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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BOUNDARIES

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Autobiography, 1:of God antedates Christianity and recognizes no boundaries. This was the first and most difficultAutobiography, 71:important but humanity as a whole much more so. Boundaries and territories will assume theirBethlehem, 202:have imposed upon the race. To step across these boundaries, which man, from experience, hasBethlehem, 203:public opinion to transgress them now. There are boundaries across which the average right-mindedBethlehem, 206:touched Him not, because He crossed no boundaries and infringed no principles. He embodied inDestiny, 71:instance, of the birth of a nation or of a race. Boundaries are not determining factors nor isDiscipleship1, 144:not help you and would only limit you within the boundaries of my own work (note that phrase,Discipleship1, 253:theme of the moment, free from fanaticism and boundaries, realizing that - rightly handled - allDiscipleship1, 277:and patient work. As your work may grow and its boundaries extend, you will be faced increasinglyExternalisation, 129:with force, to restore ancient and historical boundaries, to impose some culture deemed desirable,Externalisation, 130:the changing of frontiers and the altering of boundaries so that a complete readjustment of the mapExternalisation, 134:South, the dispersal of people within national boundaries as the result of war and expediency suchExternalisation, 134:down, upon a worldwide scale, of all outer boundaries and the institution of a process of blendingExternalisation, 209:stupendous process. The settling of national boundaries and spheres of influence will be one of theExternalisation, 209:spirit. The emphasis upon past historical boundaries as a determining factor is ever dangerous.Externalisation, 219:assure you. When men everywhere - within the boundaries of their particular state and whilstExternalisation, 319:the means of dwelling in safety within their own boundaries, and which will afford assurance thatExternalisation, 370:the basis of historical tradition or ancient boundaries will only serve to plunge the world againExternalisation, 375:who live in the memory of their past history and boundaries and who look back upon what they callExternalisation, 385:of economic rehabilitation, of territorial boundaries, of the demobilization of armies and theExternalisation, 461:of certain factors in the Polish race over boundaries will need watching, as these attitudes can beFire, 58:passed out in a manifested form to the utmost boundaries of our solar system, so that thisGlamour, 159:has advanced in consciousness to the very boundaries of the world of spiritual values and theHealing, 268:a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of other nations, and to expressHercules, 91:Cancer. The thought of a mass of animals, of set boundaries within which these sheep or animalsMagic, 407:They represent separative nationalism, boundaries, servitude, and servile obedience; they exemplifyMagic, 535:always that each field of awareness in its boundaries constitutes a prison, and that the objectiveMagic, 535:expand its field of contacts. Where there are boundaries of any kind, where a field of influence isMagic, 536:Little by little he has mastered the planetary boundaries; little by little, he has grown from theProblems, 11:a good cooperative citizen within the national boundaries, that is good and to be desired. If itProblems, 12:integrity - interpreted often in terms of boundaries and the expansion of trade - must graduallyProblems, 13:War and the constant demand for territorial boundaries, based on ancient history, the holding on toProblems, 15:determination of every nation to preserve its boundaries at any cost, to keep its culture andProblems, 17:in terms of and for those who lie beyond her boundaries, or will she continue to think in terms ofProblems, 24:internal relationships. Although the problem of boundaries, possessions, territories, colonies, andProblems, 24:and human destitution, the emphasis upon boundaries is stupidly over-emphatic. Adjustments have toProblems, 24:over-emphatic. Adjustments have to be made; boundaries will have to be determined. The ultimateProblems, 29:determine the type of government, the national boundaries (where that [30] problem exists) and aProblems, 69:for national existence, by their fights for boundaries and material gains, and by a failure toProblems, 69:versus other combinations for selfish ends. Boundaries and regional controls and internationalProblems, 87:emphasis upon material acquisitiveness, upon boundaries, and the dangerous doctrine of nationalProblems, 93:rights of powerful nations, encroach on settled boundaries and outrage powerful groups even in mostProblems, 175:terms of humanity as a whole and not in terms of boundaries, of technical objectives and fears, inPsychology1, 20:ages. These great Lives, functioning within the boundaries of the solar system, gathered toPsychology2, 47:The mind that gathers all with wisdom into the boundaries of the Plan has reached the outer limitsPsychology2, 663:objectives, expressed irrespective of national boundaries, racial distinctions and religiousRays, 634:and in a shorter time than you may think boundaries and territories will mean but little. World
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