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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Meditation, 159:in the circulatory system of the dense physical body. They are the seat of much of the presentMeditation, 159:the seat of much of the present disease in that body, either directly or through causes set up onMeditation, 159:the etheric. b. Forms for healing the emotional body.As said above, much of the present sickness isMeditation, 159:is due to causes set up in the emotional body and these causes are mainly three. I would point outMeditation, 160:and to the effects on the lower bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aims will be inMeditation, 160:it upward. When, by right use, the emotional body is cleared of the emotional congestion, theMeditation, 160:polarization as a race is not yet in the mental body. It is always much more easy to contact a bodyMeditation, 160:body. It is always much more easy to contact a body and to manipulate it when it is the seat of theMeditation, 160:of the center of consciousness. The emotional body likewise, being more fluidic, is more easilyMeditation, 160:I cannot enlarge upon the troubles of the mental body today save to point out that these causes mayMeditation, 160:that these causes may arise within the mental body itself as a karmic inheritance, or may originateMeditation, 160:plane and work their way back into the mental body. For instance, [161] a person may be prone toMeditation, 161:may set up an analogous vibration in the mental body. This vibration in its turn may becomeMeditation, 161:I give: Through the various centers of the body - those seven centers with [162] which the pupilMeditation, 166:have a direct effect on the centers of the body, and will later be used under the guidance of theMeditation, 170:illuminating. (I seek not to enlarge the mental body but to train the intuition.) These wordsMeditation, 181:abnormal building in of material into some one body (due to the action of such involutionary livesMeditation, 184:in the pranic currents that, through the etheric body, keep the dense physical vitalized andMeditation, 186:matter, and, acting as a stimulant to the causal body, fit it more rapidly as a vehicle ofMeditation, 187:a downflow of the monadic force into the causal body. All these mantrams can be used separately,Meditation, 192:in a stimulating sense on the centers of the body. These three effects may be seen in the use ofMeditation, 192:the use of all sound collectively and by a large body of persons. We might enumerate still furtherMeditation, 196:is that directed action, followed in unison by a body of people, which results in certainMeditation, 196:has for its objects therefore: The swinging of a body, or a concourse of bodies, into the radius ofMeditation, 197:danced before the Lord. The swaying of the body to a certain tempo, and the swinging of theMeditation, 197:the rhythm) to some one or other center in the body. The matter of the emotional and mental bodiesMeditation, 200:race are more directly aligned with the egoic body, you will see the scientific application of theMeditation, 201:priesthood will not in those days be a separated body of men. All will then be priests and a [202]Meditation, 206:of microcosmic development, and can build his body of manifestation by means of the same laws thatMeditation, 210:structure which knowledge has built (the causal body or the Temple of Solomon) is itself destroyedMeditation, 220:of the dark and lurid reds in the emotional body of the undeveloped man rises ever to one's vision.Meditation, 222:realization by the man using a fifth root-race body in the fourth round on the fourth chain, of aMeditation, 223:man of the seventh round in a seventh root-race body? Even then a whole range of colors of wondrousMeditation, 223:plane lies that development of the mental body that permits of an ever greater influx of the lifeMeditation, 223:of view. In the disciplined, purified physical body comes the capacity to work out that which theMeditation, 228:later from the Triad to the Monad. The causal body acts as a synthesis of these colors in the lifeMeditation, 232:briefly, as the student builds a pure physical body and a refined etheric, as he develops theMeditation, 233:as he coordinates [233] and enlarges his mental body, he is continuously altering its rate ofMeditation, 242:of any force supplied will be from the mental body of the patient and will work from thence to theMeditation, 242:that cause in either the emotional or the mental body the members of the group will then proceed toMeditation, 243:What is the predominant hue of his emotional body? What is its rate of vibration? Is the patientMeditation, 243:sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotional body into disorder? What are his most ordinaryMeditation, 243:What is the condition of the centers in his body? Which centers are awakened? Are any centersMeditation, 243:case? What is the state of the etheric body? Does it show symptoms of devitalization or ofMeditation, 244:fire. The state of the various organs of the body, and especially the organ, or organs, that areMeditation, 244:will be obviated in the case of the physical body, yet much time must elapse before fullMeditation, 244:before full comprehension of the emotional body has reached the point where modern science hasMeditation, 244:placed the physical. The healing of the physical body and its due comprehension and study can beMeditation, 245:trouble that is working out in the physical body, as is the case in the majority of physical illsMeditation, 245:trouble that is deep seated in the subtle body, has to be dealt