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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREAK

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Magic, 487:a lie or item of gossip. Devitalize it by love, break it in pieces by the power of a counterMagic, 544:is technically called the Sixth Round. The final break or division between the so-called black andMagic, 616:a little distance on the Path. Flickers of light break through the clouds of mist and fog, He hearsMagic, 623:points of strain, and evinces a tendency to break [624] down physically, or to lower his ideal soMeditation, 45:of numbers) is so strong that he cannot break away from it even if he will. Certain racialMeditation, 134:enforced, and by fair means or foul they seek to break down all opposition and for the personalMeditation, 177:the will of the one who calls. Mantrams that break the charm, if I may put it so, and place theMeditation, 204:use. [204] There is no question that those who break the law perish by the law, whilst those whoMeditation, 303:other schools and teachers, but he must first break his connection with the old. The oneMeditation, 336:stimulation of music. Certain sounds shatter and break. Certain other sounds stimulate and attract.Meditation, 341:illumination may come, and the realization break upon you that the point has been reached when thePatanjali, 149:body and the whole objective of the ego is to break down that inertia and drive its lowest vehicleProblems, 31:and the courage to overcome defeatism, to break the chain of hampering theologies - political,Problems, 178:- at present - isolated efforts are useless to break down the barriers of greed and hate with whichPsychology1, 5:that some of the theories, even the best proven, break down, given varying conditions. The fieldPsychology1, 91:mechanism, but owns one that must inevitably break down at some point that is conditioned by anPsychology1, 99:the fact of the soul, however; it only serves to break down the materialistic position. It is amongPsychology1, 115:strength of their own souls. We who teach would break a law and hinder their development if wePsychology2, I can:Raise us into the light and make the sacrifice. Break down for us the prison wall and enter intoPsychology2, 141:Group of Destroyers takes it up, and proceed to break up the old forms of truth so as to make roomPsychology2, 142:old, so that there can be no dangerous gap or break. They are those who bring [143] about aPsychology2, 159:of a crystallized shell, which is far harder to break than the normal prison of the life of thePsychology2, 170:the world.' The Follower answered: 'How shall I break my tunnel down? How can I find a way?' NoPsychology2, 189:transmitters of that type of energy which will break up the existing maya or illusion and dissipatePsychology2, 280:realized, and the radiance deep concealed will break forth into being." We shall then have a newPsychology2, 374:poised and still, yet alert, the light will break in and reveal to the disciple that which he needsPsychology2, 423:leading to the sense of frustration and a break in the life continuity of interest, can be cured byPsychology2, 437:him. The difficulty here lies in a definite break or failure of continuity between the mind nature,Psychology2, 668:turn of the spiral; they will heal the breaches, break down the barriers, and end the cleavages. Psychology2, 670:little isolated efforts are utterly useless to break down the barriers of hate and separationPsychology2, 695:our prime objective at this time is twofold: To break an ancient rhythm and to establish a new andPsychology2, 717:men and women throughout the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races,Rays, 181:As man develops the will aspect, he learns to break loose from the aura of the deva evolution, andRays, 195:evoked, can penetrate occultly and drive out or break down and through the separating veilingRays, 223:stimulated and vitalized and is now seeking to break out of its confining form. The vehicle of theRays, 246:sound and carried on the waves of color which break upon the shores of the three worlds of humanRays, 283:supervenes which finally enables the Master to break through the planetary ring-pass-not, and thusRays, 326:embracing the mental plane was a definite gap, a break in the continuity of conscious contact or anRays, 392:will bear these facts in mind, some light may break through and, in any case, when the student orRays, 430:the majority of the United Nations or - must it break in disaster over the world? Will it present aRays, 655:this will enable the Christ to break down the barriers and the separating walls which selfish,Rays, 700:of the experience. The concept of a clean break with the old life in the three worlds of experienceReappearance, 82:to those energies and forces which will break down the barriers of separation, and which will blendReappearance, 94:realized, and the radiance, deep concealed, will break forth into Being." We shall then have a newReappearance, 185:men and women throughout the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races,Reappearance, 188:our main objective is, at this time, twofold: To break the ancient and evil rhythms and establish aSoul, 61:a genuine entity filling all space, without any break or cavity anywhere, the one omnipresentTelepathy, 38:a group love of such strength that nothing can break it and no barriers rise up between you; toTelepathy, 38:of any of the group members which could break into the carefully established rhythm. For it isTelepathy, 90:progression or the Law of Correspondences break down in the understanding of the purpose and theTelepathy, 118:work. Let us take this important concept and break it up into its component parts for the sake ofTelepathy, 142:planetary energy which ceaselessly and without break in time, creates it, changes and qualifies it.
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