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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Magic, 179:the mind as the medium of transmission to the brain of that which the soul knows. MediumshipMagic, 180:this method of communication, utilizing the brain or voice apparatus of the medium, are not highlyMagic, 180:inspiring may do three things: He may use the brain of the appointed channel, throwing thoughtsMagic, 184:magnetic cord, or thread from the soul to the brain via the mind body. The whole secret ofMagic, 184:The light of illumination streams down into the brain cavity and throws into objectivity threeMagic, 186:is that (perhaps unconsciously to the physical brain) a man will shoulder a great amount ofMagic, 194:brought about by over-stimulation of the brain cells through unwise meditation work, and it willMagic, 195:in the etheric body. The nervous system and brain. 2. That of love-wisdom, through the medium ofMagic, 221:of the effect of the astral plane upon the human brain, which in its uninformed condition reversesMagic, 227:the outer world, via the five senses and the brain. This is a negative condition, and, in it, theMagic, 248:consciousness into the midway spot within the brain cavity where the magical work must, in relationMagic, 248:to withdraw his consciousness, not only to the brain, but to the soul on its own plane and thenceMagic, 249:water. It demonstrates as the pouring into the brain consciousness (the land aspect) of theMagic, 250:To make itself felt on the physical plane, a brain is required which is receptive to higherMagic, 250:loving soul. These are recognized by the brain and are [251] photographed upon the "vital airs"Magic, 251:photographed upon the "vital airs" found in the brain cavity. When these vital airs can be sensedMagic, 251:in magic can begin to make itself felt. The brain has "heard" occultly the injunctions andMagic, 252:of the form-making process can manifest. The brain is synchronized with the mind, and the mind withMagic, 252:activities, but it exists in the place of the brain activity and becomes a focusing center for theMagic, 252:the mind which in its turn impresses the brain), leads then (as the result of this tripleMagic, 276:of humanity and their forces constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane are a large band ofMagic, 276:so, in humanity, this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant, [277] butMagic, 284:objective existence. 5. Self-conscious Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 6. Self-expressionMagic, 284:center Pineal gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brain Throat center Thyroid. 7. Self-perpetuation SexMagic, 285:2. Self-expression (creative work) Lower brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-conscious lifeMagic, 285:3. Self-conscious life (personality) Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 4. Self-perpetuation SexMagic, 294:of forces greater and more diversified than his brain is capable of recognizing. Hence theMagic, 303:consciousness of the Knower is stabilized in the brain then prevision will carry with it no terror.Magic, 303:of such close relations between the soul and the brain, via the trained and controlled mind, thatMagic, 310:blended. The solar plexus in the animal is the brain and governs all the instinctual reactions, butMagic, 310:expression as it is in the human being. When the brain is becoming sensitive to the awakening mindMagic, 321:it at length owing to the inability of the human brain to understand it or the human heart toMagic, 323:of the channel linking the [323] physical brain to the causal body. The aspirant should also striveMagic, 324:then again the currents are deflected and the brain makes no record of that which may be inwardlyMagic, 351:This teaching he brings over into his physical brain consciousness in the form of a deep interestMagic, 360:is but a reflection and an expression. Man, the brain of nature; the animals, the expression of theMagic, 362:reserve, a willingness to recognize physical brain limitations and the accepting of an hypothesis.Magic, 379:energy centers of the human unit, stimulate the brain and make him fully self-conscious on theMagic, 394:to use the entire equipment so that the mind and brain function synchronously and the emotionalMagic, 403:to man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him the master of that equipment andMagic, 415:usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be in alignment and active. The brain hasMagic, 415:must be in alignment and active. The brain has to be telepathically sensitive in two directions andMagic, 422:possible when the triplicity of soul-mind-brain are all aligned in the individual and when eachMagic, 422:this aligned and linking triangle, the physical brain, remains totally unresponsive to the waves ofMagic, 422:a matter of perfecting the mechanism of the brain so that it can rightly register and correctlyMagic, 422:Direct conscious alignment between soul-mind-brain. The appearance of a magnetic field whichMagic, 423:a corresponding responsiveness in the physical brain, so that it can register accurately anyMagic, 424:of man's nature and all of it recorded by the brain? Already men are aware both of physical planeMagic, 440:event of individualization took place. But the brain of the then human being failed to registerMagic, 440:ago) the first instances of coordination