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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREAKING

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Astrology, 343:Capricorn the [343] trials of initiation and the breaking of all the bonds which the processes ofAstrology, 532:unimpaired. The Hierarchy stands. Light is breaking in the world as the realities of the situationAtom, 60:loosing of the silver cord is mentioned, or the breaking of that magnetic link which unites theAtom, 71:a period in which all the forms of thought seem breaking up, in which the religious life of theAtom, 72:history, a period which is characterized by the breaking up of nations, the smashing of oldAutobiography, 25:years later, I am still conscious that I am breaking rules if I put my elbows on the table - whichAutobiography, 149:to me via my bathroom or the other bedroom meant breaking down two doors in each case and the riskAutobiography, 274:teacher, and the work of world disciples who are breaking up the old ways and instituting new andBethlehem, 144:produce that right action which will make the breaking of the commandments impossible. The "shaltBethlehem, 204:law of God. What we are really doing is breaking the Law of Love, which knows no separation, butBethlehem, 263:and to found the new kingdom, then the breaking down today of the old forms, and the widespreadDestiny, 43:for investigation and adventure; hence also the breaking down of the old and limiting forms throughDestiny, 52:we have in all these countries a process of "breaking-down" and of destruction of old forms priorDestiny, 52:of the soul ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period; this demonstration of destructionDestiny, 143:unique arrangement) in another fifty years, thus breaking into its own normal cycle, because it isDiscipleship1, 231:can act as focal points for spiritual energy, breaking up that which hinders and pouring aDiscipleship1, 232:what way I can register this development? By the breaking up of old adhesions (to use the languageDiscipleship1, 252:service and a more true self-forgetfulness. The breaking of the influence of sixth ray energy, asDiscipleship1, 293:with humility go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the world illusion. Your rays, brother ofDiscipleship1, 383:to be rendered with undivided attention. This breaking can be done almost instantaneously if yourDiscipleship1, 397:any definite world work to do along the line of breaking up the world illusion. How can you destroyDiscipleship1, 473:work along the established lines will see you breaking - past recovery - old thought habits andDiscipleship1, 681:that which is good and fundamental while breaking from the past and add to it that which is ofDiscipleship1, 704:usually registered) and the necessity for breaking the barriers imposed by the personality. ThisDiscipleship2, 33:Morya. He is now preoccupied with the work of breaking up - along with other trusted first rayDiscipleship2, 46:contact only exists within him in embryo. He is breaking loose from the mass consciousness withDiscipleship2, 449:just as the life within reaches the point of "breaking forth" into the light. It is that moment ofDiscipleship2, 536:of work will come to you through the means of a breaking down of a wall of pride, and aDiscipleship2, 552:and listen. Then across the silence and breaking into the current of your quiet thought will come aDiscipleship2, 600:experience as a means whereby there can be the breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and aDiscipleship2, 686:of the solar plexus into the heart center, thus breaking down some of the limitations which willDiscipleship2, 690:yourself to deep meditation; it means the breaking down of ancient prejudices and preconceivedExternalisation, 82:you do not find yourselves full of hate and breaking the law of love - the only law which can trulyExternalisation, 120:country - the lords of evolution are forcing the breaking up of the rhythm of concentration andExternalisation, 134:moving onwards of the wandering Jews indicate a breaking down, upon a worldwide scale, of all outerExternalisation, 255:and of imposed and penalizing rule which is breaking the heart of humanity and causing deepExternalisation, 327:in the world - directly or indirectly - and the breaking down of the structure of well-establishedFire, 122:may ensue to him should that body (through the breaking of the law) no longer perform itsFire, 133:of destruction, carry on their necessary work of breaking up the form; they scatter it - as it isFire, 239:which is simply the light of the [239] intuition breaking through the barriers that the rationalFire, 362:of the life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmicFire, 494:travel into its new form. Many have succeeded in breaking the form so that the life has escaped butFire, 539:of Knowledge for the physical plane. Through the breaking of the Law and the ensuing suffering theFire, 574:colors back to their synthesis. It controls the breaking up of the One into the seven, and then theFire, 581:involution it controls the process of the [581] breaking up of group souls; it governs the periodsFire, 581:vehicles touched upon above, but in the breaking up of the forms in which great ideals areFire, 582:in a special manner, causing a very definite breaking-up of something that is tending toFire, 583:- the initiation which marks the final breaking with the three worlds, and the disintegration ofFire, 759:a respiritualization of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the