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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BODY

(page 63 of 68)


Rays, 317:for the reappearance of the discarded physical body; it does teach the "livingness of Life" and theRays, 330:remembers that the centers in his etheric body rule in so far as they are receptive orRays, 337:processes, carried out within the etheric body of the disciple; these enable him to know that whichRays, 339:scale, is true of the centers in the etheric body of the disciple; they too evidence the same dualRays, 352:is an aspect of the energy composing the etheric body. These two blend, combine and form the "door"Rays, 352:free from that type of obstruction. The physical body no longer rules him, either through itsRays, 352:The electrical energy of the astral or emotional body next confronts him as he prepares to take theRays, 354:of the personality (counting the dense physical body as one aspect and the etheric vehicle as aRays, 354:vehicle as a second aspect of the physical body) are involved, for this fourth emanation of fire byRays, 354:and destructive effect upon the dense physical body. The Great Renunciation involves the rejectionRays, 362:In the latter case, the aspirant's emotional body becomes responsive to the principle of buddhi,Rays, 375:"pull" which draws the soul, incarnated in the body, towards the Ashram. This pull is directedRays, 376:to the prana which "enlivens" the dense physical body of man. It is the stimulating factor whichRays, 377:which constitute part of the cosmic etheric body - the monadic plane and the buddhic plane. It isRays, 407:taking the control and guidance of Their Own body of manifestation. The training of these MastersRays, 408:[408] Logos is to impress His sevenfold body of manifestation, via its seven states ofRays, 408:these are progressively imparted as the etheric body is brought into an increasing state ofRays, 408:of time, once He is separated from the physical body. Time is the sequential registration by theRays, 408:to the limitations of the ring-pass-not of Their body of manifestation, a planet. It is for thisRays, 431:to the brain substance. These are the pituitary body, the pineal gland and the carotid gland. TheseRays, 432:this is the center which controls the pituitary body. These energies are received via the headRays, 433:Those Masters Who are functioning in a physical body and must therefore use a physical brain. InRays, 437:its destruction of the egoic, causal or soul body, owing to the complete fusion of soul andRays, 442:so many lives; as evolution proceeds, his astral body becomes a mechanism of transformation, desireRays, 445:as sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lowerRays, 445:lower three, and which focuses through the soul body on the higher levels of the mental planeRays, 445:say that the energies which animate the physical body and the intelligent life of the atom, theRays, 445:Of these two worlds, the subjective etheric body (or the body of vital inspiration) and the denseRays, 445:two worlds, the subjective etheric body (or the body of vital inspiration) and the dense physicalRays, 445:of vital inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbols on the external plane. How is thisRays, 447:and the spiritual Triad, via the soul body, just as the soul came into definite contact with theRays, 448:consciousness, the physical man and the astral body is focused in the solar plexus. Many today,Rays, 450:plexus, the head and the heart. When the astral body and the mind nature are beginning to functionRays, 450:place: From the physical to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extension of the lifeRays, 451:the physical and astral vehicles to the mental body. One terminus is anchored in the head, and theRays, 451:elsewhere that the soul anchors itself in the body at two points: There is a thread of energy,Rays, 451:to all the physical organisms and keeps the body "whole." There is a thread of energy, which weRays, 451:activity and induces awareness throughout the body by means of the nervous system. [452] These twoRays, 455:It is not the man; it is not Jesus. The causal body disappears. The man is monadically conscious.Rays, 455:The man is monadically conscious. The soul-body no longer serves any useful purpose; it is no moreRays, 455:at will on the physical plane in an outer body or form. This body is will-created by the Master.Rays, 455:physical plane in an outer body or form. This body is will-created by the Master. But in this taskRays, 461:the illumined personality, focused in the mind body, motivated by the love of the soul, with theRays, 461:no longer necessitating the existence of a soul body. The personality has by this time completelyRays, 467:of the personality. Energy, drawn from the egoic body by, a conscious effort. Energy, abstractedRays, 472:force. After the third initiation, when the soul body, the causal body, starts to dissipate, theRays, 472:third initiation, when the soul body, the causal body, starts to dissipate, the line of relation orRays, 475:and its expression upon the physical plane - the body of the soul (the causal body) is completelyRays, 475:plane - the body of the soul (the causal body) is completely and finally destroyed by the fire ofRays, 476:the quaternary in its evolved condition - vital body, emotional