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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Magic, 373:ideal. In all I have said anent the etheric body of men, anent the planet, anent the spirit of theMagic, 378:of thought, within the causal or spiritual body. By the gradual stimulation of the mental facultyMagic, 382:and truth. When this is the case, the physical body will have no lure for the real man, theMagic, 382:the real man, the emotional nature and desire body will no longer lead astray nor will the mindMagic, 386:which links: The spiritual triad. The causal body. The personality. When this is done the egoicMagic, 386:The personality. When this is done the egoic body has served its purpose, the solar Angel has doneMagic, 386:consciousness of the Monad, the ONE. The causal body [388] disintegrates; the personality fadesMagic, 388:does. He can then construct, for the work, his body of expression. He can work through and withMagic, 390:planetary Logos Himself is focused in His mental Body. He, it has been said, is striving towardsMagic, 390:our particular level, we achieve as cells in His Body. As time progresses, Indra will swing intoMagic, 392:mind, reacting sensuously through the emotional body, and energizing the dense physical (via theMagic, 392:and energizing the dense physical (via the vital body) then one has a personality. It isMagic, 397:the light that is inherent in every atom of the body is gathered together and obliterated in theMagic, 407:consciousness and the welfare of the entire body and not of the part. The unification to which theMagic, 413:working replica of this essentially subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies butMagic, 415:and without any real comprehension of that body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligentMagic, 415:lasting; they look upon the mind, emotions and body nature as simply an equipment whereby humanMagic, 416:vibrations, a powerful and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body, though not robust inMagic, 416:and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body, though not robust in the ordinary use of theMagic, 417:have seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak the needed words,Magic, 420:that food is desirable which keeps the physical body in condition to serve the race. Again, aMagic, 420:brook no prostitution of the powers of the body to the grosser satisfactions, nor will he offendMagic, 422:affects the pineal gland and the pituitary body. The recognition of this field of dual activity inMagic, 424:such times, for instance, as when the emotional body holds the center of the stage. With what isMagic, 432:and the potent force of the astral (desire) body. In other words, the astral elemental, whichMagic, 433:termed physical or vital. These enter the human body via the spleen and also via a center foundMagic, 435:influence unduly - will produce inertia. In the body with which man [436] is equipped lies hid theMagic, 436:to be met are thus secured; the type of body or of bodies through which the force of the native'sMagic, 439:mental. Its effects are felt first in the mental body. The names of the planets are not the resultMagic, 439:charts: - one purely physical dealing with the body of nature; one primarily emotional, and dealingMagic, 449:the eternal triplicities of spirit, soul and body. It should be remembered that the Rules forMagic, 449:reading the above is to think immediately of the body nature as it expresses some type of energy.Magic, 450:existing in the minds of many people between body and spirit, between life and form, have led to aMagic, 451:of that which has hitherto been regarded as the body. This life principle, this basic essential ofMagic, 452:its lowest aspect this works through the mental body or nature, and in connection with the denseMagic, 452:the spirit or energy aspect, and the matter or body nature. This is the distinctive subjective man,Magic, 452:which sets the rate of vibratory activity of his body, produces his particular type of form, isMagic, 452:of the atoms and cells of which the physical body is composed. It is the sum total of those littleMagic, 453:works through [453] the etheric or vital body and in connection with the solid mechanism of theMagic, 460:human form, and at times functioning out of the body, have the responsibility of materializing theMagic, 473:locate the golden thread of truth. Control the body of emotion, for the waves that rise upon theMagic, 475:of the magical work, and will render the mental body so clear and so powerful that right motiveMagic, 481:Salvation from the power of the threefold body which the soul has built, through the magicalMagic, 492:of an emotional nature. As long as the astral body is in a state of restless movement, and itsMagic, 493:the nature and mode of training of the astral body. Later on in this century, the psychology of theMagic, 493:not yet. Our subject now is salvation from the body nature through the process of death. Two thingsMagic, 493:study the means of this salvation: First, by the body nature I mean the integrated personality, orMagic, 493:personality, or the human equipment of physical body, vital or etheric vehicle, the matter (or modeMagic, 493:also primarily to the death of the physical body. [494] Let us first of all define this mysteriousMagic, 494:achieved facility in leaving the physical