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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Patanjali, 395:we live and move and have our being and in Whose body every form is but a cell or atom, isPatanjali, 397:withdrawn, or the interest of the dweller in the body is no longer centered upon personalityPatanjali, 397:and the disintegration of that mind-image, the body, takes place. It is interesting to note thePatanjali, 397:or final manifestation in the vital or etheric body which is the true substance of every form, andPatanjali, 400:and desires which tend to affect permanently the body of the higher, or causal Self. Hence thesePatanjali, 403:in the physical [403] vehicle or in the astral body are not in themselves wrong. They became wrongPatanjali, 406:lower to the higher consciousness? Though in the body, is it just my instrument, and am I awake onPatanjali, 416:Son of God. The Agnishvattva. The Dweller in the body. These and many other terms will be foundPatanjali, 426:[426] great at-one-ment and has unified soul and body. He stands (as regards the three worlds) atPatanjali, viii:was Hatha Yoga, the Yoga of the physical body, that Yoga which brings into conscious use andPatanjali, viii:which produced a stabilizing of the etheric body and of the centers in man and the development ofPatanjali, viii:of the development of the emotional or astral body, was incorporated with Laya Yoga and thePatanjali, ix:in the Aryan race, the subjugation of the mental body and the control of the mind is brought aboutPatanjali, xii:reached. The man is no longer what his physical body makes him, when identified with it, the victimPatanjali, xii:into activity, and no longer does his astral body subjugate him and overcome him. ThroughProblems, 27:the world with as high an idealism, as sound a body of motives, and with a more mature andProblems, 46:responsibility as an integral part of the whole body of humanity. We have touched upon the physicalProblems, 57:of the central "I", or the occupant of the body will be taught. This will alter the entire presentProblems, 77:is being rapidly fused into one great corporate body under the influence of the Law of Supply andProblems, 128:which has led humanity to the formulation of a body of doctrines about which Christ apparently knewProblems, 132:but it is a quarreling, fanatical and intolerant body of believers. The spirit of differentiationProblems, 140:neither Jew nor Gentile, but simply one great body of believers, gathered out of all the currentProblems, 146:and in their aggregated usefulness constitute a body of religious truth; they will discover thatProblems, 147:will work, bringing a great regeneration to the body of humanity, a resurrection into life, and theProblems, 159:group, added to the mass of men, creates a huge body of invocative applicants and, at this time,Problems, 177:years. The world economic council (or whatever body represents the resources of the world) mustProblems, 179:feeding no hatreds. They will not be a negative body but a positive group, interpreting the meaningPsychology1, xvii:and lead to that stabilization of the emotional body which will most rapidly set them free forPsychology1, xviii:has been given as to the control of the body. [xix] Second, teaching has been given anent thePsychology1, xxiv:thus produced is a very real one. The physical body may be responsive to one type of ray force,Psychology1, 4:man and determine the caliber of the physical body. I am aware, therefore, that in giving out thisPsychology1, 6:soul or self. This principle, which informs the body nature and expresses its reactions through thePsychology1, 6:informing entity, detached and separate from the body nature; they question whether it is anPsychology1, 6:brought into existence through the fusion of the body cells, and therefore, through the process ofPsychology1, 7:which all forms respond and which constitute the body of expression for the seven, who in theirPsychology1, 8:which enables us to realize that the physical body is reacting pre-eminently to the soul ray,Psychology1, 8:to the soul ray, whilst the emotional body is under the influence of the personality ray which isPsychology1, 11:and known by his soul before he even takes a body; it is determined by law. It is this problem ofPsychology1, 14:in this final stage the sense of being soul and body is lost. The consciousness identifies itselfPsychology1, 18:with the more usual triplicity of Spirit-Soul-Body, or Life-Consciousness-Form. Psychology1, 20:aggregated, qualified material constitutes Their body of manifestation, just as the solar system isPsychology1, 20:manifestation, just as the solar system is the body of manifestation of the Trinity of aspects.Psychology1, 21:of the entire plan. He is also spirit-soul-body, life-quality-appearance. He colors his appearancePsychology1, 23:as an expression of divine beneficence. For His body of manifestation He uses that planet for whichPsychology1, 23:through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation. 