between brain and mind took place and the human being wasMagic, 452:the dense physical makes itself felt through the brain. As the coherent force. It is thatMagic, 456:Align with facility the soul, the mind and the brain. Contemplate, or function as the soul on itsMagic, 460:they are few as yet), constitute literally the brain of the planetary life. There is a truly occultMagic, 463:is only possible where there is alignment of the brain and mind and soul. Again, it is necessary toMagic, 490:of what the truth may be that he forgets his own brain limitations and that the truth has come toMagic, 493:or aligned the soul, the mind, and the brain and is therefore beginning to work with his subjectiveMagic, 495:they cannot as yet bring back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection of thatMagic, 495:aspect of this thread soul to a "seat" in the brain, found in the region of the pineal gland. TheMagic, 495:mode of expression. The soul, seated in the brain, makes man an intelligent rational entity,Magic, 496:the thread of energy, which is anchored in the brain is withdrawn, and when this happens the manMagic, 497:the heart fails to function [497] just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down.Magic, 497:and self-expression and of this man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy,Magic, 497:decay, the thread which is anchored in the brain is withdrawn, whilst that which conveys the lifeMagic, 500:would like to make reference to the "web in the brain", which is intact for the majority but isMagic, 500:is in the solar plexus and the other is in the brain at the top of the head. [501] Protecting bothMagic, 501:obsession or mediumship. It is the web in the brain which is punctured and the opening in thatMagic, 505:In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brain awareness is there, with a full consciousness ofMagic, 515:of making the alignment between soul-mind-brain, of quieting the emotional body, and of achievingMagic, 516:becomes active and of this activity the mind and brain are aware. From the standpoint ofMagic, 516:to color its experience, and subsequently the brain receives the transmitted impression and theMagic, 517:the true science and objective of pranayama. The brain consciousness is necessarily involved. TheMagic, 517:affecting the soul and the mind and the brain. Just as the mind has been held in the light and hasMagic, 517:has been receptive to the soul impression so the brain has to be held receptive to impression fromMagic, 517:effects upon the mind, and the other upon the brain. There is, as always, a physical plane analogyMagic, 517:to embody divine thought in form, impresses the brain and produces action through the medium of theMagic, 518:[518] effects. The consciousness, focused in the brain and having participated in the work ofMagic, 519:- that which concerns the relation of mind and brain. Through an intense application and aMagic, 519:activity and the responsiveness of the brain to mind impression is all that concerns them. BothMagic, 519:the major interludes of soul-mind and mind-brain. Only a few can as yet be trusted with theMagic, 519:in the physical body between breaths and in the brain consciousness. Magic, 523:which, when dynamic enough, can impress the brain of a transmitting agent, such as yourself. But,Magic, 526:the nervous system with headquarters in the brain, and the life energy which is seated in theMagic, 527:can be instituted. It is in reality the brain of the planetary Deity, its many units beingMagic, 527:Deity, its many units being analogous to the brain cells in the human apparatus. Just as the humanMagic, 527:cells in the human apparatus. Just as the human brain, made up of an infinite number of sentientMagic, 527:aspirants and disciples represent those brain cells which are beginning to fall into the largerMagic, 527:The mass of men are like the millions of unused brain cells which the psychologists and scientistsMagic, 528:constitute the inner group of vitally alive brain cells in the planetary brain, the entire humanMagic, 528:of vitally alive brain cells in the planetary brain, the entire human group, and it is evident thatMagic, 546:emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul, mind, brain and the outer world of forces; Spirit, soul andMagic, 557:of a technique of creation. When soul, mind and brain are unified and facility in unification hasMagic, 560:activity and so making strong impress upon the brain cells and working out into words. Because in aMagic, 568:of the head; it has a special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properlyMagic, 590:of prolonged trouble. Over-stimulation of the brain cells is necessarily one of the results of theMagic, 590:breaking down of the cellular structure of the brain, and through the over-activity of the cellMagic, 590:friction between them which will eventuate in brain tumors and abscesses. This cannot be tooMeditationinterference, straight through to the physical brain. When the alignment is fourfold and when theMeditation, 2:if so I might express it, - to the physical brain consciousness. Heretofore it has only been directMeditation, 2:been direct at rare intervals. The four lesser brain centers are functioning at high vibration inMeditation, 2:based in the mentality and contacts the physical brain, then alignment is commencing. [3] Hence the
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