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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAIN

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Soul, 69:activity of the mind. Through the medium of the brain the soul galvanizes the body into consciousSoul, 70:body and having its point of contact in the brain, drive its instrument into fully controlledSoul, 74:as a function or the sum of the functions of the brain; thus Pierre J. G. Cabanis (1757-1808),Soul, 74:J. G. Cabanis (1757-1808), taught that the brain secretes thought as the stomach digests food."Soul, 79:which regards the soul as the product of brain activity is perhaps not entirely wrong but isSoul, 85:Plato held that the vital principle was in the brain and that brain and spinal cord wereSoul, 85:the vital principle was in the brain and that brain and spinal cord were coordinators of vitalSoul, 85:whilst Strato placed it in the forepart of the brain, between the eyebrows. Hippocrates placed theSoul, 85:placed the consciousness or soul in the brain and Herophilus made the calamus scriptorius the chiefSoul, 85:the soul in the cerebellum, or the little brain, and stated that it was concerned in theSoul, 85:methods, argued for the fourth ventricle of the brain as the home of the soul in man. HippolytusSoul, 86:Middle Ages, identified the ventricles of the brain as the seat of the soul or conscious life. Dr.Soul, 86:follows: The first or anterior ventricle of the brain, which was supposed to look towards theSoul, 86:as a second stage in their progress through the brain. The third ventricle was the seat of theSoul, 87:as the seat of the soul. As parts of the brain are double, the localities to be selected were verySoul, 87:I, p. 97. Roger Bacon regarded the center of the brain as the place where the soul could be found.Soul, 87:center of its vital or vegetative activity, the brain of its intellectual activity." - Hollander,Soul, 88:He also [88] taught that the cellules of the brain are the seat of the intellect. Vesalius, theSoul, 88:between the gray and white matter of the brain and to describe the five ventricles, "distinguishedSoul, 88:three souls... and he assigned to the brain the chief soul, the sum of the animal spirits, whoseSoul, 88:connecting the third and fourth ventricle of the brain. Telesio in De Rerum Natura "taught that theSoul, 88:eluding our senses. Its seat is chiefly the brain, but it extends also to the spinal cord, theSoul, 88:memory, etc., to different parts of the brain. Vieussens located the soul in the centrum ovale.Soul, 89:striata are a pair of large ganglia of the brain immediately under the anterior and superior regionSoul, 89:under the anterior and superior region of the brain. Hollis concluded that "both sensation andSoul, 89:movement have their power in the medulla of the brain. This therefore is the seat of the soul,"Soul, 89:which we are endowed... have, somewhere, in the brain, secret communications by means of which theySoul, 90:The relation of psychical qualities to the brain has become the subject of consideration, and todaySoul, 90:teaching as to the triplicity of soul, mind and brain, to be appreciated and understood. AfterSoul, 91:into By the next soul, which, seated in the brain, Useth the first with its collected use, AndSoul, 103:highest centers are located in the cortex of the brain, where knowledge of action and sensation isSoul, 103:the basal-ganglia in each hemisphere of the brain. They are known as thalamus and corpus striatum.Soul, 103:to the chief motor center in the cortex of the brain. Normally, the auxiliary motor centers areSoul, 103:As this is the highest reflex center in the brain and as all impressions ascend to it, it is calledSoul, 105:blood, the heart, and the breath. Generally the brain was not so regarded. The Vaidik system positsSoul, 105:of the cerebro-spinal system and in the upper brain (Sahasrara), which they describe, though theSoul, 107:by the soul or self, seated in the mind and brain consciousness, and from there assuming control ofSoul, 113:the other the thousand-petalled lotus of the brain. The system of bloodvessels is an exact pictureSoul, 113:in fact, only its shadow. Like the heart, the brain has its upper and lower divisions - theSoul, 113:with the central spinal system, comprising the brain or encephalon, contained within the skull, andSoul, 114:and optic nerves, from the parts of the brain just in front of the bulb. Writers of the Yoga andSoul, 114:finally opening into the fourth ventricle of the brain, and descends to the second lumbarSoul, 116:which carry motor impulses descending from the brain to the spinal cord cross over rather suddenlySoul, 116:Atma. Both mind and body, of which latter the brain is a part, are imperfect or veiled expressionsSoul, 117:the appearance of unconsciousness. The living brain is constituted of gross sensible matterSoul, 117:the body, neither is it a mere function of the brain. The fact that mental consciousness isSoul, 117:is affected or disappears with disorder of the brain proves the necessity of the latter for theSoul, 117:and not that consciousness