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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREAK

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Astrology, 323:by the God of [323] the Waters. When the "waters break and are carried away," the Mother givesAstrology, 580:the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadilyAtom, 109:to the not-self we inevitably learn, and finally break loose from the impermanent and the unreal.Autobiography, 47:relatively unaware of them. I had made a clean break with my family and had brought my life as aAutobiography, 47:as a society girl to an end. When I say "a clean break" I do not mean that I had severed allAutobiography, 56:on a platform than anywhere else. Belfast saw me break free in that connection. I remember onceAutobiography, 73:having a grand time night after night trying to break the place up. About twenty of them would comeAutobiography, 83:myself whether my Master K.H. had used him to break the shell of formalism in me. This old bearerAutobiography, 86:not dare ask anyone about it. In 1906 I began to break down physically. The headaches to which IAutobiography, 86:frazzle. Three things were responsible for this break. First, I was shouldering far too muchAutobiography, 149:minutes I sat on my bed watching them trying to break down those very strong doors. They did notAutobiography, 271:which the lesser interpretations and methods break and drop away. He teaches certain unalterableBethlehem, 71:to an end the hatred rampant upon earth and break down all the separating walls which divide manBethlehem, 78:those who have been so tested that they will not break or crack when difficulties come and darkBethlehem, 79:quiet; they must not be disturbed; no one must break in on them. None of these difficulties wouldBethlehem, 100:was faced with this. A clear, clean interior break is to be made with the past before we can faceBethlehem, 274:Dr. Hocking tells us, "that can infallibly break the walls of the Self, opens up at once anBethlehem, 275:is no need for human failure, nor for a definite break in the continuity of revelation. There isDiscipleship1, 26:before the Hierarchy at this time is to break and dissipate the world glamor. This has to happen onDiscipleship1, 26:holds the sons of men in thrall. By learning to break through the glamor in their own lives and toDiscipleship1, 37:transmitters of that form of energy which will break up the existing glamors and illusions, and soDiscipleship1, 37:of force. Present day healers should endeavor to break loose from the modern and traditional ideasDiscipleship1, 54:will know, you will perceive and the light will break in; the power to work will come to you. WeDiscipleship1, 116:You have a faith of tempered steel which cannot break. Remember, however, that where the tide ofDiscipleship1, 192:your mental activity ceases there is a complete break. You then function as a sentient, emotionallyDiscipleship1, 286:her with your wisdom and your love, and help her break through into greater usefulness. In closingDiscipleship1, 312:can act as a real hindrance. The chains must break, leaving only a golden thread between each soulDiscipleship1, 312:between each soul - a golden thread which cannot break. Two things I would impress upon you at thisDiscipleship1, 365:to be dynamic and brief. It can, if so used, break through obstructions and "clear the way" for theDiscipleship1, 410:The structure of your daily living will not break down if, for instance, you do not answer theDiscipleship1, 420:is needed. it [420] should be one that will break down any tendency to crystallize which may beDiscipleship1, 478:or what words I can say which will enable you to break through the limitations which surround you.Discipleship1, 481:will intensify your outer expression and thus break the personality tension? I have pondered uponDiscipleship1, 506:not there for a long time. It will aid you to break the power of ancient thought-forms. You ask:Discipleship1, 507:"If there were some one thing I could do to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, howDiscipleship1, 508:suspicion or urge to investigate) permit you to break into the rhythm of that period. Sit still,Discipleship1, 508:the gift of love. Use that power to love and break your chains in order to serve with freedom andDiscipleship1, 519:You are learning fast, my brother, and can break through to a deepened and more realized knowledgeDiscipleship1, 520:carry the triumphant note of the soul who knows. Break through, my brother, from the trammels ofDiscipleship1, 524:of handling these forces in order to break the sixth ray hold which that type of energy has had onDiscipleship1, 526:and mental capacity) a relatively easy thing to break down, and so walk in the light. But you haveDiscipleship1, 602:yourself had constructed and used. You had to break your old thought-form of intrigue, of ambitionDiscipleship1, 737:little true outgoing love is present. Until they break through and truly love, their usefulness isDiscipleship2, 63:than they would normally take. Will they break under the impact of self-discovery and theDiscipleship2, 95:The factor entailed, therefore, is a definite "break with the past," and the entering into a newDiscipleship2, 136:reality, of such life and potency that it can break through or break up all limiting outerDiscipleship2, 136:life and potency that it can break through or break up all limiting outer organizations and, by theDiscipleship2, 194:part of the soul-infused personality, a definite break in consciousness between the lower mind andDiscipleship2, 408:as the kingdom of men is rooted in and is a break-away from the animal kingdom. 