vehicle, mind and soul - and thisRays, 477:factor in the life expression; the physical body, the animal form nature, and the dense outerRays, 480:of the Ego on the mental plane (or the causal body) is not the result of energy emanating from theRays, 480:adherence to, or aggregation around, the etheric body of particles of what we erroneously termRays, 481:789). I have earlier told you that the astral body is an illusion. It is eventually discovered toRays, 481:by the manasic permanent atom, and the causal body disappears, then the adept knows that the lowerRays, 481:the adept knows that the lower mind, the mental body, is also an illusion and is, for him,Rays, 488:Sensitivity, as an expression of the astral body, is the opposite pole to buddhic sensitivity. TheRays, 490:and the creative imagination [490] of the astral body. Consequently, you will have at this point:Rays, 490:The imaginative processes of the astral body. When the disciple has trained himself to beRays, 491:and which are expressions of the causal body, are only effects of this monadic radiation. [492]Rays, 493:and then the so-called destruction of the causal body has taken place. This is the true "secondRays, 494:the disciple, along which the life of soul and body can travel. The Father (Monad), working throughRays, 498:is: To bring about the at-one-ment of soul and body, through the medium of alignment. To build theRays, 503:of "impression." The tension of the mental body. The imaginative processes of the astral body..Rays, 503:body. The imaginative processes of the astral body.. Projection: The calling in of the Will aspect.Rays, 506:hitherto understood - fades out and the causal body disappears. The sum total of memory, [507]Rays, 507:and my Father are one" become true. The astral body also vanishes in the same great process ofRays, 507:great process of renunciation, and the physical body (as an automatic agent of the vital body) isRays, 507:body (as an automatic agent of the vital body) is no longer needed, though it persists and serves aRays, 507:sphere of the Spiritual Triad and the etheric body upon the physical plane. I would here remind youRays, 523:of the soul; at the fourth initiation the soul-body, the causal vehicle, is no longer needed, andRays, 526:and to further their development within the body of the planetary Logos. They also, from time toRays, 542:humanity (as an integral part of the divine body of manifestation) to move forward into greaterRays, 544:manner) the seven centers in the etheric body are correspondences to the seven senses, for they areRays, 550:force or major points of tension throughout His body of manifestation. The Spiritual Hierarchy ofRays, 551:of the planetary Logos and potently affect His body of manifestation through the medium of HisRays, 551:reorganization of all the energies of which His body of manifestation is composed; it heightens theRays, 551:prime objective. The three major centers in the body of the planetary Logos are: The head center -Rays, 562:his mind, his emotional nature and his physical body - the energy of the latter phenomenal factorRays, 563:the emotional nature. The energy of the physical body, focused on the physical plane andRays, 564:of the untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holds Him in physicalRays, 575:find that the relationship between the pituitary body and the pineal gland is involved. Finally, itRays, 576:which has dominated him. The physical body is not a principle; his etheric body has, sinceRays, 576:physical body is not a principle; his etheric body has, since Atlantean days, been the agent of hisRays, 579:to the aspirational aspect of the astral body; this aspiration is occupied with reaching outRays, 582:the personality in the three worlds, his astral body or nature. In the early stages of the impactRays, 582:has been achieved and the "waters" of the astral body are quiet and can reflect the beautiful andRays, 597:control of the personality. The physical body has been controlled through the medium of theRays, 598:manner. Its transmuting work with the physical body has been accomplished; its transforming workRays, 599:pours down into the clarified and organized body of sensitive response which is all that remains ofRays, 599:that remains of what has been called the astral body. This produces complete freedom from glamorRays, 602:As the transmuting agent - the physical body As the transforming agent - the astral body As theRays, 602:body As the transforming agent - the astral body As the transfiguring agent - the mental body ThisRays, 602:body As the transfiguring agent - the mental body This gives you much food for thought; itRays, 606:the emergence from the control of the physical body, passing out of the control of the emotionalRays, 623:are like individuals, expressive of soul and body. The nations responsive to this ray energy are:Rays, 649:these same people will enter a physical body with a better equipment. In reality, it is this energyRays, 653:of blending himself and his Ashram into the full body of the Hierarchy. New Ashrams within theRays, 669:eventually - through the medium of the pituitary body and the pineal gland - they condition theRays, 671:head center, and therefore between the pituitary body and the pineal gland. When this line of light
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