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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Glamour, 36:down and irradiates not only the mind, but the brain consciousness [37] as well. He sees theGlamour, 42:manipulation Dweller on the Threshold Physical Brain consciousness Angel of the PresenceGlamour, 42:astral and mental planes must be realized in the brain consciousness. It is there that theGlamour, 43:(the plane of buddhi) through the soul and the brain to the heart of the disciple. ThroughGlamour, 43:of the mental plane) through the mind to the brain of the disciple carrying illumination to theGlamour, 43:purpose and activity have to be realized in the brain consciousness of the disciple as he worksGlamour, 55:will be distorted in its descent to his brain consciousness in several ways. That which he bringsGlamour, 55:an idea from the plane of the intuition to the brain. The idea is seen by the mind, "held steady inGlamour, 57:and the alignment established between soul-mind-brain. This, being necessarily imperfect, producesGlamour, 66:regarded as consisting essentially of soul-mind-brain, within the body nature. This is a greatGlamour, 67:self-centeredly, can no longer come between his brain consciousness and the soul. Fleeting momentsGlamour, 106:their present inadequate equipment and type of brain. Nothing would be achieved and you would beGlamour, 208:the mental body and producing an effect in the brain. This focusing process falls into threeGlamour, 209:light of the mind and the negative light of the brain and is carried forward through mentalGlamour, 209:It can only make a man aware in his waking or brain consciousness that glamor holds him. This isGlamour, 231:of the glamor, and united as souls with mind and brain held steady and positive in the light. TheirGlamour, 255:place between the will aspect, the mind and the brain. This is not so in the Orient. It will be soGlamour, 256:preliminary step - a direct relation between his brain, his mind and the will aspect of theGlamour, 256:words, the negative receptor of thought (the brain), the agent of the will (the mind), and theHealing, 17:must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital healingHealing, 17:The healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation. Thus can hisHealing, 22:Uncontrolled minds and unreleased and unawakened brain cells also hinder man from correctHealing, 45:Brahmarandra 1000-petalled lotus Pineal Upper brain Right eye Spiritual will Synthetic DynamicHealing, 45:the eyes Ajna center Pituitary body Lower brain Left eye Nose Nervous system Soul force LoveHealing, 46:directorate of the nervous system, the brain and the blood stream (as a carrier of the lifeHealing, 56:the framework and structure, the organs, nerves, brain tissue and interrelated systems whichHealing, 85:The heart, which is the center of life as the brain is the center of consciousness. From the heart,Healing, 95:to the diseases of the nervous system and of the brain, which are the result of over-stimulationHealing, 96:thought can be carried through to the physical brain and there becomes a directing agent of theHealing, 97:in its turn, produce over-stimulation of the brain and of the body cells and so cause nervousHealing, 97:cells and so cause nervous trouble and sometimes brain disease, but the mind itself and thinking,Healing, 98:must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain, and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital forceHealing, 98:1b. The healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation. Thus can hisHealing, 102:work, the linking process involves the soul, the brain and the entire aura or the magnetic field ofHealing, 102:The mind is not mentioned or involved, and the brain acts solely as the focusing point of the loveHealing, 103:to be done. Within yourself, then, link soul and brain and gather together the forces of love thatHealing, 107:of inadequate circulation upon the physical brain (again due to the etheric body) leads to mentalHealing, 108:death, insanity and some of the diseases of the brain. The third aspect, when not functioningHealing, 108:and throat, the stabilizing of the cells of the brain, the cure of insanities and obsessions, andHealing, 121:through the nervous system, via the directing brain. Those which are related to the respiratoryHealing, 122:direction, the major directing agent, via the brain, is the vagus nerve, along which the energiesHealing, 129:the personal lower self, or by the soul, via the brain, are many and become acute as the discipleHealing, 134:must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital healingHealing, 134:The healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation. Thus can hisHealing, 164:Within the head are: The five ventricles of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unifiedHealing, 164:of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism. The three glands, carotid,Healing, 165:the directing will, the monad, the One. The brain with its five ventricles is the analogy to theHealing, 199:mental diseases, and which are related to the brain, are little understood as yet. There was veryHealing, 200:via the head center to the pineal gland and the brain. There was very little eye trouble either,Healing, 201:sushumna channels), the two eyes and the total brain tissue are receptive to, stimulated by, orHealing, 201:see an increasing amount