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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAHMARANDRA

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Healing, 45:- Master - Dominant after 3rd Initiation 1. Head Brahmarandra 1000-petalled lotus Pineal UpperHealing, 47:centers of control will be: The head center, the brahmarandra. The heart center. The center at theHealing, 144:called "the thousand-petalled lotus" or the Brahmarandra. [145] It corresponds to the centralHealing, 336:functioning through the head center (the [336] brahmarandra), produce the raising of the kundaliniHealing, 556:[556] through the heart center within the brahmarandra (the head center) and greatly increase thePatanjali, 212:undertaken via the etheric body, using the brahmarandra or opening at the top of the head. At noPatanjali, 283:thread or sutratma, via the pineal gland and the brahmarandra, The seer then stands in his truePatanjali, 314:that a certain nerve, or psychic current, called Brahmarandra-nadi, passes out through the brainPatanjali, 314:connected with them. This point - the end of Brahmarandra-nadi - is [315] also the Place where thePatanjali, 315:flow of the light of sattva which is seen at the Brahmarandra, which is variously supposed to beRays, 273:three centers in the head (the ajna center, the brahmarandra, center, and the alta major center)Telepathy, 157:head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, the brahmarandra, is as directly related to the center at
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