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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREATHING

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Atom, 112:those schools and methods which combine forms of breathing exercises with meditation, which teachAutobiography, 275:the use of ancient formulas, words and mantrams, breathing exercises, mysterious hints as to theAutobiography, 276:as a foundation for the new unfolding teaching. Breathing exercises are only given after severalAutobiography, 276:is laid upon their importance because right breathing (esoterically understood) is not dependentAutobiography, 276:not dependent upon control of the lungs and the breathing apparatus but upon correct orientationDiscipleship1, XIV:it wise to give the meditations assigned or the breathing exercises, except in a few cases. TheyDiscipleship1, 104:the time of the Full Moon of May, cease from all breathing exercises. You have followed them forDiscipleship1, 106:I will outline for you that training and that breathing exercise which seems to me to be for youDiscipleship1, 107:You can now resume more active meditation and a breathing exercise which I will give to you. InDiscipleship1, 108:however, an illusion. I wish today to give you a breathing exercise which will blend and fuse theDiscipleship1, 108:would ask you to write a paper upon this triple breathing exercise... I wish you to explain theDiscipleship1, 109:brother. I seek to make a change in your breathing exercise and also in your meditation work and IDiscipleship1, 112:clairvoyance. I will ask you to do the following breathing exercise every day prior to doing yourDiscipleship1, 113:my brother, after you have finished the breathing exercise, proceed then to meditation, beginningDiscipleship1, 193:I will ask you to do the following exercises, in breathing and in focusing. You know well, do youDiscipleship1, 193:in service. Therefore, attempt the following breathing exercise, paying particular attention to theDiscipleship1, 202:I do not intend to do more than give you a short breathing exercise which I would ask you to carryDiscipleship1, 210:yourself in the soul. Then sound the O. M., breathing it out upon the world of men and saying toDiscipleship1, 212:Through right meditation, my brother, and right breathing. I will ask you, therefore, for the nextDiscipleship1, 228:into greater radiance. 3. Then sound the O. M. breathing it forth into the personality. 4. Next, doDiscipleship1, 230:of both the inner and the outer man. The breathing, if correctly followed, should greatly aid inDiscipleship1, 246:I suggest for your consideration the following breathing exercise. Please continue with the sameDiscipleship1, 246:continue with the same meditation. Do a simple breathing exercise each morning and as you work atDiscipleship1, 247:in no way negates lucidity. Proceed with the breathing exercises I assigned you for they areDiscipleship1, 253:of the bodies through correct and supervised breathing and eventual abstraction. Ponder on theseDiscipleship1, 264:in peace (which is yours) and in poise. For you, breathing exercises will do much. Discipleship1, 296:science of force. Now let me give you a simple breathing exercise which has for its main objectiveDiscipleship1, 302:you care to do so, I would suggest the following breathing exercise, to be followed by theDiscipleship1, 302:from using the highest head center in the breathing exercise, beyond recognizing it as the pointDiscipleship1, 302:the following procedure: First of all, do the breathing exercise, outlined above. Then, focusingDiscipleship1, 303:above by me. Sound the Sacred Word again, breathing it out upon the world from the highest point inDiscipleship1, 304:of your ray polarization. Continue with the breathing exercise as outlined in my last instruction.Discipleship1, 304:outline in the following particulars: The breathing exercise. The sounding of the A. U. M. SeeDiscipleship1, 306:than ten minutes to this period. Then do the breathing exercise as hitherto, but place it this timeDiscipleship1, 308:up to their opportunity. Continue with the breathing exercises as heretofore. Then meditate asDiscipleship1, 308:audibly, but sound it this time as the soul, breathing forth light, understanding, and love intoDiscipleship1, 320:mind to the soul. Sound the O. M. as the soul, breathing it out in the will-to-love all beings andDiscipleship1, 343:I wish you to do. For six months cease from the breathing exercise that you have been doing, whichDiscipleship1, 356:One thing I would like to point out: In your breathing exercises which I noted as you worked thisDiscipleship1, 356:in the potency of the thought behind the act of breathing and not at all really in the inflationDiscipleship1, 412:of quiet reflection, which is meditation. No breathing exercises of any kind should be followed byDiscipleship1, 421:conserved and magnetic service. Continue the breathing exercise as heretofore, and then proceed asDiscipleship1, 424:until I again tell you to make a change. Breathing exercises are necessary for you and aid youDiscipleship1, 434:always better so. I have decided to give you no breathing exercises for the space of six months,Discipleship1, 439:exercise which may help you somewhat. Breathing exercises are not advisable in your case nor areDiscipleship1, 455:the head and this, I think, you know. Follow the breathing exercises with care and with attention.Discipleship1, 459:of contact. Continue as heretofore with the breathing exercises and with your moments before theDiscipleship1, 466:to follow the meditation and continue with the breathing exercises that you are now doing. There isDiscipleship1, 506:soul has chosen you should follow. Refrain from breathing exercises for they ever give youDiscipleship1, 