gains that plasticity and thatMagic, 258:and group controlled, and (until the causal body has been overcome and liberation from its controlMagic, 262:mistakes. He starts to build anew his physical body by diet and discipline, instead of working fromMagic, 263:the whole of his energy, using the physical body to fulfil the desire of the astral. Higher stillMagic, 264:form is being built. 4. The Form of the Causal Body. This is the vehicle of the higherMagic, 265:loving all, work at the plasticity of the astral body. In love of all that breathes comes capacityMagic, 275:one of seven systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifested expression of a life, so isMagic, 276:this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant, [277] but thrilling to theMagic, 277:thinkers and artists constitute the pituitary body. They express the concrete mind but lack thatMagic, 277:and, therefore, so attractive that the pituitary body of cell lives may be stimulated and thus aMagic, 277:such a strong reaction set up that the entire body will be affected, resulting in the streamingMagic, 277:condition, corresponding in the corporate body of humanity to that upheaval in the life of anMagic, 281:inherent in matter itself; they deal with the body nature and might be listed as follows: 1.Magic, 281:to the life of the cells which constitute the body. This cell life is responsive to the cell lifeMagic, 282:lower the physical vibration of the united cell body. Thus, as we well know, the physical effect ofMagic, 282:of contact with an older soul, functioning in a body, cultured, clean, disciplined and purified.Magic, 282:for that chemical affinity between one animal body and another which produces the coming togetherMagic, 282:mysterious something which enables the physical body to recognize as harmonious or congenial aMagic, 283:plane which produce a peculiar type of physical body, the magnetic attraction between two physicalMagic, 283:a Master of the Wisdom as He builds His physical body at will for the carrying forward of His workMagic, 283:be the vibratory quality of the cells of that body, of the individuals who compose it? What shouldMagic, 284:bodies, the [284] astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted of mind-stuff,Magic, 284:astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted of mind-stuff, are all of themMagic, 284:system which interpenetrates every part of the body, is responsible for its welfare andMagic, 284:is closely related to the emotional or astral body. The contact is made via the solar plexus, justMagic, 284:life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. Vital life Seven centers Spleen. This, asMagic, 285:main functions: First, to vitalize the physical body. Second, to bring about the development ofMagic, 288:center which, situated in the center of the body and being the organ of the astral body and of theMagic, 288:of the body and being the organ of the astral body and of the lower psychism, gathers together allMagic, 289:the astrological theories, is that the etheric body of any form constitutes part of the ethericMagic, 289:body of any form constitutes part of the etheric body of the solar system, and is therefore theMagic, 290:can circulate unimpeded throughout the entire body. They can then utilize those centers which areMagic, 290:Healers are experimenting with the etheric body and yet little real knowledge is theirs. They knowMagic, 290:little or nothing of the centers in their own body through which the magnetic or other currentsMagic, 290:control their appetites that they build a clean body and provide clear channels for the passage ofMagic, 292:Emanating from: A man's own astral or sentient body. The human family as a whole. The astral planeMagic, 293:practical application for it concerns the astral body - the body in which a man is pre-eminentlyMagic, 293:for it concerns the astral body - the body in which a man is pre-eminently polarized and of whichMagic, 293:he is more potently conscious than of any other body. The etheric body is really below the
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