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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAHMA

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Fire, 604:given of Agni as being the mouth-born son of Brahma, in the Vishnu purana. Now, each of the tripleFire, 624:planes (a reflection in substance, or in the Brahma aspect, of the union of Father-Mother) andFire, 626:under various names, such as Shiva, Surya, Brahma. Yet the two aspects are but one. The ThirdFire, 628:Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the Sun Light Brahma Fire by friction Physical visible Sun FohatFire, 633:of the race cycles in a manvantara, or Day of Brahma. There are seven races in a world period, andFire, 637:This emanates directly from the first aspect of Brahma, or Agni, considering Him as aFire, 637:groups; this comes from the second aspect of Brahma, and is prana, issuing from the physical Sun,Fire, 637:devas of the lowest three orders, emanating from Brahma in His third aspect. Thus in the dualFire, 643:of the negative and positive aspects of Brahma, the manifested God. First, they are the builders ofFire, 654:aspect. Group C - Corresponds to the Brahma or the creative Logos aspect. We have recapitulatedFire, 657:making seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of our planetary Logos. With theFire, 683:solar angels as collectively forming the Lord Brahma of the lotus isle. The angels are called byFire, 702:the five Kumaras or the five Mind-born Sons of Brahma are the embodiers of this manasic force onFire, 710:the Wisdom of Love and the Love of Wisdom, and Brahma, the Creative Logos makes that revelationFire, 711:the nine one more for the orifice known as the Brahma-rundra or the door of Brahma, you get tenFire, 711:known as the Brahma-rundra or the door of Brahma, you get ten gates corresponding to the tenFire, 723:great cycles which we call "a hundred years of Brahma" have passed since They approximated theFire, 723:in time and space of the five mind-born Sons of Brahma. The effect of such a visit as that of theFire, 729:in a very vital sense. He is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, in synthetic manifestation. He is theFire, 730:the process of evolution. As in the Macrocosm, Brahma manifests activity first, then the second orFire, 730:makes itself seen, so with the microcosm. The Brahma aspect, that in which the Not-Self or materialFire, 730:and emerges through the medium of the Brahma aspect. It covers the final two stages of the humanFire, 731:friction." It has relation to the achievement of Brahma, and marks a point in the energizing ofFire, 734:This comes at the end of one hundred years of Brahma. It marks reabsorption into unity. It marksFire, 734:Incidental pralaya. This succeeds the days of Brahma. It marks periods between manvantaras.Fire, 740:comes at the close of every one hundred years of Brahma, and sweeps into dissolution forms of everyFire, 741:Agni and his fire angels, and the initiation of Brahma. Atomic substance will then individualizeFire, 743:a period of a manvantara, or of one day of Brahma. Between Two Chains. This covers the period of aFire, 743:period of a mahamanvantara, or of one year of Brahma. There are many ways of arriving at theFire, 744:This covers the period of one hundred years of Brahma, and through the study of the planetaryFire, 780:connection with the solar system they embody the Brahma aspect, being the product of earlier cyclesFire, 782:embody one aspect of the intelligent will of Brahma, or of God-in-substance. The third group areFire, 792:as a period relative to a day or year of Brahma. One of the secrets of initiation is concerned withFire, 792:man is considered a true occultist. 100 years of Brahma - An occult century. The period of a solarFire, 792:The period of a solar system. One year of Brahma - The period of seven chains, where the sevenFire, 792:planetary schemes are concerned. One week of Brahma - The period of seven rounds in one scheme. ItFire, 792:scheme. It has a chain significance. One day of Brahma - The occult period of a round. One hour ofFire, 792:- The occult period of a round. One hour of Brahma - Concerns interchain affairs. One BrahmicFire, 793:in the Secret Doctrine, such as the 100 years of Brahma, strike the general average but it must beFire, 797:Ego has time periods corresponding to those of Brahma, and its "100 years" and its "777Fire, 806:of the impulses of dense substance or of the brahma aspect, and thus repeats rapidly theFire, 828:- Vishnu - Son - Love-wisdom. The third Logos - Brahma - Holy Ghost - Intelligence over-shadowingFire, 871:the Hall of Ignorance the force of the energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence ofFire, 872:mystery sensed in the first Hall, the mystery of Brahma, is handed to him and he can then unlockFire, 872:The mystery of Electricity. The mystery of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It is latent inFire, 873:to that performed by the three aspects of Brahma in the solar system. The mystery of this threefoldFire, 885:imprisoned within the form, and concerns the Brahma aspect, and [886] the evolution of matterFire, 888:fires meet: Fire by friction, or the negative Brahma Aspect, the third Aspect. Solar Fire, or theFire, 921:is the energizing factor of the throat center of Brahma. An interesting tabulation of the threefoldFire, 921:plane forms the throat center in the body of Brahma, the third aspect. The transmitter of energyFire, 921:upon the astral plane forms the heart center of