of diseases of the brain (a constantly increasing mental imbalance), andHealing, 213:not only a fully awakened consciousness, and a brain which is ever intelligently receptive, but aHealing, 245:withdrawn the thread of consciousness from the brain and its life thread from the heart, certainHealing, 253:difficulty, mental diseases and definite brain trouble. All this presents an appalling picture.Healing, 301:- far more than the savage races. Certain brain disorders also are effects, and low vitality. Healing, 302:Other results are certain forms of insanities, brain lesions and those gaps in the relation of theHealing, 316:difficulty is due to the breaking down of the brain tissue. Far more of these are definitelyHealing, 316:the negative-positive relation existing in the brain between the two head centers and the pituitaryHealing, 316:difficulty is due to the over-stimulation of the brain cells by some forms of energy whichHealing, 317:mind is unduly fixed and static and controls the brain so unreasonably that there seems only oneHealing, 318:much and gradually stamp out the mental and brain diseases which are today so numerous and soHealing, 321:of consciousness uses the nervous system and the brain as its distributing agency. Where there isHealing, 332:only penetrates as far as the physical brain. There this second aspect concentrates itself orHealing, 333:is the heart, the endocrine system and the brain. Into this general plan, very sketchily outlinedHealing, 335:Life and Spirit are one. The head center and the brain in which the consciousness principle (theHealing, 337:Do "psychological causes of disease" register in brain symptoms before reflexing to other parts ofHealing, 337:The Light of the Soul has a bearing here: "The brain, for instance, is the 'shadow' or the externalHealing, 337:by the investigator that the contents of the brain cavity have a correspondence to the aspects ofHealing, 337:the consciousness aspect works through the brain, using the nervous system. This is the first andHealing, 337:Psychological causes of disease register in the brain or (if of a very low order) in the solarHealing, 339:in the cells found in a particular area of the brain. Based on fear of insanity and of death - aHealing, 339:Melancholia, as a symptom of disease (not of brain disease) is also fairly frequent and willHealing, 342:with the mind itself. They are: Diseases of the brain. Disorders of the solar plexus. AstralHealing, 342:that category of diseases in which both mind and brain are involved. The diseases of mystics areHealing, 342:category. These latter diseases involve the brain of course, indicate mental imbalance, produceHealing, 344:of aspiration, as registered in the physical brain consciousness. Through the spontaneous awakeningHealing, 351:enters into a right use of time; or rather the brain, which is the only time-conscious factor inHealing, 392:and also upon their thinking, for the physical brain, being non-existent, no longer acts as aHealing, 397:the most familiar experience (could the physical brain but recall it and realize it) in the life ofHealing, 404:consciousness as registered by the physical brain. Where no physical brain exists, what humanityHealing, 404:by the physical brain. Where no physical brain exists, what humanity understands by time isHealing, 413:ease than when limited and conditioned by the brain consciousness. - Page 81. Healing, 429:physical form via the solar plexus, which is the brain of the average animal. Highly developed andHealing, 429:animals are beginning to utilize the brain to a greater or to a less degree, but the life principleHealing, 444:they cannot as yet bring back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection of thatHealing, 454:the thread of energy which is anchored in the brain is withdrawn, and when this happens the manHealing, 454:and the heart fails to function, just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down.Healing, 454:and self-expression, and of this man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy,Healing, 455:like to make some reference to the "web in the brain," which is intact for the majority but isHealing, 455:is in the solar plexus and the other is in the brain at the top of the head. Protecting both is aHealing, 457:In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brain awareness is there, with a full consciousness ofHealing, 474:emanates from the etheric counterpart of the brain. They respond to the directing Word, react toHealing, 474:consciousness. It evokes a reflex action in the brain. This substance and its effect will beHealing, 488:you bear in mind that where there is no physical brain and where the mind is undeveloped, the innerHealing, 488:would again remind you that there is no physical brain to register these contacts. Awareness ofHealing, 490:I again remind you that there is now no physical brain to respond to impacts generated by the innerHealing, 491:of events as registered by the physical brain) is now non-existent as we understand the term, and -Healing, 494:have earlier said, fully conscious. The physical brain and the swirl of etheric forces (mostlyHealing, 494:had to work through the medium of the physical brain, when the focus of his consciousness was thatHealing, 495:that of the aspirant, but anchored in the [495] brain. His experience is far richer and fuller than
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