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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Magic, 293:conscious than of any other body. The etheric body is really below the threshold of consciousness.Magic, 293:of vitality or lack of vitality. The physical body makes its presence felt when something goesMagic, 293:however different in connection with the astral body for there is the vehicle of experience for theMagic, 293:conscious life, recording the reactions of that body and vibrating between the two poles ofMagic, 293:solar system and that therefore: The sentient body of a human being is an atom of substance in theMagic, 293:being is an atom of substance in the sentient body of the planetary Logos. The sentient body (aMagic, 293:body of the planetary Logos. The sentient body (a term I much prefer to the term astral, and whichMagic, 294:is an aspect - not an atom - of the sentient body of the solar Logos. This in its turn isMagic, 294:Every stream of energy pouring through his body of desire and of sentient reaction, is but aMagic, 294:and utilize correctly the information which his body of sensitive response could, but fortunatelyMagic, 294:from the constant circulation through his astral body of planetary and solar and cosmic energies,Magic, 294:construct his own individual and separate astral body, responsive to his peculiar note, colored byMagic, 295:and control under the impulse of the mental body and of the soul. It is subject also to vibratoryMagic, 295:- Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear This astral body has in it the counterparts of the etheric orMagic, 295:energies, earlier dealt with, into the etheric body. These centers carry energies from the sevenMagic, 295:evolved man. Man is, en masse, what his desire body makes him. Later, "as a man thinketh so is he".Magic, 295:Later, "as a man thinketh so is he". The astral body, with its longings, appetites, moods,Magic, 295:feelings, and cravings moulds the physical body through the attractive forces which flow throughMagic, 296:is an able treatise on the astral and sentient body, and deals with the factors that most nearlyMagic, 297:Energy and Fear In considering the sentient body of a human being I will probably help the most ifMagic, 299:or characterizes the astral or sentient body of our planetary Logos? What have you gained if IMagic, 301:how poor, nor to the taking possession of the body by entities of high caliber, but of [302] theMagic, 304:is simply deluded, but the effect on his astral body and upon his solar plexus is identically theMagic, 305:of the strain which they put upon their astral body, and the tension caused by the use of theMagic, 305:faculty of passing in and out of his physical body at will, these helps will no longer be needed.Magic, 308:as a man identifies himself with his emotional body, just as long as he interprets life in terms ofMagic, 309:Fear 3. A devitalized condition of the physical body. This is due to various causes, such as: AMagic, 309:causes, such as: A depleted etheric or vital body. Physical disease, either inherent or broughtMagic, 310:the overcoming of wrong vibration in the astral body and the use of astral energy in the rightMagic, 310:with the subject of the astral or sentient body, and have considered the various wrong ways inMagic, 310:in one or other of these ways, and the sentient body of the average human being is scarcely everMagic, 311:organism and circulate through the sentient body of man. 1. Energies passing and repassing throughMagic, 311:passing and repassing through the sentient body of the planet itself. This is, in other words, theMagic, 311:itself. This is, in other words, the astral body of the spirit of the earth. This entity is not theMagic, 311:case with the animals. At death, man's astral body disintegrates and then its particles [312] againMagic, 312:form slowly but have not yet taken an etheric body, and will never in this world period take aMagic, 312:will never in this world period take a physical body. These two groups are the planetaryMagic, 313:- through the emanations from the astral body of this great Life the work of breaking down theMagic, 313:Through this rapidly integrating etheric body this Life is bringing the etheric body of our planetMagic, 313:etheric body this Life is bringing the etheric body of our planet into a state of increased rapidMagic, 314:Another mass emanation which sweeps the astral body of man into strenuous activity is the impulsiveMagic, 314:activity is the impulsive desire of the astral body of the fourth or human kingdom, [315] viewingMagic, 315:or as the expression of a life. This sentient body of humanity responds in an unrealized manner toMagic, 315:to the caliber of the individual astral body, and according to the stage of development so willMagic, 315:dependent largely upon their own type of astral body, and its power to attract others who areMagic, 316:Many a man is the victim of an emotional body which he has himself constructed as he responded toMagic, 316:of the groups enumerated above. The astral body reacts to all emanations of a sensitive characterMagic, 316:character in three ways: Emotional. The astral body is swept into response of some kind to theMagic, 316:of all impressions by the sensitive astral body, even if emotional response lacks, and disciplesMagic, 316:sought to bring about an effect on the emotional body. Simple