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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BONDS

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Astrology, 343:trials of initiation and the breaking of all the bonds which the processes of incarnation haveAutobiography, 38:acknowledge it. Let them stand together in the bonds of discipleship and make it easier for othersAutobiography, 234:and men will be banded together in the bonds of divine relationship. The old barriers between manBethlehem, 207:the way, and from altitude to altitude, until no bonds could hold Him (not even the barriers ofBethlehem, 261:He rose from the dead and proved that the bonds of death cannot hold any human being who canDiscipleship1, 10:effort or of its power to release each other's bonds and to lift the group to an exceedingly highDiscipleship1, 253:hold to nobody and hold no person to you in the bonds of attachment. Can you be a true sannyasinDiscipleship1, 277:task for it means bringing together in the bonds of service many elements which might not otherwiseDiscipleship1, 392:Meet every need yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near and vivifiesDiscipleship1, 440:wherein consciousness awakens, free from the bonds of flesh. But that time is not immediate. TheDiscipleship1, 481:month - Release. Naught holds me now, except the bonds of love I hold in my own soul. Discipleship1, 738:and is more closely knit together in the bonds of the ashramic fellowship and is decentralized andDiscipleship2, 14:in with ease on each other; increasingly the bonds of illumined loyalty should control;Discipleship2, 600:means whereby there can be the breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and a subsequentExternalisation, 690:particularly of those who are tied to him in the bonds of affection and of karmic relation. AsFire, 417:who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of flesh and illusion. Because, in short, heHercules, 17:of the disciple is to withdraw himself from the bonds of the mother and thus respond to the love ofHercules, 57:strength of all the sons of God, he broke his bonds, seized the false teacher (who had seemed soInitiation, 122:in the three worlds and the breaking of all bonds of limiting karma, the vision this time isIntellect, 132:is applied in 'the unity of the spirit and the bonds of love' to real and transcendental things,Magic, 545:plane who are swept by delusion and held in the bonds of extreme selfishness and self-centeredness.Patanjali, 367:taroka-jnana - the knowledge that saves from the bonds of the world. The discriminative knowledgePsychology1, 260:to which [260] the animal is attached by the bonds of affection or of service. The ray impulsesRays, 209:links all the members of a group together in the bonds of liking or disliking. Where there isSoul, 62:of it, by mere application of itself without bonds, without hooks, without projections or other
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