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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREAKS

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Astrology, 392:His eyes upward to where the light of revelation breaks forth and knows at [393] that moment whatAstrology, 442:today in the triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditions by the force of its energyAstrology, 598:as a limitation; this eventually shatters or breaks up that limitation the moment that a point ofBethlehem, 254:the upheaval and the chaos, as humanity breaks out of the tom of selfishness and individualism andBethlehem, 283:possible for the helping of the world. This will breaks down all barriers and elevates the childrenDiscipleship1, 86:the reception of the power from on high which breaks and destroys that which has becomeDiscipleship1, 141:of persistence you have. The dynamic will which breaks down barriers and carries all before it isDiscipleship1, 677:work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through the shattering of the forms manDiscipleship2, 321:essential in their activity. Revelation seldom breaks in all its completed beauty into theDiscipleship2, 398:Law of Sacrifice which "destroys all hindrances, breaks down all impediments and removes allEducation, 105:also an inferiority complex which necessarily breaks out into some form of revolt in theExternalisation, 273:among the sons of men as a whole, just as light breaks out in the individual aspirant. ThisExternalisation, 502:move with gentle gradations and not with breaks and uncorrelated manifestations in the world ofExternalisation, 516:unvarying pressure which eventually breaks down opposition and the walls of separativeness.Fire, 131:The partnership is dissolved. The form then breaks up; the magnetism that has held it in coherentFire, 581:for the two interact upon each other. This law breaks up the forms, and the Law of Attraction drawsFire, 583:loses its usefulness; it crystallizes, breaks, and the evolving life escapes to find for itself newFire, 836:clearly understood if we say that as the form breaks up the lesser builders and devas return toFire, 1277:and look within." He who hath held His speech breaks then the silence. He utters the four deepGlamour, 214:years, until he has freed himself and the light breaks in on the astral plane through the medium ofHealing, 254:the insanities, the obsessions, the mental breaks, the aberrations and the hallucinations. To theHealing, 413:life may shine forth in fullness...This law breaks up the forms and the Law of Attraction drawsHealing, 415:soul... - Pages 735-736. The Law of Attraction breaks up the forms and draws back to primal sourcesHealing, 420:The partnership is dissolved. The form then breaks up; the magnetism that has held it in coherentHealing, 470:electric light, and the "body of light" finally breaks all contact with the dense physical vehicle,Hercules, 3:such time as he mysteriously and miraculously breaks through into a world of peace and plenty,Hercules, 145:it from a new angle of vision. By so doing, he breaks the hydra's grip, and eventually subdues theIntellect, 71:of extension gathers itself together and then breaks down; intellectual activity is entirelyIntellect, 147:to knowledge. But at this point the parallel breaks down. Education in the Occident fails to carryIntellect, 214:focused attention. Then the light, we are told, breaks forth, and we have the illumined man, andIntellect, 253:entering into a state of group awareness, which breaks down all barriers, and leaves none of theMagic, 81:betwixt a man and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, and fuses diverse groups inMagic, 98:of light. When these three suns are one, Brahma breaks forth. A lighted world is born. ThisMagic, 319:(destructive energies, and wrong forces) and he breaks them up into their component parts andMagic, 533:work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through the shattering of the forms manMagic, 616:rain. The drops pour down upon him; the thunder breaks; the lightning flashes in the sky. But asMagic, 617:falling rain. But now the sky is seen; the sun breaks forth and in between the drifting clouds,Meditation, 28:During the fifth period, the Flame gradually breaks through the periphery of the causal body, andMeditation, 137:weakness causes a disintegration; the weak spot breaks and a gap appears, and through that gap evilPsychology1, 64:The Lord of the Burning Ground The Will that breaks into the Garden The Ravisher of Souls ThePsychology1, 91:can be no immortality, for when the machine breaks down and disintegrates there is nothing left butPsychology1, 324:share in common with the animals and which often breaks down when the loved individuals assertPsychology2, 168:sits; they grow in volume and in power. A window breaks and, though the Weaver cries aloud, blindedPsychology2, 248:faculty, latent in all men. A flash of light breaks through to the aspiring mind; a sense ofPsychology2, 248:a beauty, a wisdom and a glory beyond words breaks out before the attuned consciousness of thePsychology2, 282:of the Transfiguration, wherein the light breaks forth, the Touch of Enlightenment is given, andPsychology2, 353:he thus loses sight of self and the light breaks in. It is as if a curtain were raised. In thatPsychology2, 356:between himself and the center, then the "light breaks in." It is this period of crisis whichPsychology2, 374:for a brief period of time until the light breaks in. It is interesting here to note that thePsychology2, 422:success and to achievement of his desire or it breaks him on the wheel of life, either physicallyPsychology2, 730:becoming worn, and when the leash slips or breaks, it is difficult to forecast what the direRays, 56:the first faint sound of the originating Sound breaks upon the ear of the transfigured initiate.Rays, 247:of fact. As beauty in any of its greater forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense isRays, 661:The Law of Analogy and of Correspondences breaks down at a certain point upon the path ofRays, 766:the Threshold, guarded by the Watcher. He who breaks in must stoop and seize after a search of
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