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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

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Psychology2, 688:longing) and by the discipline of the physical body for a short period and for a definitePsychology2, 689:possible through the activity of Christ and His body of disciples, the true and living Church. TheyPsychology2, 725:seekers in every nation - there can be seen a body of men and women whose numbers and spheres ofPsychology2, 734:sacrificing effort of every unit in the whole body corporate to promote good will as a healingPsychology2, 739:country, in every race and in every religious body, thus coloring every ideology or school ofRaysimposing upon the "lunar lords" of the physical body a new rhythm and habit of response. TwoRays, 5:in time the construction of a higher and subtler body, the buddhic sheath. When this sheath is thusRays, 5:An understanding of the emotional or astral body and the place it plays in the student'sRays, 6:close analogy here to the solar lotus, the egoic body, occupying a midway point between theRays, 9:lives which we call the atoms or cells of the body. These exist in three groups and composeRays, 10:at present forces the 'fiery energies' of the body to feed the lower three centers. The ethericRays, 10:to feed the lower three centers. The etheric body has a unique and curious position, being simplyRays, 28:destruction of what Theosophists call the causal body and the establishing of a direct relationRays, 30:effect of the will upon the astral, or emotional body. It [31] is one of the primary and mostRays, 42:a place through which the soul imprisoned in the body can emerge and pass into higher states ofRays, 50:lower will aspect which is focused in the mental body - the will-to-activity of the personality -Rays, 52:and expressing itself as soul-spirit and not as body-soul-spirit. It might, therefore, be saidRays, 63:At that time the egoic vehicle, the causal body, disappears. Then only two divine aspects remain;Rays, 68:Life to gather together that which will give body to form and so manifest the will. The group canRays, 71:the concepts of here and there, of soul and body, of God and man, of Hierarchy and humanity. ButRays, 74:as a center of radiance in the planetary body and embodying the light which understanding of theRays, 75:and their inevitable reaction upon the whole body of humanity is in no way related toRays, 96:"personality," composed of a vital or etheric body, a sumtotal of emotional states and a mind, plusRays, 96:is related to the activity of Monad, Soul and body within the planetary Life, and covers a greatRays, 100:seven emotional states, enabling the astral body to function on the seven subplanes of the astralRays, 100:calls them) which in their totality, form the body of the Lunar Lord, the Personality. The above isRays, 100:Detachment - the detachment of the soul from the body or the institution of those activities whichRays, 101:its quality in the past. The soul and the causal body no longer exist by the time the fourthRays, 101:upon the physical plane, where it can create a body of pure substance and radiant light for allRays, 101:the Master may require. This will be a perfect body, utterly adapted to the need, the plan and theRays, 102:The focus of activity shifts from the active body to the active entity within that body, the masterRays, 102:the active body to the active entity within that body, the master of his surroundings, the directorRays, 104:the automatic [104] activities of the physical body which proceed upon their work without anyRays, 106:work of the soul is accomplished and the soul body fades out of the picture, only the quality whichRays, 107:or that, but Life Itself. He is not the physical body or its emotional nature; he is not, in theRays, 111:There is a term set for the appearance of His body of manifestation, our planet, just as there isRays, 111:our planet, just as there is for the human body. He therefore has to work out His plans within aRays, 116:initiation. In that initiation, the causal body, the body wherein the soul experiences and reapsRays, 116:In that initiation, the causal body, the body wherein the soul experiences and reaps the fruit ofRays, 122:the control and later the negation of the astral body), and personality integration will be theRays, 126:misstatements) and by nourishing the physical body thereby, the probationary disciple does succeedRays, 132:brings about the destruction of the causal body, the annihilation of the Temple of Solomon, and theRays, 139:Way we know much, because upon the Way a vast body of teaching has been given, and that teaching,Rays, 141:door of the monadic sense of essential duality. Body and life, soul and personality, the SpiritualRays, 153:himself - the seven centers within the vital body - through which the contacted energy must flowRays, 158:within the septenary constitution of the etheric body of the individual initiate, implementing hisRays, 161:anchor." You will also remember that the soul body, the form on the higher levels of the mentalRays, 161:the soul, is the dissolution of the astral body - the second aspect [162] of the personality. ThenRays, 162:stage upon the Path of Initiation, the causal body also disappears and the initiate stands free inRays, 162:stands free in the three worlds. The astral body and