3. The Lord of Active Intelligence.Psychology1, 23:work of creation. The planet Saturn is His body of expression within the solar system, and throughPsychology1, 24:is not one of the seven sacred planets (nor the body of manifestation of one of the basic sevenPsychology1, 24:as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The body of manifestation of this life is notPsychology1, 25:their impress upon all that is found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debatePsychology1, 26:and the imposed control of a central governing body. It may be of value here if I give you thePsychology1, 27:and desire of some ray Lord, are part of His body of manifestation. Potentially they express HisPsychology1, 28:anthropomorphic terms!); with Spirit, Soul and Body, the current phraseology; and with the Life,Psychology1, 35:it might be expressed this way: "I take a body. That body is alive. I know its life. I thereforePsychology1, 35:be expressed this way: "I take a body. That body is alive. I know its life. I therefore know myPsychology1, 35:its life. I therefore know my mother. "I use a body. That body is not me. I serve the group and inPsychology1, 35:I therefore know my mother. "I use a body. That body is not me. I serve the group and in thisPsychology1, 35:the group and in this serving live within the body, detached, a son of God. I know my Self. "IPsychology1, 35:a son of God. I know my Self. "I infuse a body. I am its life and in that life shall I see life.Psychology1, 35:the Father, and know His life is love. "I am the body and its loving life. I am the Self, whosePsychology1, 38:He then becomes identified with his desire body, with his appetites, good and bad, and considersPsychology1, 38:another of the appearances, - with the mind body or nature. Thoughts become to him so tangible thatPsychology1, 54:identity, working sometimes through a physical body and sometimes through a feeling body or aPsychology1, 54:a physical body and sometimes through a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimes knowingPsychology1, 54:and sometimes through a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimes knowing himself to be the SelfPsychology1, 54:quality are expressed according to the type of body and its point of evolution. The pervading soulPsychology1, 54:of evolution. The pervading soul drives the body nature into activity, and forces it forward alongPsychology1, 54:for the soul a field of experience and for the body the opportunity to react to the higher soulPsychology1, 54:viewed from one angle, is an aspect of the body, for there is a soul in every atom comprising allPsychology1, 54:and matter exists as an entity apart from the body nature, and constitutes (when separated from thePsychology1, 54:nature, and constitutes (when separated from the body) the etheric body, the double, as it isPsychology1, 54:(when separated from the body) the etheric body, the double, as it is sometimes called, or thePsychology1, 54:called, or the counterpart of the physical body. This is the sum total of the soul of the atomsPsychology1, 54:the soul of the atoms constituting the physical body. It is the true form; it is the principle ofPsychology1, 55:part of the organized equipment of the human body when it is adequately refined and sufficientlyPsychology1, 55:developed: The lower concrete mind, the mental body, the "chitta" or mind stuff. The higherPsychology1, 55:in every kingdom in nature. It is a part of the body nature, inherent and potential, and is thePsychology1, 55:the sum total of the psychic nature - the vital body, the emotional nature and the mind stuff. ButPsychology1, 56:quality and appearance, or spirit, soul and body, through the medium of a tangible form. In thePsychology1, 57:consciousness - soul. The integration of forms - body. These three always have been at-one, but thePsychology1, 57:intelligent human being functions through his body but dwells primarily in his mental consciousnessPsychology1, 58:by the hair, by the internal organisms in the body, by the nervous system, by the brain, and by thePsychology1, 58:wide a divergence of consciousness. There is a body consciousness; there is a sensory apparatus,Psychology1, 58:in his soul, as his soul is seated within the body. This spirit will in some distant time put himPsychology1, 59:which determine the quality of the physical body. They are the conscious executors of [60] divinePsychology1, 61:every ray qualifies every form found within its body of manifestation. We come now to a technicalPsychology1, 62:proof. [62] All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression, and thus the seven planets havePsychology1, 62:and his mental energies - sweep throughout his body, bringing the various organs into activity andPsychology1, 62:to fulfil the objective for which he created his body of manifestation. Each of the seven kingdomsPsychology1, 71:of duality and has learnt to at-one soul and body into one instrument for spirit. Now he passes onPsychology1, 71:a simplification of His efforts and build up a body of constructive thought which will facilitatePsychology1, 74:a triple inflow of energy from the center in the Body of God which is symbolically spoken of asPsychology1, 90:of the location of the soul in the human body. That has been the emphasis and the important factorPsychology1, 90:understanding of the mechanism of the human body, has tended to prove that the soul is aPsychology1, 90:powers of the cells and organs of the body, plus the life principle. All, we are told, is inherentPsychology1, 91:which it produced - the coherent functioning body - likewise ceases to function. Consciousness andPsychology1, 91:there is nothing left but the atoms of which the body had been composed. These in their turn arePsychology1, 92:of an immortal entity who is the dweller in the body? Such are some of the questions which arisePsychology1, 92:relieved the strain of living by constructing a body of thought around a happy immortal being, whoPsychology1, 94:entity which has an existence either in the body or out of the body, and which is the undyingPsychology1, 94:an existence either in the body or out of the body, and which is the undying immutable Being,
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