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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BOMBAY

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Autobiography, 65:so much as that long three weeks voyage to Bombay. I have always loved travelling (as do all GeminiAutobiography, 66:I made and I made the trip between London and Bombay six times in five years, so I had someAutobiography, 66:used all the time I was in India. When we got to Bombay I had expected to trans-ship there and takeAutobiography, 66:a wire awaiting me, telling me to get off at Bombay and take the express to Meerut, which is inAutobiography, 66:that girls did not do what I was doing. At the Bombay railroad station I had a very human andAutobiography, 67:him. Waiting for the train that day in the big Bombay railroad station, scared stiff and wishing IAutobiography, 68:and [68] helpless. On the way to Meerut from Bombay he had told me bluntly, one night at dinner,Autobiography, 92:to go with me, paying his own expenses to Bombay and [93] just because he cared about me. He and myAutobiography, 93:a private coach had been sent up for me from Bombay by the General Manager. How he knew I was ill,Autobiography, 93:except for two things. One was of our arrival in Bombay and going to the hotel. I remember going upAutobiography, 93:I started crying. I cried all the way from Bombay to Ireland. I cried on the boat; I cried atAutobiography, 96:owing to the fact that my return passage to Bombay had been booked before I ever left India. My
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