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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Intellect, 143:the gained information to the waiting quiescent brain. When the soul has learned to handle itsIntellect, 143:through the medium of the mind and the brain, direct contact and interplay between the two becomesIntellect, 143:mind as a transmitting agent and the physical brain is trained to be responsive to that which isIntellect, 151:and knowledge of the omniscient soul, and the brain that, in its turn, is illuminated. This is onlyIntellect, 151:between the three factors of soul, mind and brain is complete. Patanjali tells us in his YogaIntellect, 152:of the soul could pour through the mind into the brain and produce that illumination which enablesIntellect, 154:lower self (out of the realm of awareness of the brain and the mind) and the mystic passes into theIntellect, 159:is, therefore, a coordinated human being - with brain, mind and soul functioning with the mostIntellect, 159:on psychic levels, or to that between brain and brain in the ordinary intercourse of daily life,Intellect, 159:on psychic levels, or to that between brain and brain in the ordinary intercourse of daily life,Intellect, 163:instincts, working through the senses, and the brain, and the soul in its turn, guiding andIntellect, 163:its physical point of contact in the higher brain. [164] This idea Dr. Dibblee sums up in theIntellect, 164:mind, which throws down into the receptive brain the intuitions and knowledge which the soul hasIntellect, 169:the soul to the mind, and from the mind to the brain. When we arrive at the physical level ofIntellect, 169:illumination which is streaming down into the brain, we have two predominant effects, usually.Intellect, 171:outside the head and, later, within the brain, when in deep thought or meditation; then it becomesIntellect, 177:brings about illumination of the physical brain, and the living of an inspired life upon earth. WeIntellect, 179:working [179] through the nervous system and the brain, and governing most potently all activitiesIntellect, 180:are at the point where they can coordinate the brain, the mind and the soul, and so pass throughIntellect, 183:state) is illumination of the mind and of the brain, provided that they have both been heldIntellect, 205:Little by little the soul, the mind and the brain are swept into a close rapport. First, the mindIntellect, 205:a close rapport. First, the mind controls the brain and the emotional nature. Then the soulIntellect, 211:to the inflow of spiritual knowledge to the brain. When these two effects have been producedIntellect, 211:and the seat of the intuition in the higher brain, and the lower mental faculties and the higherIntellect, 211:and the higher emotional reactions in the lower brain. This is in line with the eastern teachingIntellect, 211:through which the soul works is in the upper brain. During meditation, if effective, energy fromIntellect, 211:effective, energy from the soul pours into the brain, and has a definite effect upon the nervousIntellect, 212:then the thought apparatus, in the higher brain, is swung into an organized activity. The manIntellect, 212:the region of the pineal gland, and the higher brain, are brought into activity through learning toIntellect, 214:perception becomes [214] simply mental and the brain consciousness is all that is active on theIntellect, 214:of the limitations of the body nature, and the brain can be directly impressed by the soul, via theIntellect, 214:impressed by the soul, via the mind. The brain consciousness is held in a positive waitingIntellect, 228:through the medium of the mind, direct to the brain. From thence the physical mechanism can beIntellect, 239:through this clear thinking, impress the waiting brain. It may be true that "God" works out, inIntellect, 242:accurately to the attentive and impressionable brain. Thus the man, in physical wakingIntellect, 243:he succeeds in bringing through into a physical brain-consciousness, with accuracy, the phenomenaIntellect, 244:of phenomena for his endeavor; he quiets the brain and gently slips into a psychic and negativeIntellect, 247:and instructions are conveyed to the mind and brain by a man's own soul; it is the soul thatIntellect, 255:the consciousness" in the head, it is the brain cells which become [256] over-stimulated, leadingIntellect, 256:on alternate days, until such time as the brain cells have adjusted themselves to the new rhythmMagic, 15:registering by the mind (and subsequently by the brain) of the eternal verities, and the indicationMagic, 18:of unconsciousness, and which seems to use the brain as its main seat of activity and from there toMagic, 18:three parts of the organism which we call the brain, the heart, and the breathing apparatus. ThisMagic, 27:man is to study the relation of the mind and the brain and note what follows when the brain becomesMagic, 27:and the brain and note what follows when the brain becomes the intelligent instrument of the mind;Magic, 27:plane activities through the medium of the brain. In these three - soul, mind and brain - we haveMagic, 27:of the brain. In these three - soul, mind and brain - we have the analogy and the clue to theMagic, 27:the soul assumed control, via the mind, so the brain became responsive to the soul. Man wasMagic, 28:expression such living organisms as his heart or brain. When this takes place, he begins