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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Fire, 286:prepare for the future. He employs the physical brain for this purpose. An animal likewise has anFire, 287:solar plexus in the same way that a man uses the brain; it is the organ of instinct. All that canFire, 287:concrete mind functioning through the physical brain can be considered as dealing with that whichFire, 287:Experience developed and used. Condition of the brain and the physical body. Circumstances andFire, 287:or concrete mind. It then utilizes the physical brain as a receiving plate, but at the same timeFire, 287:the zone of its activity from the physical brain to the higher head centers, existing in ethericFire, 287:from the solar plexus to the rudimentary brain, and its gradual development by the aid of manas. AsFire, 315:connects the causal vehicle with the physical brain. Then disintegration or destruction ensues; theFire, 412:a vast realm or realms of Existences. The very brain of man reels in contemplation of such aFire, 441:stimulation of the matter of the etheric brain which will make the physical brain receptive to theFire, 441:the etheric brain which will make the physical brain receptive to the higher revealing truth, andFire, 441:ethers. The development of the matter of the brain parallels the stage of development of its atomicFire, 502:apparatus - the mental body and the physical brain. Adaptability to Hierarchical enterprise shownFire, 514:Man, and likewise a solar Logos. Should the brain suffice to hold the concept, thus [515] is theFire, 555:the physical frame, and their alliance with the brain consciousness. As will be seen in the threeFire, follow:Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man Seventh Unity 2-3. BuddhiFire, 623:logoic physical body which corresponds to the brain [624] in man. I can elucidate this no further,Fire, 635:they have a close connection with the physical brain, the seat or empire of the Thinker, and as atFire, 635:between the sympathetic nervous system and the brain is such a close interaction as to make oneFire, 747:but the process is carried on in the etheric brain. This should be pondered on, for it holds theFire, 750:things for his subrace, even though the physical brain may not be consciously aware of the egoicFire, 752:of a man's Ray consciously - via His etheric brain - turns His thought upon the Initiate, andFire, 756:as: First. An impression upon the physical brain of the [757] man or woman, of thoughts, plans forFire, 770:man is confined to the use of the physical brain, and is, therefore, unable to think in groupFire, 784:are now intelligently cooperating. The heart and brain of the substance of the slowly evolving formFire, 785:Heat" are now working synthetically, and the brain, the heart and the lower centers areFire, 787:seventh year makes his contact with the physical brain of the child. A similar occurrence takesFire, 788:spine with a certain point within the physical brain via the spleen. This is dealing purely withFire, 790:the center at the base of the spine and the brain and thence to the head center. Through thisFire, 790:and the man is fully conscious in the physical brain of what transpires on the astral plane. In theFire, 807:man in his waking consciousness in the physical brain, then the law of karma in the three worlds isFire, 808:man on the physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequentFire, 810:to the tendency to develop within the physical brain a conscious realization of group affiliationsFire, 812:is studied, and the function of the physical brain as the transmitter of egoic intent is betterFire, 814:the Ego can communicate direct with the physical brain, and thus control the lower nature and workFire, 815:in an attempt to bring down into the physical brain consciousness, and thus on to the physicalFire, 858:become profoundly aware within his physical brain. I do not here refer to the ordinary animalFire, 858:a way that the consciousness of the physical brain becomes aware of it, and also aware of: ItsFire, 861:becomes so powerful as to awaken man's physical brain, and cause him to become aware of the innerFire, 862:of some type of energy arising in the human brain or will. The understanding of force, of forceFire, 862:this egoic force does not reach the physical brain as fully as it later will, but it does reach theFire, 863:contact formed between the Ego and the physical brain. He must strive to bring about aFire, 864:the lower physical consciousness of the brain from the astral plane begins to undergo a lengthyFire, 864:inner planes, becomes conscious in the physical brain of the inner happenings, and can (if aFire, 867:is to stimulate the response of the physical brain consciousness and the head centers to egoicFire, 870:is seldom recognized within the physical brain consciousness owing to the relatively inchoate stageFire, 870:of the bodies, and the unresponsiveness of the brain matter. Yet they are nevertheless initiationsFire, 877:he has to learn to focus through his physical brain, and thus apply. Love is the faculty inherentFire, 885:From the etheric center to the physical brain. We have here put very briefly the process of forceFire, 886:man becomes psychically aware in the physical brain of the higher influences, happenings