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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRAINS

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Astrology, 588:and intuitives who will use their minds and brains in the affirmation of right. It was for theAutobiography, 14:most beautiful girls I have ever seen and her brains are superlative. I have always been devoted toAutobiography, 19:Trobe stock. They belonged to the aristocracy of brains and that is of greater importance in theseAutobiography, 34:people) and I was jealous of my sister, her brains and good looks. I had been taught the narrowestAutobiography, 123:down the ages. Hence other human and finite brains can appear and give other, deeper, moreAutobiography, 127:of women, with less background, education and brains were probably doing better. I was tired ofAutobiography, 212:the Tibetan, and still possess one's own set of brains and be an intelligent human being. ThroughDiscipleship1, 29:as your minds increase in sensitivity and your brains become more responsive to mental impulses.Discipleship1, 68:if you are capable of such alignment - upon your brains. This process can be either rapid or slow.Discipleship2, 303:phrases would have conveyed to their slow-moving brains absolutely nothing. Primitive man had notDiscipleship2, 362:It is dependent upon the responsiveness of human brains, and their recognition of need and itsExternalisation, 425:and the promulgation of evil. They stimulate the brains of men through the extent of their evil andExternalisation, 495:deterioration of their minds, and then of their brains and nervous systems. None of the menExternalisation, 585:from the Ashram, but of this, in their physical brains, they know nothing and care less. Part ofExternalisation, 652:worked behind the scenes, utilizing the minds, brains and physical equipment of Their disciples inFire, 747:felt on this. They meditate in Their physical brains, and therefore in substance as does man, butHealing, 233:truly as the man who deliberately blows out his brains. This is seldom realized, but the truth willHealing, 411:victims of a collective hallucination, and the brains and minds of thousands of people are untrueInitiation, 188:manner incomprehensible to our three-dimensional brains. This path is taken by the man to whom theIntellect, 239:but devotion, unbalanced by good sense and brains, leads to much stupid action and muchIntellect, 239:trained and highly developed minds, and fine brains (to act as sensitive recorders of the higherMagic, 55:different; I seek to interest the minds and brains (and therefore the lower self) of students inMagic, 83:say, We desire not a God constructed by the brains of theologians. Therefore the true innerMagic, 118:are seeping through into their bewildered brains causing in apparent momentary clashing of ideas.Magic, 175:become aware of the knowledge stored up in the brains of disciples on the same ray as themselves.Magic, 177:nature of the [177] aspirant or chela. Some have brains that act telepathically as transmitters. IMagic, 177:by one of the great staff of teachers. Their brains, being receptive transmitters, enable them toMagic, 403:initiates. [403] The Masters found the minds and brains of chelas curiously insensitive to theMagic, 462:the custodians of the plan and their minds and brains are illumined by the light of the intuition,Meditation, 345:that which [345] arises, who brings zeal but no brains to bear on this problem of service, butProblems, 126:find through the filter of their own minds and brains and in the process inevitably stepping downPsychology1, 12:today precipitate this "raincloud" so that the brains of men everywhere can register the contact.Psychology1, 98:victims of a collective hallucination, and the brains and minds of thousands [99] of people arePsychology2, 667:that they may employ every possible means which brains and money can use in their endeavor, andRays, 245:the physical plane, relating the minds and the brains of advanced human beings. People are apt toRays, 707:particular hierarchical status in their physical brains, having deliberately relinquished thisTelepathy, 7:mind, and The group of those whose minds and brains are similarly tuned and telepathically related.Telepathy, 22:the disciple can in this way reach the mind and brains of other disciples. This is an exceedingly
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