is inherent alone in brain or that it is the property of the same. OnSoul, 122:and is often referred to as the instinctual brain. Bhagavan Das teaches us that: "It is worthSoul, 123:the lungs and heart. It may be regarded as the brain of the sympathetic system, and responds withSoul, 133:thus the relationship between the mind and the brain may be understood and utilized. [134] WhenSoul, 134:and adore, but the link between soul, mind and brain is lacking. When to this mystical equipmentSoul, 134:who work with consecrated heart and brain and set their seal on world thought. Hitherto the way ofSoul, 136:act is followed by the pouring down into the brain (by way of the controlled mind) of soulSoul, 138:psychism is due to the small development of the brain and the dominance of the sympathetic system,Soul, 148:between soul and soul and between soul and brain. This latter form has been called inspiration andTelepathy, 5:stepped it down) until it registered in the brain of Colonel House. He, not recording the sourceTelepathy, 5:which is powerful enough to be recognized by the brain. Here we have a law governing a subjectiveTelepathy, 6:in his mind-consciousness, untrammelled by the brain or the emotional nature, he will discover theTelepathy, 6:results in a lesser receiving station, the brain. This is possible through the strengthening of aTelepathy, 7:man, in exoteric expression, who has aligned his brain, his mind, and his soul. Telepathy, 7:mind illumined by the soul consciousness. The brain, reacting to the individual mind, and The groupTelepathy, 8:they are also so aligned that the soul, mind and brain are coordinated and are beginning toTelepathy, 8:animal world serves usually as the instinctual brain. This type of telepathic communication isTelepathy, 12:in the soul consciousness. The mind and the brain have, at the same time, to be brought intoTelepathy, 13:is Between soul and mind. Between soul, mind and brain. This is as far as interior individualTelepathy, 21:Telepathic work between soul, mind and brain. In [22] this stage the mind still remains theTelepathy, 22:and sent out as embodied thought-forms to the brain of the disciple. In time, and as the result ofTelepathy, 26:of contact must be that of mental energy and brain electrical energy. The magnetic power of love toTelepathy, 27:human soul working from mind to mind and from brain to brain. It is literally a state ofTelepathy, 27:soul working from mind to mind and from brain to brain. It is literally a state of consciousnessTelepathy, 27:mental impression which must be recorded in the brain consciousness of the recipient opens a way inTelepathy, 27:propensities of the chitta) that the brain becomes responsive in two ways: It is rendered passiveTelepathy, 28:is a reflection upon a lower plane, and in the brain consciousness, of the mind's ability to holdTelepathy, 29:and to contact the mind of the sender. The brain should register a reflection of the mind content.Telepathy, 30:the rush of ill-regulated [30] mental energy or brain radiation which negates efforts. Therefore aTelepathy, 41:makes its impact upon the consciousness of the brain in the location lying just behind the ajnaTelepathy, 61:spiritual unity. It can convey into the brain the needed energies and that occult information whichTelepathy, 72:degree produces certain changes within the brain, with corresponding changes within the buddhicTelepathy, 74:by a Monad (that meaningless term) upon the brain of a man who has constructed the antahkarana andTelepathy, 88:mind and then imparted to and registered by the brain. The one who is the impressing agent in thisTelepathy, 104:mind, the astral body, the energy body, or the brain) the imparted and registered impression hasTelepathy, 104:occult student is to record directly in the brain impressions from the Spiritual Triad (and laterTelepathy, 105:be a direct descent from mental levels to the brain, avoiding all contact with the astral body;Telepathy, 105:plane, which is but the registration by the brain of passing "events"; it is the higher mentalTelepathy, 105:focus, and to the power to record. The stage of brain reception. The accuracy of this receptionTelepathy, 105:be dependent upon the quality of the physical brain cells, upon the polarization of the thinkingTelepathy, 105:man in the head center, and the freedom of the brain cells from all emotional impression. TheTelepathy, 106:the registered impression is conveyed to the brain consciousness, i.e., to the physical planeTelepathy, 107:than the personality) can descend into the brain. At first, this channel and alignment must beTelepathy, 107:and alignment must be established between the brain and the soul; this will involve all the threeTelepathy, 114:pass in order to make an impact upon the human brain is the planetary etheric body. This isTelepathy, 152:the true response apparatus and which - via the brain - telegraphs information to the mind or, viaTelepathy, 152:- telegraphs information to the mind or, via the brain and the mind, keeps the soul informed. It is
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