546:communicate with you) I would have you do no breathing exercises at all. Later, when your physicalDiscipleship1, 548:thing I would ask you to do is to follow a breathing exercise I will give you. I shall not tell youDiscipleship1, 553:on it. I suggest the following meditation and breathing exercises. ...It may take a little while toDiscipleship1, 573:nature; report them should any occur. After the breathing exercise which I have given you, pleaseDiscipleship1, 573:work: Sound the Sacred Word, the O.M., audibly, breathing it forth from the head to the heart. ThenDiscipleship1, 574:no exercises to follow other than the outlined breathing exercise nor shall I deal specificallyDiscipleship1, 577:I give you at this time is as follows: A simple breathing exercise... Then, sit in perfect innerDiscipleship1, 597:upon the subject of the intuition. Follow the breathing exercises with attention, bearing, ever inDiscipleship1, 603:below: Sound the Sacred Word three times, breathing it out as a soul through the three bodies. SayDiscipleship1, 605:the attitude of the soul. Sound the Sacred Word, breathing it out throughout the entireDiscipleship1, 623:soul to souls will grow and increase. The only breathing exercise which I set you is a series ofDiscipleship1, 651:April or until further notice: After a short breathing exercise, achieve alignment andDiscipleship1, 655:to you. You know. Sound the O. M. as the soul, breathing it out in benediction upon theDiscipleship1, 666:a preliminary exercise. Continue with the simple breathing exercise you are now doing. It is ofDiscipleship1, 666:strength, in this center. Next sound the O. M., breathing it out through the personality andDiscipleship1, 670:dominate the personality. When doing the slow breathing, endeavor to sit erect without tension, andDiscipleship2, XII:Master which made these meditations safe and the breathing exercises useful while he was watchingDiscipleship2, 62:his wishes. Energies are but the rhythm of his breathing and the results of the systolic and theDiscipleship2, 117:the Sacred Word, OM, very softly three times, breathing out and towards. The Soul. The Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 124:[124] knowing yourself to be the soul which is breathing it forth. Believe this sound, carried onDiscipleship2, 451:process for the immediate moment. In all breathing exercises, there are, as you know, the processesDiscipleship2, 451:interludes. Beginners in the mechanics of right breathing seem inevitably engrossed with theDiscipleship2, 452:as you can well imagine, to the rhythm of breathing. It might be regarded in the following way,Discipleship2, 453:of the day, and to the active outer task of breathing forth into the world of men that which it isDiscipleship2, 496:sound the OM three times: Sound it mentally, breathing forth radiance on to the mental plane. SoundDiscipleship2, 496:to the mental plane. Sound it next in a whisper, breathing forth the dispelling power of Light onDiscipleship2, 496:on to the astral plane. Then sound it audibly, breathing illumination on to the physical plane.Discipleship2, 515:throat center. This can be regarded as an act of breathing in and breathing out and constitutes anDiscipleship2, 515:can be regarded as an act of breathing in and breathing out and constitutes an activity carriedDiscipleship2, 605:from the throat center in so doing. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart center,Discipleship2, 641:To produce this concentration, I will give you a breathing exercise with the meditation. Relax andDiscipleship2, 660:sound the OM as a soul, as far as in you lies, breathing it out from soul levels with no fixedDiscipleship2, 687:power of thought. Then sound the OM three times, breathing out the energy of the soul into theDiscipleship2, 687:with the personality, sound the 0M seven times, breathing it out into your environment. This, myExternalisation, 18:then the aspirant is headed towards disaster. Breathing exercises or pranayama training shouldExternalisation, 454:- reaching up into the spiritual realm like a breathing forth of the very soul of humanity; it willFire, 24:His greater Lord makes record due. In the solemn breathing forth the forms are built, the colorFire, 559:as safe, and as unconscious as the act of breathing is now. When this is so (and the time is a longGlamour, 150:that the potency and the symbolic value of breathing exercises consists. The motive is soulGlamour, 217:source of light and power in the three worlds - breathing out the OM into the mind of the attentiveGlamour, 253:give a great deal of dangerous instruction anent breathing - dangerous because it is based on bookGlamour, 254:and well trained occultists. Anyone can teach breathing exercises. It is largely a matter ofGlamour, 254:their deep spirituality. The trouble is that breathing is inevitably related to the OM, but theGlamour, 255:statement, you have the clue to dynamic useful breathing exercises. Unless there is a dearGlamour, 255:just what he is doing as he practices esoteric breathing, and unless the significance of the wordsGlamour, 255:words "energy follows thought" is understood, breathing exercises are sheer waste of time and canGlamour, 255:that only when there is an alliance between breathing and thinking will results be possible. BehindGlamour, 256:who can safely [256] and usefully practice breathing exercises is the man whose will is active -Glamour, 256:can begin to use, with care, directed breathing exercises. But, in the last analysis, it is onlyGlamour, 256:exists or is beginning to be established, then breathing exercises can safely and profitably beGlamour, 256:the disciple must be concerned as he performs a breathing exercise. This idea must embody some
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