Brahma. The transmitter of the Word on the mentalFire, 921:worlds. They are the lowest energy aspect of Brahma. [922] The Transmitter of the Word upon theFire, 922:system is also here demonstrated, the nature of Brahma, or the Holy Spirit, becoming apparent. TheFire, 922:becoming apparent. The old Commentary says: "Brahma is One, yet includes His brother. Vishnu isFire, 924:dealing only with creative energy and with the Brahma aspect of manifestation as it coordinatesFire, 937:form, in their totality, what we might call the Brahma aspect of the microcosm. From another pointFire, 967:it a period of existence, or its tiny "day of Brahma." These subsidiary factors are again dependentFire, 1018:apprehension of the note and formula of the Brahma or substance aspect, and the note and formula ofFire, 1032:in the occult phraseology "the activity of Brahma's year." It is that which brings about the [1033]Fire, 1034:of every atom viewed as a unity, the activity of Brahma or the Holy Spirit, perfected in the firstFire, 1048:It is largely the force called Brahma. There is the impulse which forces the individual atomFire, 1048:or desire body of Akasha (the second aspect of Brahma). Compare 'Son of necessity.' - S. D., I, 74.Fire, 1048:an Entity - The Sun is the seventh principle of Brahma, or the aspect of active intelligent matter.Fire, 1110:greater detail. The causal body differs from the Brahma aspect in that it is a fuller embodiment ofFire, 1138:- Tamasic - Plane devas - Saturn. Mother, Brahma aspect. [1139] Fire, 1139:tamasic, or heavy rhythm. It is the vibration of Brahma, the third aspect, the mother or matterFire, 1152:Life and the cosmic Existence Whom we call Brahma or the third Person of the Trinity. The devaFire, 1152:Systemic Entities Number of Impulses Quality 1. Brahma The Raja Lords 7 Activity Inertia. 2. VishnuFire, 1155:of a system at the end of one hundred years of Brahma. Period between solar systems. IncidentalFire, 1166:of mind. "The significance of the tradition that Brahma is born from or in the lotus, is the same.Fire, 1166:same. The lotus symbolizes a world-system, and Brahma dwells therein representing action; he isFire, 1166:which make up life. In such becoming dwells Brahma, and from him and by him, i.e., by incessantFire, 1166:world. Because first manifested, therefore is Brahma named the first of the gods; by action isFire, 1167:The Law of Economy is the governing principle of Brahma or the Holy Spirit; the Law of Synthesis isFire, 1186:in the three forces of manifestation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Where this is the case and theFire, 1196:septenary in nature, and the forty-nine fires of Brahma are the lowest manifestation of their fieryFire, 1214:factors as govern the group interrelation of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva aspects; time and space orHealing, 421:at the close of the one hundred years of Brahma, the matter of the solar system will be colored byInitiation, 152:and God the Holy Spirit, or Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. This sound is still going forth; theInitiation, 153:life sound, U is the form sound. The sound M to Brahma, who, in his work of Energy-provider, linksInitiation, 153:of the third aspect, and are given out by Brahma. 5. There are again five Great Words with signsInitiation, 154:As is well known, the sound of the Brahma aspect, or the third aspect of our particular PlanetaryInitiation, 156:mental. It is literally the shining forth of the Brahma, or third aspect, of the inner God. ToInitiation, 158:with the triple AUM, and therefore with the Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva aspect, of which the threeInitiation, 167:In the Hall of Ignorance the force or energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence of substance)Initiation, 167:mystery sensed in the first Hall, the mystery of Brahma, is handed to him, and he can then unlockInitiation, 168:are: The mystery of Electricity. The mystery of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It isInitiation, 171:essentially triple in its nature, deals with the Brahma or third aspect, and is called sometimes byInitiation, 171:sometimes by the following names: The Secret of Brahma. The Revelation of the Mother. The Secret ofInitiation, 172:them, remembering that they deal with the Brahma aspect in its lowest manifestation and with theInitiation, 172:solar system to the preceding one, in which the Brahma aspect dominated, as the Vishnu, orInitiation, 175:Concerned Source of Energy Planes Fohat Third Brahma Creator Physical Sun Seven, Six, Five PolarityInitiation, 178:some measure, of the laws that govern the [178] Brahma and Vishnu aspects: it means a faculty ofInitiation, 219:are called by the Hindu "the mind-born sons of Brahma" amongst other names. They are the sumtotalIntellect, 189:awareness, that he is identified with Brahma, the Eternal Cause, the One and the Alone. He knowsIntellect, 189:seer goes on to tell us that "He is 'the Supreme Brahma, which is eternal, pure, free, alone (inIntellect, 189:to 'non-duality'), and without end' ". "He is Brahma, by which all things are illumined (partakingMagic, 98:sun of light. When these three suns are one, Brahma breaks forth. A lighted world is born. ThisMagic, 570:energies of the third aspect, the Holy Ghost or Brahma aspect. The energy of the spiritual man isMeditation, 354:are called by the Hindu "the mind-born sons of Brahma" amongst other names. They are the sum total
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