toMagic, 30:the dense physical makes itself felt through the brain. As the coherent force. It is thatMagic, 41:the light in the head. This is found within the brain, and is only discovered and later used whenMagic, 43:Within the head are: The five ventricles of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unifiedMagic, 43:of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism. The three glands, carotid,Magic, 44:the directing will, the monad, the One: [44] The brain with its five ventricles is the analogy toMagic, 49:and the focal point of that activity is the brain. This is the seat of conscious receptivity. ToMagic, 55:the over-shadowing soul so that in the physical brain there is an assured consciousness as to theMagic, 57:spirit and of registering them in his physical brain. It is stated also that white magic Works fromMagic, 57:communication by the soul with the mind and the brain. Steady meditation upon the plan ofMagic, 58:and thus sets up a communication with the [58] brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled,Magic, 58:a communication with the [58] brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled, the man isMagic, 59:perception grows slowly and surely as the brain becomes capable of illumination from the soul, viaMagic, 60:higher and the downflow of illumination to the brain. It is essential that these points should beMagic, 61:bodies to a point of entrance in the physical brain, if I might so express it, but the man, as yet,Magic, 66:the physical plane with a concentrated physical brain attention which is in no way deviated by theMagic, 74:of the daily meditation is to enable the brain and mind to vibrate in unison with the soul as itMagic, 74:Soul - Man on the Physical Plane Mind - Brain Pineal Gland - Pituitary Body The relation alsoMagic, 80:via the higher bodies, to the physical brain and so be available for practical service. The wisdomMagic, 86:tangible. The relation between the mind and the brain, which constitutes the problem of the moreMagic, 88:They fecundated, if I might so express it, the brain. Thus was humanity brought into being. ThisMagic, 89:aspect which has already found lodgment in the brain of man. Intelligent activity and love wisdomMagic, 89:its expression on the physical plane through the brain, and, when this is the case, the lower manMagic, 89:and let every effort be made to bring mind and brain into such a functioning condition that a manMagic, 90:the aspirant the man manifests (in the physical brain) a point of light which has been occultlyMagic, 94:it may be safely concluded that the collective brain of the human family (that entity which we callMagic, 95:and sets up a vibratory response between the brain and the soul. An interesting angle ofMagic, 95:descend by the central channel to and from the brain, passing through the centers up the spineMagic, 96:transmission of light and truth to the physical brain, via the central channel of the linkingMagic, 97:has been established between the soul and the brain. The process involves the capacity of the brainMagic, 97:brain. The process involves the capacity of the brain to register what the soul is visioning andMagic, 106:this produces a stimulation of the atoms of the brain so that their light [107] is fused andMagic, 107:the aspirant becomes conscious in his physical brain experience. Frequently students speak of aMagic, 107:light of the physical plane atoms of which the brain is composed; later they may speak of seeingMagic, 107:consciousness without seeing any of this brain radiance. This is altogether in the nature ofMagic, 107:on high", and to hold that energy steady in the brain center whilst he himself in meditation isMagic, 127:aspirant accustoms himself to hear within his brain the soundless sound of OM. I would suggestMagic, 139:enlarged channel from the soul to the physical brain, via the mind. Such an enlarged channelMagic, 139:between the soul consciousness and the brain whose possessor is one whom the Masters canMagic, 148:secret of its use lies in the attitude of the brain to the functions of the etheric body, as itMagic, 148:as it exists as an intermediary between the brain, nervous system and the mind, or between theMagic, 148:and the mind, or between the soul, mind and the brain. This cannot be elaborated here but the hintMagic, 149:apparatus of the soul - mind, etheric body, brain and nervous system - is reoriented, and the manMagic, 152:[152] simultaneously, via the mind into the brain, and thus "he drives the thought forms from him."Magic, 166:of the vibrations will be registered on his brain consciousness. He simply has to wait and to bringMagic, 170:the registering of the interview on the physical brain as it has been participated in during theMagic, 171:of communication open between the soul and the brain, via the mind, so that when the Master seeksMagic, 171:closed and the soul is not en rapport with the brain. This is especially true of the early stagesMagic, 176:and regularly bring over into their physical brain consciousness the facts they need to know andMagic, 177:as the intermediary between the soul and the brain, or between the teacher and the disciple.Magic, 178:the instrument (that is, [178] the mind and the brain) of the transmitter. In these cases, the formMagic, 179:This is the registry in the physical brain consciousness of information imparted: Direct from
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