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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BOOKS

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Magic, 76:are not read in the way modern students read books. They are seen, touched and realized. TheMagic, 89:and when a man achieves what the oriental books call "samadhi", he has succeeded in participating,Magic, 175:and which have a bearing on the writing of such books as The Secret Doctrine, the Scriptures of theMagic, 186:ways and has, for instance, much knowledge from books and teachers which is as yet theory and notMagic, 199:the subjective and the objective. In some occult books it is called the lotus with the ninety-sixMagic, 204:the basis of much of the teaching in my other books and many of you are working steadily upon theMagic, 219:what he deems to be admirable and advisable. Books on the subject of the creative mind are floodingMagic, 229:two paths reveals what is called in some occult books that "narrow razor-edged Path" which liesMagic, 258:badly worded injunction in many of the esoteric books, "Kill out desire". Perhaps a more justMagic, 314:Aquarian age can be searched for in the current books on the subject and it profits not for me toMagic, 314:as our planet is sometimes called in the occult books of the Great Ones. 5. Another mass emanationMagic, 365:have been well analyzed for us in the first two books of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He has toMagic, 377:in seven groups as outlined in many Theosophical books and summarized in Initiation, Human andMagic, 398:of adepts I do not propose to deal. The books upon the subject are easily available and should beMagic, 456:There are, symbolically speaking, three great books of formulas. Note the words "symbolicallyMagic, 464:of the statement made in many occult modern books that the trend of life or cycle of livesMagic, 477:into words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, books, until we now have the era wherein thisMagic, 477:public consciousness. We have the publication of books literally in their millions, and all playingMagic, 477:of speech and of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge whichMagic, 477:into the new age, wherein "talk will die out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjectiveMagic, 523:prisoners who must ultimately be released. All books are prison houses of ideas, and only whenMagic, 524:a fifth reader in grammar school to the text books utilized by a college professor. It will serveMagic, 546:fourth level) have been called in the occult books 'the inverted Tetraktys.' It is this knowledgeMagic, 552:and errors, is to produce thinkers. Education, books, travel, in its many and varied forms,Magic, 575:is apparent on the surface. In one of the old books, available for the instruction of disciplesMagic, 578:of the greater Whole. It is said in the occult books and likewise in The Secret Doctrine that allMagic, 595:he has gained from lesser teachers, and from books and printed scriptures of the world. StudentsMagic, 612:basis of the Great Illusion to which the ancient books refer; through the agency of theMeditationthe race see a need which must be met. Many books on meditation have been written, some tooMeditation, 123:this matter. We have been told in various occult books that obsession and insanity are very closelyMeditation, 166:them a little later. There are numerous oriental books on the subject, which is so vast a one thatMeditation, 207:Complementary colors may be spoken of in occult books in terms of each other. Red may be calledMeditation, 323:various symbols and a few of the fundamental books on symbols and some large parchments whereon theMeditation, 325:He attends lectures, he wades through many books, he studies in the laboratory, and with the aid ofMeditation, 326:period" of the year the themes and essays, the books and pamphlets that will embody the product ofMeditation, 326:the assimilated information. The best of these books will be published yearly by the college, forMeditation, 340:This thought has been made clear in many books on concentration and meditation, and needs not myPatanjali, 45:first group are the "hares." In some of the old books there are detailed accounts of these threePatanjali, 158:forms. Technically these are called in the Hindu books the tanmatras. They have to do withPatanjali, 159:cause of them all, which is called in the Hindu books Buddhi, or pure reason, the intellect apartPatanjali, 331:to the Path of Initiation. In one of the old books in the Archives of the Lodge, are found thesePatanjali, 339:various means of yoga dealt with in the previous books, certain keys and knowledge, certain wordsPatanjali, 345:Towards the close of each of these three books on Raja Yoga, there comes a sutra summing up resultsPatanjali, 381:and by meditation has been covered in the other books and need not be enlarged upon here. Patanjali, 396:which has been formulated in the three previous books is lifted from the realm of the personal andPatanjali, 416:as in the Bhagavad Gita and in the three books, the Bhagavad Gita, the New Testament and the YogaPatanjali, x:comes the day of opportunity. There are three books which should be in the hands of every student,Problems, 76:and the United States began to agitate, to write books which were widely read, to startProblems, 135:asking only a little food, some warmth, a few books and sufficient clothing. Many are refusingPsychology1, xvii:look. Let me remind those I reach through these books that the main result I look for is one