with from mental levels, so that itMeditation, 245:ailments that have their seat in the emotional body is already beginning to be known and slightlyMeditation, 245:ahead in medical science. The link between the body of the emotions and physical body is theMeditation, 245:between the body of the emotions and physical body is the etheric body. The next immediate step isMeditation, 245:of the emotions and physical body is the etheric body. The next immediate step is to consider theMeditation, 245:next immediate step is to consider the etheric body in two ways, either as a transmitter of prana,Meditation, 245:who can deal with any trouble in the mental body, and who can study the alignment of all [246] theMeditation, 246:or persons who can clairvoyantly view the subtle body of the emotions. A number of people who knowMeditation, 246:profession, who will work with the physical body, under the direction of conscious clairvoyants. HeMeditation, 246:He will study the resistance of the body, he will apply certain currents, and colors, andMeditation, 247:means of colored lights applied to the physical body. On the physical plane the exoteric color willMeditation, 247:Orange stimulates the action of the etheric body; it removes congestion and increases the flow ofMeditation, 248:eventually in the healing of the dense physical body, being the color of the note of Nature. ThisMeditation, 249:knowledge will be the laws governing the etheric body. That in the development of the intuitionMeditation, 251:will be based on the laws that govern the mental body, and will be forms of meditation. Only as theMeditation, 259:of the personal life - as included in the causal body - into the three atoms of the SpiritualMeditation, 263:function as part of the Heavenly Man to Whose Body He may belong. He understands the laws governingMeditation, 263:many sons of men) and He knows His place in the body systemic. He realizes the center in the BodyMeditation, 263:the body systemic. He realizes the center in the Body of the Heavenly Man by means of which He andMeditation, 263:His relationship with other groups in the same Body under certain definite laws. The value ofMeditation, 268:to link up with the higher mind, via the causal body. He must learn to contact the lower mindMeditation, 268:it, until he becomes polarized in the causal body. Then, through the medium of the causal body, heMeditation, 268:body. Then, through the medium of the causal body, he links up with the abstract levels. Until heMeditation, 268:and the power to polarize himself in the causal body and touch the abstract levels are definitelyMeditation, 268:to the center within the Heavenly Man in Whose Body he finds a place. It is the working out of theMeditation, 269:animating source, the Lord of the Ray in Whose Body his Monad may be found. Therefore the work ofMeditation, 271:his own place and functional activity in that body corporate. That is the secret: the finding ofMeditation, 275:This channel eventually supersedes the causal body as a means of communication between the higherMeditation, 275:between the higher and the lower. The causal body is itself eventually done away with when theMeditation, 275:fourth initiation and can freely create his own body of manifestation. He definitely assists at theMeditation, 276:group. He works with the pupil's causal body and its expansion and development, and teaches theMeditation, 276:At night, when he is out of the physical body. During the periods when the disciple is meditating.Meditation, 283:the entire time and self to the bringing of each body under the subjugation of the Ego, and theMeditation, 283:structure: The laws governing the physical body will be studied and brooded over. This broodingMeditation, 283:in a rigid disciplining of the physical body. It will be set apart wholly for service, andMeditation, 283:will attune and develop it more quickly. The body of the emotions will be scientifically studiedMeditation, 283:being unruffled and immovable. The emotional body will [284] be set apart wholly for service, andMeditation, 284:from the higher in the mirror of the emotional body, and then the intellect forced to act as theMeditation, 285:the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wise control the occultist realizes theMeditation, 285:of all his knowledge apart from a physical body whereby he can express himself and serve the race.Meditation, 286:being frequently polarized in his mental body, has to learn through that mind to understand theMeditation, 287:fourth plane of harmony, between the emotional body, or the fourth principle, the quaternary, theMeditation, 288:than others. It is dependent upon the type of body in use and the work done in previous lives,Meditation, 290:head center. Each of the seven centers in the body, as you know, has a counterpart within the head.Meditation, 292:limitations of time and space, are powers of the body egoic, and as all egoic groups are - asMeditation, 292:and transfers his polarization into the body egoic, even if for a brief moment, then he can knowMeditation, 295:lower bodies, when he has aligned them with the body egoic (even if only for a brief minute)Meditation, 299:by emotional stability and a strong healthy body is the aim for all. But now you have mentalMeditation, 306:will have its occult school. Only as the causal body of the national group has reached a certainMeditation, 310:be taken with no regard to result, and ever each body in all its aggregate of detail must beMeditation, 315:will be the rapid building-in the causal body, they will be men of erudition, and of knowledge,
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