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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Meditation, 6:the higher to the lower, and so to the physical brain. It takes many lives of strenuous endeavorMeditation, 6:When that is done, the control of the physical brain and its final alignment remain to be effected,Meditation, 14:the line of least resistance from the physical brain of the personality to the causal body. InMeditation, 27:- in the life of the Personality. The physical brain of the Personality is not yet aware of theMeditation, 36:channel, and at the transmission to the physical brain consciousness of the fact of its existenceMeditation, 47:very necessary physical vehicles.) The physical brain and the conformity of the head play a largeMeditation, 58:the creation of that vacuum betwixt the physical brain and the Ego, which results in the divineMeditation, 94:between the higher and the lower, the physical brain being then but the quiescent receiver of thatMeditation, 95:inhibition has a direct effect upon the physical brain, and is the cause of much of the fatigueMeditation, 96:on to the mental plane at some point within the brain, let him sound forth the Sacred Word gentlyMeditation, 102:the physical body. They show themselves: In the brain. In the nervous system. In the sex organs. ItMeditation, 103:be avoided in Meditation Dangers to the Physical Brain The brain suffers principally in two ways:Meditation, 103:in Meditation Dangers to the Physical Brain The brain suffers principally in two ways: FromMeditation, 104:and a consequent strain upon the delicate brain tissue. This may result in permanent injury, andMeditation, 104:and literally burns away all or part of the brain tissue, thus bringing about insanity andMeditation, 104:and openly acknowledged, doctors and brain specialists will study with greater care and accuracyMeditation, 104:and correlate its condition with that of the brain. Good results will thus be achieved. Meditation, 104:are more frequent than those attacking the brain, such as insanity and disruption of the brainMeditation, 104:brain, such as insanity and disruption of the brain tissue. Almost all who undertake meditation areMeditation, 105:to take up specifically the diseases of the brain and of the nervous system. I only desire to giveMeditation, 105:openly teach in specific schools, many forms of brain trouble and of nervous complaints will beMeditation, 112:vitality. The occident is to the race what the brain or mental activity is to the body, - theMeditation, 122:from all sides. Only a point within the brain should be receptive, all the rest of theMeditation, 130:voice to the interesting chimeras of a fanciful brain. Beware of playing with fire. This transitionMeditation, 159:obscure diseases of the nervous system, of the brain and of the spine. [160] Sex emotions, coveringMeditation, 161:an unhappy, unpleasant individual, to definite brain disease, resulting in lunacy, brain tumors andMeditation, 161:to definite brain disease, resulting in lunacy, brain tumors and cancer in the head. For all theseMeditation, 221:of the teaching to the dense physical brain can in any way be [222] considered accurate. It has aMeditation, 277:at rare and irregular intervals. His physical brain is not often receptive to the higher contact,Meditation, 278:position on the Path, not yet is the physical brain in a condition to know. But on this point noMeditation, 288:to bring out are the indications in the physical brain consciousness of the student that he hasMeditation, 288:and that is, the realization, in the physical brain consciousness, of certain results along theMeditation, 288:particular Master by the student in his physical brain. This realization is very largelyMeditation, 288:being able to bring through to the physical brain specific facts proving to them this nearness.Meditation, 288:suddenly conscious - right within the physical brain - of certain unexpected events, anMeditation, 289:the full) when he becomes conscious within his brain that those figures are not the little puppetsMeditation, 290:but he has so purified that part of the physical brain that corresponds with the particular headMeditation, 291:earnest student may be conscious in his physical brain of having contacted his Master. 3. BringingMeditation, 291:Master. 3. Bringing through into the Physical Brain Consciousness the Memory of the Master's AshramMeditation, 293:He may not remember [293] in his physical brain, at first, the details of that contact, he may notMeditation, 313:of the Triad to pour down into the physical brain, via the causal. Therefore, in the preparatoryMeditation, 315:to bring the knowledge through to the physical brain, for part of his work will be with students onMeditation, 334:of thought to impact the little evolved physical brain. Hence the refinement of the physical bodyPatanjali, 8:the higher psychic faculties demonstrated, The brain can be brought en rapport with the soul andPatanjali, 17:the reason. Right transmission to the physical brain of that which has been perceived; thePatanjali, 17:Result: Correct reaction of the physical brain to the transmitted knowledge. When the process isPatanjali, 22:ordinary sleep of the physical body, where the brain does not respond to any sense contacts; SleepPatanjali, 25:emanations are the external physical organs. The brain, for instance, is the "shadow" or thePatanjali, 25:by the investigator that the contents of the brain cavity have a correspondence to the aspects ofPatanjali, 33:the meditative attitude