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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BORN

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Astrology, 38:Sun. It is the Son of God Himself, the First Born in a cosmic sense, even as the Christ was theAstrology, 97:and through that fire I died to life and so was born to death. And then again I died to formAstrology, 98:through the ruling planet, Mars, the average man born in this sign is related to Scorpio, and thusAstrology, 102:which humanity, as a whole integrated unit, is born, the scene of the emergence of the fourthAstrology, 117:to the life of service must be sought. People born in this sign are frequently to be found servingAstrology, 120:as present in the womb, though not yet born. Life is recognized. The process of the revelation ofAstrology, 158:it is easily shattered and destroyed and man, born in Capricorn, then brings about his ownAstrology, 168:is as yet little understood. Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiatedAstrology, 169:characteristics and qualities of the man who is born in the sign Capricorn will reveal a great dealAstrology, 169:Esoterically, all world Saviors and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn but also the very worst type ofAstrology, 170:symbolic meaning is eternally true. When the man born in Capricorn can kneel in spirit and inAstrology, 183:- negative and usually unintelligent - are born in Cancer with Pisces rising, or in Pisces withAstrology, 187:high or low. All these play upon the individual born in the sign of [188] Sagittarius, as well asAstrology, 189:initiate. This is the set goal of the subject born in Sagittarius - whether it is the set goal ofAstrology, 190:Upon the ordinary wheel of life, the man who is born in this sign or with this sign in theAstrology, 213:was potently under Martian influence and was born in Scorpio; a study of his horoscope wouldAstrology, 286:manner - a new cycle. When self-consciousness is born (as at the moment of individualization) a newAstrology, 289:It is this will-to-rule which leads a person born in this sign eventually to achieve self-masteryAstrology, 295:upon human beings and especially upon the person born in this sign or who has this sign rising, asAstrology, 297:of the triangle which controls the man born under Leo - the Sun, Uranus and Neptune. The energy ofAstrology, 318:of discipleship. In this case, disciples will be born in one or other of these signs or with one orAstrology, 324:focus through the seven planets upon the man born in the sign Cancer. It is here that there will beAstrology, 335:It will be from a study of those people who are born in the Cardinal Signs that the clearestAstrology, 364:ray energy is omitted from the dowry of the man born in Gemini. Thus we can easily account for theAstrology, 367:and quick reaction are characteristic of people born with the Sun in this sign or with GeminiAstrology, 384:the two. They saw and understood. Thus was sex born and thus the great mistake was made. The mindAstrology, 394:are often noticeably lacking in the person born in this sign. Such a man will have much self-love,Astrology, 395:can be brought indirectly to bear upon the man born in Taurus. The rulers of two of these signs,Astrology, 395:the disciple or the initiate - who is born in this sign. Such constitute the difficulties withAstrology, 432:I am the mountain-top on which the Son is born on which the [433] Sun is seen and that whichAstrology, 433:a nature which is his today. Son of the Mother, born from the tomb and showing after birth theAstrology, 455:The following relations must consequently be born in mind: Head center - Shamballa - 1st ray - 1stAstrology, 564:effect of one arm of the Cross upon the subject born in a particular sign. But there is a fusion ofAstrology, 633:the Will of God on Earth. It was the "angel, born under Capricorn" which came to Christ in theAstrology, 637:indwelling seven Spirits, under each of which is born one of the human groups." (S.D. Vol. I, 626)Astrology, 643:14. "Every race in its evolution is said to be born under the influence of one of the planets."Astrology, 644:They rule the destinies of men who are all born under one or other of their constellations." (S.D.Astrology, 663:and feet.' " (Vol. II, 572) "The fifth race is born under Mercury." (the Aryan race. A.A.B.) (Vol.Astrology, 677:"Castor and Pollux, the bright Gemini, were born from Leda's egg." (Vol. I, 392) "The legend ofAtom, 107:by this that a baby cannot see, or that it is born blind, like a kitten, but it is often severalAtom, 132:matter. Everywhere there are children being born who see more than you or I can. I am hereAutobiography, 12:care - but within myself I hated it all. I was born on June 16th, 1880, in the city of Manchester,Autobiography, 12:important in Great Britain. I was, therefore, born under the sign of Gemini. This always means aAutobiography, 14:because my very dear eldest daughter was also born in that sign and we always understood each otherAutobiography, 20:the St. Lawrence River. There my only sister was born. I have only two vital memories of that time.Autobiography, 26:girls in the United States, where they were born and lived until in their late teens, and as I sawAutobiography, 84:did seem unfair to me. They had not asked to be born; they were not old enough to know anythingAutobiography, 105:of the Constitution under which they had been born. Autobiography, 107:and looked after me until my eldest girl was born, sending for her own doctor, who was not coloredAutobiography, 107:curiously unlucky when my three children