ofPsychology1, xviii:that group awareness may be developed that these books have been written. Recognize clearly thatPsychology1, xviii: Esoteric Psychology I - Foreword In the books already published three basic lines of teaching canPsychology1, xx:into the future? There has been, behind all the books which I have written, a definite purpose andPsychology1, 107:aspirants. The world is full of teaching and of books able to inspire and help all true seekersPsychology1, 110:penalty. Much has been given in previous books which awaits your adaptation and useful service.Psychology1, 158:of any form in any kingdom. In my earlier books, I divided the rays into two groups: Group I - RaysPsychology1, 209:(such as Tennyson) and the writer of religious books, either in poetry or prose. He is devoted toPsychology1, 252:that is peculiar to our planet. In many esoteric books it has been stated and hinted that there hasPsychology1, 354:measuring up to the opportunity offered. Such books, therefore, as The Outer Court and The Path ofPsychology1, 354:time, the path of discipleship. In these three books are to be found the requirements for the twoPsychology1, 356:was developed which is called (in theosophical books) kama-manas. This phrase simply means a blendPsychology1, 427:that is peculiar to our planet. In many esoteric books it has been stated and hinted that there hasPsychology2, 93:called souls - this is the theme of those books. This is the mystery hinted at in the world ofPsychology2, 161:past two thousand years, and through the many books written to emphasize the teaching of the ChristPsychology2, 167:truth. All is revealed to him. Surrounded by his books, and sheltered in the world of thought, hePsychology2, 212:of the time. The statements found in occult books that dogs and other [213] animals responded toPsychology2, 214:earlier book A Treatise on White Magic and other books. Our immediate problem is the application ofPsychology2, 234:done along these relations. This series of text books of occultism and of the occult forces which IPsychology2, 240:endeavor not hitherto considered in occult books) is an expression of the Principle of Continuance,Psychology2, 313:Hence this subject was covered in my earlier books which are intended to aid in the bridgingPsychology2, 327:of manifestation, there have been (as the occult books teach) the following stages: The stage ofPsychology2, 327:of consciousness. Hitherto in the occult books (as I earlier pointed out) the emphasis has beenPsychology2, 366:what has been called in some of the ancient books "the breaking forth of the light of victory" - aPsychology2, 385:teaching given in the oriental and theosophical books refers primarily to the awakening and rightPsychology2, 386:physical plane what is called in theosophical books, Atma, or the first qualified differentiationPsychology2, 386:which much has been written in the mystical books. This latter illumination is essentially thePsychology2, 396:the meaning of what has been called in esoteric books, "the heart of the Sun", which is the innerPsychology2, 400:Who are called Nirmanakayas in the ancient books. They are entirely occupied with the task ofPsychology2, 413:With this I have dealt at length in my other books, and so shall not here enlarge upon it beyondPsychology2, 520:the Centers Those of you who have read my other books and treatises will know how immense is thePsychology2, 529:that the statement so frequently made in occult books that "kundalini sleeps" is only partiallyPsychology2, 636:they are fighting with words, speeches and books. Thirdly, the thinkers of the world: These are thePsychology2, 636:people speak the words, write the articles and books, and utilize all the known methods to reachRays, 5:capable of infinite expansion, and in my other books where I give you more upon the centers I haveRays, 24:Life with which I dealt in some of my other books. I will take these rules and expound for youRays, 41:the usual presentation. Hitherto, in the occult books, the Door of Initiation has been presented asRays, 250:was gained by those who have read the books put out by A.A.B. for me or who are directly andRays, 250:of years, antedating the publishing of the books. The same time-factor prevailed in the publishingRays, 250:prevailed in the publishing of the earlier books. All my books were written over a long period ofRays, 250:in the publishing of the earlier books. All my books were written over a long period of years,Rays, 250:over other signatures harks back to these books. Even if denied by their writers, a comparison ofRays, 250:and study in the Arcane School) or with the books published before the formation in 1925 of theRays, 298:I have covered these subjects at length in the books which I have written, and they have alsoRays, 323:the subject of initiation in one of my earliest books: Initiation, Human and Solar; also, scatteredRays, 329:a wealth of information hidden in my various books if due search is made and the material isRays, 336:already given what is necessary in my various books, where a very great deal of information isRays, 336:subject as a result of their researches in my books. Nevertheless, [337] the true aspirant must beRays, 339:cosmic Entity, the One referred to in my earlier books as the One about Whom naught may be said.Rays, 348:developments such as those portrayed in such books (by Annie Besant) as The Open Court and the PathRays, 348:aspirants, is exceedingly misleading. These books are very useful and should be carefully studied
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