body; [495] because they cannot as yet bring back intoMagic, 495:and constitutes the path of return to the body. In death, this life thread is broken or snapped.Magic, 495:entity cannot return to the dense physical body and that body, lacking the principle of coherence,Magic, 495:return to the dense physical body and that body, lacking the principle of coherence, thenMagic, 495:two currents or two threads when it reaches the body, and is "anchored", if I might so express it,Magic, 495:I might so express it, in two locations in that body. This is symbolic of the differentiations ofMagic, 495:or Spirit, into its two reflections, soul and body. The soul, or consciousness aspect, that whichMagic, 495:of the life which animates every atom of the body and which constitutes the principle of coherenceMagic, 496:energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held in their right place and subordinatedMagic, 496:loss of consciousness and disintegration of the body. Death differs from sleep in that both streamsMagic, 497:part of nature itself and by nature we mean the body of the one life in whom "we live and move andMagic, 498:and in full waking awareness out of the physical body and so to function on the astral plane. ThisMagic, 498:for he is freed of the handicap of the physical body. Two things, however, militate against thisMagic, 500:for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, we have an underlying, interpenetratingMagic, 500:we have an underlying, interpenetrating vital body which is the counterpart of the physical, whichMagic, 500:than the physical and which we call the etheric body or double. It is an energy body and isMagic, 500:call the etheric body or double. It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadis orMagic, 500:nerve ganglia. In two places in the human vital body there are orifices of exit for the life force.Magic, 501:and easily therefore they pass in or out of the body, going into trance, as it is called, andMagic, 503:planes have to be at-one-ed as well as soul and body. This has already been largely accomplishedMagic, 503:than just the one of producing soul and body at-one-ment. No emphasis, however, is laid upon them,Magic, 505:of no real moment, are all related to the vital body, to pranic emanations, and to the web ofMagic, 505:bed, for the man who has learned to handle his body as he falls asleep, has an advantage over theMagic, 506:work of the soul in abstracting itself from the body, though certain notes on the organ will beMagic, 506:the soul is recognized and its relation to the body has been scientifically demonstrated. MantricMagic, 512:of life, a stabilized and receptive emotional body and that inner alignment which will make hisMagic, 515:soul-mind-brain, of quieting the emotional body, and of achieving that concentration and meditationMagic, 517:action through the medium of the physical body. Magic, 519:the minor interludes, carried on in the physical body between breaths and in the brainMagic, 522:souls, mineral, vegetable, animal and the animal body of man, express themselves. This opens up aMagic, 542:scientists recognize the fact of an etheric body, vast numbers do not, and from the standpoint ofMagic, 546:that which he is essentially himself: Physical body, sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul;Magic, 546:and the outer world of forces; Spirit, soul and body within the great Whole. This presupposes realMagic, 548:on which the white magician, being a cell in the body of the cosmic Christ, is also crucified.Magic, 549:of energy which constitute the vital or etheric body of all forms in the natural world. Here againMagic, 549:these three must manifest. Spirit, soul and body express the same idea from another angle, added toMagic, 549:view of Reality what we call the dense physical body, tangible and objective, is but an illusion.Magic, 550:which constitute the four levels of the etheric body of both God and man, viewing them from what weMagic, 550:of the physical plane as regards the physical body of all forms. These four etheric levels, orMagic, 551:[551] ether of the fourth grade in his own body as the transmitting agent, and so on, in connectionMagic, 554:responsive matter in space as is needed to give body to his form. Much of this is dealt with in AMagic, 554:He will need to consider the fact that his body of manifestation is a precipitation, that it is aMagic, 558:has said, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light". These words which HeMagic, 565:concept of the possession of an astral or watery body, but also presents to the mind the effectMagic, 565:also presents to the mind the effect which that body must have upon the hidden solar Angel. TheMagic, 566:of force. These constitute his etheric or vital body, which is in the nature of a web or mesh ofMagic, 566:and form in certain localities in this energy body various focal points of force, of which the mostMagic, 566:the soul must bring into at-one-ment the etheric body and the gaseous envelope which is the highestMagic, 567:is released through the medium of the vital body, then a fire blazes forth when the gaseous energyMagic, 568:the significance and the purpose of the vital body, and gains power in the control of the vitalMagic, 568:constituting the total etheric or vital body. "Prana is fivefold in its manifestations, thus
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