the causal or soul body are - in the languageRays, 162:worlds. The astral body and the causal or soul body are - in the language of esotericism -Rays, 162:comes a time when the Hierarchy itself, as a body organized and functioning in order to implementRays, 163:in the highest head center in the etheric body, in the area just above the physical head. Thus theRays, 163:of the death or destruction of the causal body. It can be seen, therefore, how true the GospelRays, 164:in the centers when the death of the physical body is taking place have never yet been observed orRays, 164:healing - whether the physical healing of the body is permissible or not. He can see whether theRays, 164:of the term, when the will-to-live in a physical body goes and the will-to-abstract [165] takes itsRays, 165:the principle of abstraction (when entering the body) is held focused in the head and is of such aRays, 166:it finds its place. Neither form nor quality (body nor consciousness) are paramount in the newRays, 176:the potency passing through the initiate's body and centers; the candidate is also flanked onRays, 179:as the aggregate of energies in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and theRays, 179:some understanding of the forces in his etheric body which, in their turn, are the consequence ofRays, 182:by him from the various centers in his own body and from the central point of energy in eachRays, 184:is to aid in the construction of the planetary body of light-substance which will finally revealRays, 184:It is the planetary correspondence to the light-body through which Christ and all the Sons of GodRays, 188:[188] The seven centers in the human body (five up the spine and two in the head) were esotericallyRays, 214:and disastrous conditions within the astral body of the disciple. The silence of thought is to beRays, 216:the consequent destruction of the [216] causal body - the vehicle through the means of which theRays, 216:brings about the destruction of the soul body? The destroying agent is the second aspect of theRays, 216:Neither the personality vehicle nor the soul body is required, as under the old conditions. TheirRays, 218:feeling apparatus, corresponding to the astral body, and the group mind will be well organized andRays, 218:may not mean the destruction of the group causal body and the establishing of a direct line ofRays, 221:on levels higher than those on which the causal body exists, is no longer of major importance; theRays, 221:Great Renunciation takes place, and the causal body - having served its purpose - dies and isRays, 222:it so that the destruction of the causal body is now in order. The tendency of the group would thenRays, 223:about the final [223] destruction of the causal body. The life within the causal body has beenRays, 223:of the causal body. The life within the causal body has been stimulated and vitalized and is nowRays, 223:the life aspect from the confines of the causal body produces a new cycle of invocation andRays, 242:instrument in which the cells and atoms of His body (all lives in all kingdoms), and the integratedRays, 242:and the integrated organisms within that body (the various kingdoms of nature), were at theRays, 257:in the region of the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the carotid gland. These, as you know,Rays, 263:There are many initiates working without a body of contact which a personality provides, but weRays, 267:the modern initiate, functioning in a physical body; it is difficult for him to grasp even aRays, 270:important triangle is found in the human body and (esoterically considered) is related to theRays, 270:center, embodying the directing energy of that body of activity which we call the personality. TheRays, 273:Who works through the spiritual will. Within the body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowlyRays, 274:of triangles of energy within the etheric body of the planet which [275] are deliberately qualifiedRays, 278:begins to display divine "quality." His physical body becomes obedient to the dictates of his mind,Rays, 279:is no longer in existence; the causal body has disappeared, shattered at the moment when theRays, 299:recognition and utilization of his own physical body. This he knows to be a complex organism whichRays, 309:and the man stands free in his causal or soul body. So it is, on a much larger scale, with theRays, 310:to the fourth initiation in which the causal body or soul vehicle on its own plane is destroyed -Rays, 310:successful use is the destruction of the causal body of the initiate. It is the reward ofRays, 314:Temple of Solomon, ever a symbol of the causal body of the soul, and He was therefore speaking onRays, 316:can begin to make its presence felt; the soul body, the causal body, the Temple of the Lord, isRays, 316:its presence felt; the soul body, the causal body, the Temple of the Lord, is destroyed by an actRays, 316:as a limitation by that which is neither the body nor the soul, but that which stands greater thanRays, 317:of these divine qualities. Only the "created body" (the mayavirupa) of an initiate of the fourthRays, 317:applied in many cases to the resurrection of the body; it is also applied to the fact (theRays, 317:teach the eternal persistence of the physical body of a man, as many Fundamentalists today suppose,
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