of the soul, the brain becomes also increasingly subjugated to the mind asPatanjali, 35:with the one reality, and this in his physical brain. He finds that truth which is himself andPatanjali, 36:two things are brought about: The physical brain becomes quiet and still, The mind stuff or thePatanjali, 37:without seed or without that which the physical brain would recognize as an object. It might be ofPatanjali, 38:man (on the physical plane and in his physical brain) becomes cognizant of what lies beyond thosePatanjali, 38:things" to become known to the physical brain. The cloud is perceived as the result of intensePatanjali, 38:of the soul cannot be poured into the physical brain via the sixth sense, the mind. The science ofPatanjali, 40:the reactions of the lower man and the physical brain. Belief. On his own plane the soul rehearsesPatanjali, 41:power to transfer that correct perception to the brain of the physical man. This is the memoryPatanjali, 41:and the transference of that realization to the brain where it must be registered and eventuallyPatanjali, 41:That which has been seen and registered in the brain and which has emanated from the soul must bePatanjali, 41:or Father aspect begins to form part of the brain content of the Adept or Master. He knows the planPatanjali, 59:the vestures of consciousness to the physical brain of the man in incarnation, the shadow orPatanjali, 59:the Monad, the Spirit in man, with the physical brain. Secondly, there is the earnest reflection ofPatanjali, 59:earnest reflection of the man in his physical brain upon that sound as he recognizes it. The twoPatanjali, 60:or breath and are stimulated thereby, The brain which can be trained to recognize that sound andPatanjali, 75:on the physical plane and which utilizes the brain consciousness. The tendency of that body isPatanjali, 76:sutra is therefore apparent and concerns all the brain vibrations of the disciple. The physicalPatanjali, 76:peace of the chitta or mind stuff, peace of the brain reactions and eventually complete quiet andPatanjali, 85:by the vibration of the cells of the physical brain. Chaos, lack of continuity and ill regulatedPatanjali, 97:down the knowledge gained into the physical brain. Patanjali, 102:of this contact is transmitted to the physical brain. This is only possible at a very advancedPatanjali, 105:any of the sheaths, can transmit to the physical brain unerringly, accurately and without mistake,Patanjali, 109:channel of communication with the physical brain, The brain is trained to serve only as a delicatePatanjali, 109:of communication with the physical brain, The brain is trained to serve only as a delicate receiverPatanjali, 134:same way as the nervous system telegraphs to the brain the external contacts it makes. It is thisPatanjali, 134:yoga bring about - the power to transmit to the brain the thoughts, wishes and will of the ego orPatanjali, 142:of the thinker, the mind and the physical brain will take care of the other, and this must not bePatanjali, 163:to the mind via the lower instrument of the brain. Having reached this stage the seer is then ablePatanjali, 163:correctly, the seer can transmit to the physical brain of the lower personal self (the reflectionPatanjali, 163:himself, or upon the world of cause) and the brain, which is the receiving plate upon which thePatanjali, 179:worlds and bring about (in the man's physical brain) the power to discriminate between the real andPatanjali, 180:in the head," or the effulgence found in the brain in the neighborhood of the pineal gland. This isPatanjali, 183:use the mind as desired and to transmit to the brain, higher thoughts, abstract ideas, andPatanjali, 184:and meditation) transmits to the physical brain, via the sutratma or thread which passes downPatanjali, 184:passes down through the three sheaths to the brain, that which the soul knows, sees andPatanjali, 212:of the thinker is transferred out of the lower brain consciousness into that of the spiritual manPatanjali, 212:of the consciousness to a point within the brain in the neighborhood of the pineal gland, and itsPatanjali, 212:Transfer of the consciousness out of the head or brain into the mind or mental body. In thisPatanjali, 212:the mind or mental body. In this transfer, the brain remains keenly alert and the withdrawal isPatanjali, 212:is then brought about a condition in which the brain, the mental body and the egoic body form aPatanjali, 213:in which the spiritual man transmits to the brain via the mind that which is visioned, seen,Patanjali, 213:in this way, the knowledge becomes part of the brain contents and is available for use upon thePatanjali, 221:of response in the physical man via the brain to the higher impressions. This ability to respond toPatanjali, 222:nature is awakened, and the effect upon the brain can be seen as insanity in some form or other,Patanjali, 222:dealt with in black magic, and consist of the brain, the lungs, the heart, the spleen and thePatanjali, 225:plane, Or the bringing down into the lower brain consciousness, of light, illumination andPatanjali, 229:light and wisdom from the ego or soul, to the brain via the mind can be safely undertaken. Patanjali, 230:man's perception becomes simply mental and the brain consciousness is all that is active on thePatanjali, 232:of the soul or ego to impress and illuminate the brain through the medium of the mind. Patanjali, 246:This process, which is carried on within the brain, brings the entire lower man into a state of
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