2. The antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 483:and circumstance bring you into . Break loose - hard though it may be - from theDiscipleship2, 485:of your already developed nature and thus break down the barriers which may exist; thus you willDiscipleship2, 488:my brother, with perfect safety you could break the connecting link, but owing to your age it isDiscipleship2, 503:he is a member of an Ashram; he must permit no break in the established relationship, or anyDiscipleship2, 519:of your meditation, light upon the subject may break forth: Shamballa is the place of purpose. ItDiscipleship2, 602:complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separate barriers; otherwiseDiscipleship2, 690:you can do this (and it is not easy for you to break loose from tradition and background)Discipleship2, 698:your need. Respond in love to all these three. Break through the double cloud which has so longDiscipleship2, 699:productions upon your personality will be to break down the opposition which it presents to soulDiscipleship2, 700:through the massed sound of music, to break down the personality-imposed barriers between the freeDiscipleship2, 754:will have the power, figuratively speaking, to break through the wall which prevents the innerExternalisation, 4:and that some of Them are also preparing to break Their long silence and may appear later amongExternalisation, 26:if all aspirants and disciples can cooperate to break through the shell of separation and hatredExternalisation, 97:results to the human family and an inevitable break in the tension which will take a form that willExternalisation, 273:are more closely aligned and related, light will break out among the sons of men as a whole, justExternalisation, 296:works is dead. It is here that there is a break in the magnetic link which should unite the AvatarExternalisation, 342:the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantly recurring cycle, and a steadilyExternalisation, 366:cooperation; this alone will be strong enough to break down 'racial barriers, heal the wounds ofExternalisation, 427:prolong the war, dishearten the fighting forces, break down national and military morale, and lay aExternalisation, 502:In the West, what the Great Ones seek to break is not the form of Christianity but the grip of theExternalisation, 502:imprisoned and struggling life. That life must break forth. It cannot be confined by the ancientFire, 490:attention upon the form, and seek to shatter and break that form, or the combination of atoms, inFire, 581:take at any one particular time. All eventually break under the working of this law. Its workingsFire, 592:a fresh opportunity will come; old forms will break, and in another mahamanvantara, and in itsFire, 651:of the Wisdom Religion, and above all to break loose from the preconceived dogmas of pre-war days.Fire, 950:the Great Ones in Their work of enabling men to break loose from the influence of this self-imposedFire, 950:in training and teaching individuals, who thus break away from blind group activity, and becomeFire, 1002:the man, and he gives the living form power "to break loose." It is exactly at this point,Fire, 1039:initiates know of or can follow; these can break in upon any of the lesser impulses, and can beFire, 1049:says: "The drops of moisture grow heavier. They break as rain upon the lowest plane. They sink intoFire, 1250:within the flame of the planetary Life) and break it up in such a manner that it can pass throughGlamour, 15:which the developed intuition can do is to break the glamor and illusion which invade the life. OneGlamour, 102:of bridging or of "occultly healing" [102] this break in the continuity of the spiritualGlamour, 212:In the case of the individual who is seeking to break up glamor in his individual life, he shouldHealing, 224:the future will have to cope; it must inevitably break down national prejudices and racial barriersHealing, 415:which great ideals are embodied...All eventually break under the working of this law. - Page 581.Hercules, 8:yet. [8] Astrology as now practised is doomed to break down, owing to the rapidity with which soulsHercules, 20:all those who sought to supervise him; he had to break away from authority and set out to find hisHercules, 56:I was told, so near him must be the tree. I must break down his guard and, thus destroying him,Hercules, 56:break down his guard and, thus destroying him, break down and pluck the fruit." Yet, wrestling withHercules, 169:upon a rock, and groaned as if his heart would break. His hands and legs were shackled; the massiveHercules, 193:did before? When you have done all you can to break down the walls and to express life and love,Initiation, 103:in another incarnation, but will not serve to break down those barriers, outer and inner, andInitiation, 148:The question may be asked whether any initiates break their oath. Very rarely, for we must rememberIntellect, 186:the operation of which the soul is enabled to break the fetters of intellection. The latter isIntellect, 246:are secret faults which they know but cannot break; there is the desire for fame and power; thereMagic, 170:unnecessary word or unkind [170] thought will break the rhythm which he believes has been set up.Magic, 334:and studied in all kingdoms of nature. This will break down all barriers of race and allMagic, 340:soul, for, since there is no inclination to break it, there is no tendency on his part to infringeMagic, 405:secondly, that something should be done to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolationMagic, 474:up a wall of separation. Long time it takes to break that wall and so release the stored-up,
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