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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREATHED

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Astrology, 313:to you an intelligible truth? In Cancer, God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life andBethlehem, 55:endorsement of our faith. In the magnetic power, breathed out through the words of the BelovedFire, 12:goal for man. *** "AUM," said the Mighty One, He breathed forth to the fifth, the plane which isFire, 836:to the central Heart or to the source which breathed them out. This leaves the lesser devaFire, 845:the bulk of humanity, return to Sirius to be breathed out again into activity. 7. The lunar PitrisHealing, 232:life itself became polluted. Men only lived and breathed in order to be in possession of the utmostInitiation, 151:realization collaborate with the one who has breathed it forth, and thus the work is carried out.Initiation, 154:of Vishnu, or God the Son, [154] and are breathed out by him. By their means the five kingdoms ofMagic, 32:that all people are units of consciousness breathed forth on one of the seven emanations from God.Magic, 144:must work occultly, and through the sound of his breathed forth work, through the truth revealed inMagic, 151:The energy needed for the next step is breathed forth by the soul and passes down into the vitalMagic, 151:which his soul feels called upon to cooperate is breathed forth [152] simultaneously, via the mindMagic, 206:is the subjective element underlying the air breathed in and out) which affects most potently thePatanjali, 54:the sound of conscious Life itself as It is breathed forth into all forms. It is the Word of thePatanjali, 364:objective world is the expression of a life as breathed forth on one or other of these streams. ThePsychology1, 142:is qualified or determined by the ray Life which breathed him forth, and his form nature is coloredRays, 56:to recognize that this self-initiated Sound - breathed forth from a point of tension - is a part ofSoul, 28:of the ground and into his nostrils was never breathed the spirit of God. The East recognizes the
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