andFire, 956:A realization of the nature of the mind and brain through concentration, an understanding of theFire, 956:relation which should exist between the physical brain and Man, the real Thinker on the physicalFire, 957:will of the Ego may be imposed upon the physical brain. The method of the man on the physical planeFire, 957:achievement may be impressed upon the physical brain, and then a secondary process in which theFire, 957:process in which the man, using the physical brain consciously, proceeds to carry out the plan,Fire, 958:on the physical plane through the medium of the brain. That men do not recognize the first factorFire, 958:of impressing the egoic will, on the physical brain, or (to word it otherwise) the initialFire, 960:the direct application of force to the physical brain via the center. 88 Alignment: See Letters onFire, 960:Elementals and Fire Elementals b. Physical Brain Impression The accurate realization by theFire, 960:The accurate realization by the physical brain of what the Ego is seeking to convey concerning theFire, 962:energy passed down the sutratma to the physical brain, and retransmitted back to the mental plane,Fire, 962:of desire, fed by the energy of the physical brain. Literally, therefore, it is a small résumé ofFire, 963:of the will of the Ego to the physical brain, and we saw how only in those persons who (throughFire, 964:man, the purpose [964] affecting the physical brain emanated from the astral or lower mentalFire, 966:to the back of the third ventricle of the brain. The Pituitary Body stands to the Pineal gland asFire, 968:receptivity, or of recognition in the physical brain of the man, and having drawn from him theFire, 968:influence of the force centers. The physical brain is responsive to the positive influence of theFire, 969:recognition of the egoic intent in the physical brain, the man proceeds to build the form for hisFire, 970:it to be faithfully registered in the physical brain. Frequently the Ego will "get through" to theFire, 970:Frequently the Ego will "get through" to the brain some concept, some portion of the plan, and yetFire, 970:two factors, the Ego and the receptive physical brain, is established, the interplay is reciprocal,Fire, 971:stage which we are considering from within the brain. There is thus a definite correspondence toFire, 971:of mind-desire, emanating consciously from man's brain. The work of the final three is accomplishedFire, 983:hindrance to the physical plane via the physical brain of the man, of the vibratory activityFire, 983:plane via the etheric centers and the physical brain, studying somewhat the effect of sound as itFire, 997:of force: Through the centers, Through the brain, Through the physical plane itself. a. Six RulesFire, 998:bodies to a point of entrance in the physical brain. Fire, 999:It will, therefore, be apparent that the brain is the physical correspondence to the force centersFire, 999:unfoldment. Secondly. The center in the physical brain which is active in meditation. This is alsoFire, 1004:and will not be remembered by the physical brain when not under the influence of the solar Angel.Fire, 1008:The egoic energy, transmitted via the physical brain, is directed now to the work of sending forthFire, 1009:vehicle, and descends to a point in the head or brain which is found approximately in the center ofFire, 1059:constituted of living sentient beings, and the brain reels, and the mind draws back in dismayFire, 1105:sent through in course of time from the physical brain. The activities of the astral body. TheFire, 1123:matter. The alta major center. The physical brain. Group II. The Love Petals. The love petal inFire, 1149:with the Ego via the centers and the physical brain is the goal of his life of meditation and ofGlamour, xi:scientists that thousands of cells in the human brain are still dormant and, consequently, that theGlamour, xi:a small part of his equipment. The area of the brain which is found around the pineal gland is thatGlamour, 5:personality then becomes magnetic, whilst the brain cells around the pineal gland, which haveGlamour, 7:about a close integration between soul-mind-brain, and when that is brought about, the inflow ofGlamour, 7:a strain upon certain unawakened areas in the brain and arouse into activity the brain cells thereGlamour, 7:areas in the brain and arouse into activity the brain cells there found, and this is the firstGlamour, 9:the memory will do naught to awaken the dormant brain cells or call into play the intuition. ItGlamour, 11:This final stage brings into activity the brain as well as the mind. The study of symbols viewed asGlamour, 12:symbol exoterically [12] involves the use of the brain and the memory. You endeavor to study lineGlamour, 12:symbols conceptually carries you inward from the brain to the mind, into the realm of ideas. ItGlamour, 14:or truth or teaching. This is recorded in your brain, drawing on the resources of your memory. TheGlamour, 14:figure and form you have registered with your brain and memorized, and likewise its activity inGlamour, 21:light of the soul through into the mind and the brain. The Problem of Glamor is found when theGlamour, 22:as realized by the physical brain and recognized as that which must be overcome. It is the
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