were born, and only once had a hospital nurse with me.Autobiography, 107:nurse with me. Anyway, when my first child was born I had inexpert care. Walter Evans went intoAutobiography, 112:lovely to children. My daughter Mildred was born in August 1912 and it was then I really woke up toAutobiography, 112:be Alice Evans, a human being. When Mildred was born I was very ill and it was then that IAutobiography, 115:doctor who had taken care of me when Ellison was born was very greatly concerned and made meAutobiography, 122:doctor who had looked after me when Ellison was born and who had seen me with bruises all over myAutobiography, 140:He was, indeed, the Son of God, the First Born in a great family of brothers, as St. Paul has toldAutobiography, 141:unfairness of God. Why should I have been born in such good circumstances with money, good looks,Autobiography, 141:from whom Miss Sandes had rescued me, who was born with no equipment, with obviously no background,Autobiography, 219:It is a great education to like people and I was born liking [220] people. One of the best men IBethlehem, 11:to enter into new life? Must we not all be born again, baptized into the Spirit, and transfiguredBethlehem, 22:called Nicodemus, saying, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (St.Bethlehem, 29:the race have begun, and the Christ will be born in the "House of Bread" (which is the meaning ofBethlehem, 30:Birth at Bethlehem KEY THOUGHT "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (St.Bethlehem, 34:Christ has prepared the race, for when He was born at Bethlehem, it was not simply the birth ofBethlehem, 35:to understand the words of Christ, "Ye must be born again," (St. John, III, 7.) and to express theBethlehem, 42:at last to birth, and the Christ, or soul, is born consciously. Always the germ of the livingBethlehem, 43:in "the fullness of time," the Christ Child is born; the soul begins to manifest on earth, and theBethlehem, 45:"At the first great Initiation the Christ is born in the disciple. It is then that he realizes forBethlehem, 45:that birth the heavenly ones rejoice, for he is born into 'the kingdom of heaven,' as one of theBethlehem, 45:now in India the higher castes are called 'twice-born,' and the ceremony that makes them twice-bornBethlehem, 45:and the ceremony that makes them twice-born is a ceremony of Initiation - mere husk truly, in theseBethlehem, 45:to Nicodemus he states that 'Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God,' andBethlehem, 49:Presence of God in the human heart, of Christ born in man, and of each human being manifesting, inBethlehem, 51:mystic Bethlehem where the Christ child will be born, and the first initiation is, at this time, anBethlehem, 58:these great Sons of God were, curiously enough, born in a cave and usually of a virgin mother. "InBethlehem, 59:and analyzed. The stable in which Jesus was born was in all likelihood a cave, for many stablesBethlehem, 59:in the Gospels Jesus is said to have been born in an inn stable, early Christian writers, as JustinBethlehem, 59:Justin Martyr and Origen, explicitly say He was born in a cave." - Pagan Christ, by J. M.Bethlehem, 60:or results of that high event. Mithras was born in a cave, and so were many others. Christ was bornBethlehem, 60:in a cave, and so were many others. Christ was born in a cave and entered, as did all the others,Bethlehem, 62:Annie Besant tells us that: "He is always born at the winter solstice, after the shortest day inBethlehem, 62:when the sign Virgo is rising above the horizon; born as this Sign is rising, he is born always ofBethlehem, 62:the horizon; born as this Sign is rising, he is born always of a virgin, and she remains a virginBethlehem, 62:in the Heavens. Weak, feeble as an infant is he, born when the days are shortest and the nights areBethlehem, 64:the story of the Child which shall be born, suffer and die and come again. There is the group ofBethlehem, 64:means the "Coming One." First, the child born of the woman and that woman a virgin; then theBethlehem, 65:world event which took place when Christ was born in Bethlehem, the "house of bread," and VirgoBethlehem, 65:that 'she had alighted at an inn when Buddha was born.' "The mother of Lao-tse, the Virgin-bornBethlehem, 65:was born.' "The mother of Lao-tse, the Virgin-born Chinese sage, was away from home when her childBethlehem, 65:sage, was away from home when her child was born. She stopped to rest under a tree, and there, likeBethlehem, 67:matter as the servant of that which has been born, the Christ. However, none of this is broughtBethlehem, 70:- The Birth at Bethlehem When Christ was born in Bethlehem, a threefold Word sounded forth. "GloryBethlehem, 79:we prove ourselves initiate in the mysteries. Born into the world of love at Bethlehem, the keynoteBethlehem, 82:complete union is achieved and the Christ is born through the instrumentality of the Mother. ButBethlehem, 83:draws to a close, and the hidden Christ Child is born at the first initiation. This truth Dr. IngeBethlehem, 83:He is well-pleased. In each of them a Christ is born. Thus besides the ideas of Ransom andBethlehem, 83:the Word into the soul, and when the Son is born, every soul becomes Mary." - The Paddock Lectures,Bethlehem, 87:initiation has taken place. Christ has been born in Bethlehem. The soul has come into outerBethlehem, 105:Through the Bethlehem experience the babe is born. The little child grows to maturity and manifestsBethlehem, 114:exclusiveness. The great world-men are not born simply of their earthly parents. Whole ages and
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