reaction. The registering or theMagic, 316:involves complete detachment from the emotional body altogether, and a complete capacity to isolateMagic, 317:from the soul. The two impacts upon the sentient body must be recognized as different. The questionMagic, 317:this impulse which seeks to sweep my sentient body into activity come from the divine Life withinMagic, 317:of its manifestations? Does it cause my astral body to become active in such a way that those whoMagic, 318:the emanating of certain energies of the vital body in a particular direction, which serve to keepMagic, 319:and of all reactions bring the emotional body under the dominance of the illumined mind. They alsoMagic, 320:schools begin with the control of the astral body, and the chela had to memorize and practice theseMagic, 323:linking the [323] physical brain to the causal body. The aspirant should also strive after thatMagic, 324:heard. If fatigue is present and the physical body is in need of rest, then likewise the innerMagic, 329:same non-essentials, and have isolated the same body of essential beliefs. They recognize eachMagic, 329:in a small way the true significance of the body of Christ, and giving to the world a picture ofMagic, 330:make their presence felt in the world? Such a body now exists with its members in every land.Magic, 333:the soul-factor lying back of its structure or body of manifestation, or equally, seeks to disproveMagic, 334:possess etheric vision. The vital or etheric body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms,Magic, 341:organism. When such is the case, the astral body makes too strong a demand upon the physical, andMagic, 342:matter produce a violent vibration in the astral body. This leads to a shattering of the physicalMagic, 343:specially sensed as depression by the physical body. The more sensitive your body, the greater yourMagic, 343:by the physical body. The more sensitive your body, the greater your responsiveness to this form ofMagic, 343:vibration. It lies in the wise use of the mental body, and in a capacity to reason logically and toMagic, 344:an uncontrolled emotional nature. The astral body can be controlled. How? 1. By direct inhibition.Magic, 344:best method to follow. It reacts on the physical body, leads to congestion in the astral body, andMagic, 344:physical body, leads to congestion in the astral body, and to a similar condition in the ethericMagic, 344:Those who are becoming polarized in the mental body, find their fears allied to the intellect. TheyMagic, 344:the fears of a person polarized in the astral body. The latter can bring the [345] intellect toMagic, 345:to bear on the elimination of fear in the astral body. The mental types have to call directly onMagic, 345:not so potent as yours. Having a strong mental body, you clothe your fear reactions with mentalMagic, 345:to seek quietness. You will relax your physical body, endeavor to quiet your astral body as far asMagic, 345:physical body, endeavor to quiet your astral body as far as may be, and to steady the mind. ThenMagic, 346:method must be followed: Still the physical body. Quiet by temporary inhibition the astral body.Magic, 346:body. Quiet by temporary inhibition the astral body. Link up with the Ego, and definitely reasonMagic, 348:It results also in a sensitiveness of the astral body that is, perhaps, even more hard to bear.Magic, 350:ideal, the minutes of exhaustion of soul and body when the emptiness of everything, even of serviceMagic, 353:marks the crisis of the control of the astral body. After baptism there remain the threeMagic, 354:the tide to turn and for the rebuilding of the body social. It is for this reason that each one ofMagic, 357:as dominant and as misleading as is the sentient body at this time. Let us therefore study theMagic, 357:power and knowingly functioning in his mental body. Magic, 362:which brings into [362] manifestation the egoic body, the causal vehicle, the karana sarira, theMagic, 362:center, till eventually the seven centers in the body and the seven centers in the head rotate inMagic, 362:in your footsteps. The training of the mental body has a value, and many evade such technicalities,Magic, 364:a life fluid circulating throughout the entire body of the Logos, and vivifying therefore even theMagic, 367:vision comes through the medium of the causal body and few can hold that high consciousness for aMagic, 372:to stimulate, purify and coordinate the etheric body. This etheric body is not only the transmitterMagic, 372:and coordinate the etheric body. This etheric body is not only the transmitter of prana but is theMagic, 372:nature. Most of the diseases that the physical body suffers from at present have their roots in theMagic, 372:from at present have their roots in the etheric body. There are few, if any, purely physicalMagic, 372:In the purification, therefore, of this body lies the secret of a sweeter and saner humanity.Magic, 372:Present Age and the Future Work on the etheric body, however, from the standpoint of the HierarchyMagic, 372:of men. It is a planetary process. The etheric body of [373] the earth itself is being subjected toMagic, 373:the play of certain astral forces on the etheric body that leads to slow but definite changes inMagic, 373:our purpose now, offering us a home within his body, yet remaining dissociated from us. The devas
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