EpiscopalFire, 878:the moon" as it is called. This results in the breaking of the magnetic link between the true man,Glamour, 15:use the world aspirants as an instrument for the breaking of group glamor wherever it may be found.Glamour, 72:that he is working with substance, with the breaking up of the forms which it has assumed, and withGlamour, 224:those who seek to serve humanity by deliberately breaking up and dispersing the glamors which holdHealing, 90:predisposing incentives to good health. [90] By breaking this Law of Rhythm, man has disorganizeHealing, 91:make the plan work. The result is frequently the breaking down of the nervous system, which couldHealing, 235:the heritage of all humanity, for in all, the breaking of certain laws will bring about theseHealing, 316:Those where the difficulty is due to the breaking down of the brain tissue. Far more of these areHealing, 359:when added to that of the patient, aids in the breaking of the illusion and of the glamorousHealing, 404:and to meet requirements which an earlier breaking of the laws governing right human relations haveHealing, 415:destruction of discarded vehicles, but in the breaking up of the forms in which great ideals areHealing, 422:of destruction, carry on their necessary work of breaking up the form; they scatter it - as it isHealing, 474:established which has the effect of loosening or breaking the connection between the nadis and theHealing, 545:handling of ill health is a major factor in breaking down separateness and a sense of aloneness andHealing, 552:of limitation and of destruction to be breaking down and destroying his physical outer form. WhenHealing, 607:quite simply, and I enumerate them because the breaking down of a [608] paragraph into its clearHercules, 47:the spirit. The name Orion literally means "the breaking forth of light." Again and again, as weHercules, 163:in Sagittarius. There has been a complete breaking down of everything in Scorpio; everything hasHercules, 163:not enlarge upon it, there has been a complete breaking down of everything. As one person said toHercules, 192:and economic fields are working for; the breaking down of prejudice and learning to think inHercules, 192:to think in general terms, in wholes. The breaking down of barriers on a large scale has to beHercules, 193:river of life and the river of love which, by breaking down the walls, flow through the humanInitiation, 38:often have they come as agents of destruction, breaking up the old forms of religion and ofInitiation, 122:from all trammels in the three worlds and the breaking of all bonds of limiting karma, the visionInitiation, 137:to the idea of the inner central fire gradually breaking through and destroying the confiningIntellect, 44:and salvage our civilization which is so fast breaking down. The East needs knowledge and theIntellect, 184:the races. These two factors are steadily breaking down the old barriers, and demonstrating theIntellect, 233:effort, and the more ordinary mind suddenly breaking through into the realm of ascertainedMagic, 214:bodies matter of an undesirable nature and of breaking down the barriers and limitations to trueMagic, 264:differentiations, and continuous building and breaking, planning and seeing those plans disrupted.Magic, 273:- as you well know. Birth is preceded by the "breaking of the waters" (in medical [274] parlance),Magic, 313:the astral body of this great Life the work of breaking down the separate wall of individualismMagic, 327:endowment. But in the meantime what have we? A breaking away from old established tradition, aMagic, 536:expanding until one by one the Sons of God are breaking through their limitations into the world ofMagic, 590:Such stimulation can produce insanity and the breaking down of the cellular structure of the brain,Magic, 619:in potency and is producing two effects: it is breaking down the crystallized old forms of theMagic, 622:there is a subsequent disaster and cataclysm and breaking down of the form aspect and of that whichMagic, 624:normal, sane and rightly oriented. Others are breaking up emotionally and this produces two effectsMeditation, 16:the synthetic Ray of Love and Wisdom; and by the breaking of the periphery of the causal body inMeditation, 22:goal of meditation is the gradual fracturing, breaking and shattering of the egoic body. Each rayMeditation, 57:destructive factor. In emancipation comes the breaking of the chains, in liberation comes theMeditation, 97:on the mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles.Meditation, 205:three major streams of color issued forth, breaking almost simultaneously into another four, soMeditation, 238:the many or the heterogeneous. It is the breaking up of the one basic color into its many componentPatanjali, 136:the reverse of brotherhood and therefore is the breaking of one of the basic laws of the solarPatanjali, 222:structures in the etheric body and the breaking down of the barriers between this world and thePatanjali, 317:at first simply vivid flashes of illumination, breaking forth into the mind consciousness andProblems, 7:and not to distribute. This has involved the breaking of a law which has placed humanity in aProblems, 114:or rapidly changed. Also, this change and the breaking down of the spirit of separateness has to bePsychology1, 83:were veiled. The time had not arrived for the breaking [84] forth of light. The Word could not bePsychology1, 91:We find all of them, without exception, breaking down under test and limited by disease, or hiding
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