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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREATHING

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Glamour, 257:life. I have no intention here of giving any breathing exercises which disciples or aspirants couldGlamour, 257:the student can safely follow certain scheduled breathing exercises and the second phase or theGlamour, 257:the second phase or the result of sound rhythmic breathing will appear. This is Inspiration.Glamour, 257:breathing will appear. This is Inspiration. Breathing exercises, my brother, have a purelyGlamour, 257:preoccupied with the process of directing breathing and so expectant of some phenomenal results,Glamour, 258:the consciousness of the uniqueness of special breathing and the expectancy of phenomenal resultsGlamour, 259:some of the lower aspects of the breath, and the breathing in the case of the above vocalistsGlamour, 259:in the point of tension and involving a breathing process which draws the needed energy upon theGlamour, 259:into being a new mode and type of singing and of breathing, based on a form of mental breathingGlamour, 259:and of breathing, based on a form of mental breathing which will carry energy and consequentGlamour, 259:by means of a new method and technique in breathing. These techniques and exercises will be taught,Glamour, 260:This, my brother, will be the result of right breathing, of controlled and organized rhythm, ofGlamour, 262:cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercises may eventually find a place inGlamour, 262:the OM seven times, it is the equivalent of a breathing exercise; when he can send the energy thusHealing, 45:- The Intelligentsia 4. Throat center Thyroid Breathing apparatus Alimentary canal Creative energyHealing, 60:Solar plexus Tuberculosis Aryan Mental Animal Breathing apparatus Throat center In referring aboveHealing, 76:between: The mind and the lungs. The process of breathing, with its stages of inhalation, theHealing, 78:Hence, also, you will see how carefully assigned breathing exercises, with their subtle effects ofHealing, 78:more generally used. The widespread interest in breathing today evidences a subjective recognitionHealing, 130:The problems connected with the respiratory or breathing system are all related to the heart, andHealing, 132:the breath and the sound, between the process of breathing and the process of creating vibratoryHealing, 242:[242] Science of the Breath will be added - not breathing exercises as now taught, with often suchHealing, 242:taught, with often such dangerous results, but a breathing rhythm imposed by the mind through whichHealing, 323:the inhalation of smoke down the centuries, the breathing in of tainted air, the taking ofHealing, 463:spleen, and two minor centers connected with the breathing apparatus. These will remain normallyHealing, 628:in the petals, is the source of the living, breathing, sensitive human [629] being - from theHercules, 141:upon ensued. The hydra, its nine angry heads breathing flame, emerged. Its scaly tail lashedHercules, 196:Soon Geryon and Hercules stood face to face. Breathing fire and flame from all three heads at once,Initiation, 202:knowledge, who indulges in such practices as "breathing for development," or concentrating upon theIntellect, 93:must precede inspiration. There must be a breathing out from the lower self before there can be aIntellect, 93:out from the lower self before there can be a breathing in by the higher aspect. From theIntellect, 220:from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even andIntellect, 221:a note of warning as to the practice of [221] breathing exercises, except by those who have firstIntellect, 221:and purity are not present, the practice of breathing exercises entails very real dangers. It isIntellect, 221:this too strongly. There are many schools giving breathing instruction at this time, and manyIntellect, 221:instruction at this time, and many exponents of breathing as a means to spiritual development. ItIntellect, 221:or clairvoyant through the practice of certain breathing exercises, but where there is no trueIntellect, 222:me not long ago that he had been taking [222] breathing exercises, with the idea of improving hisIntellect, 222:following of the advice of teachers of breathing. They are quite desperate and frequently are in aIntellect, 222:of uncontrolled psychic troubles, the cause is breathing exercises. In the ancient teachings of theIntellect, 223:physical posture - then indeed he may practice breathing exercises, under proper instruction, andIntellect, 223:for an emotional and weak person to take breathing exercises in order to hasten development, andIntellect, 223:Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will thenIntellect, 228:attainment of physical comfort and control. The breathing is noted as rhythmic and regular.Magic, 18:which we call the brain, the heart, and the breathing apparatus. This is the microcosmic symbol ofMagic, 64:we are concerning ourselves with that One Who, breathing rhythmically, will drive the form intoMagic, 77:This is done by right thinking and not by breathing exercises and holding the nose. When this isMagic, 97:as the soul. He visualizes himself as the soul breathing out energy through the medium of that WordMagic, 149:of occult phrases as in Rule IV. The art of breathing is dealt with in three phases, and these IMagic, 150:breath, and discovers that through deep [150] breathing (including the three stages of the deep,Magic, 150:force centers. Thus the three aspects of "deep breathing" cover the entire soul experience, and theMagic, 150:and concentrated there, prior to the stage of breathing forth. This moment of retention, when [151]Magic, 151:which is ever the paralleling activity of breathing. Then by an act of the will, resulting in aMagic, 151:Then by an act of the will, resulting in a "breathing forth", and engendered or arrived atMagic, 152:need not be said here. Thus, in this science of "breathing deeply" we have the whole process ofMagic, 153:years and with many disciples. Some rules as to breathing, as to helpful process and as toMagic, 159:is the result of a preceding period of rhythmic breathing, paralleled by concentrated meditationMagic, 194:be dynamic. He is told that there will follow a breathing forth, a stirring and a vitalizing whichMagic, 200:A technical study of the science of the centers. Breathing exercises. Learning the technique of theMagic, 206:as the agent of his soul in the three worlds. 6. Breathing Exercises. Little by little as progressMagic, 206:be imparted. Let me point out however that no breathing exercises can be safely used where there isMagic, 206:activities must go hand in hand. The effect of breathing exercises is varied: There is anMagic, 207:assumes a particular rhythm according to the breathing exercises. This kept up for a long period ofMagic, 207:the head center. Let no one doubt the effect of breathing exercises upon the vital body. As surelyMagic, 207:and aid or hinder its right functioning, so do breathing exercises produce potent effects, ifMagic, 208:illustrate: - When you are practicing your daily breathing exercise keep your count with accuracy,Magic, 512:divine inhalation and exhalation. Between this breathing out and the breathing in comes a period ofMagic, 512:exhalation. Between this breathing out and the breathing in comes a period of silence and theMagic, 516:utilization of the interludes, developed in breathing, between points of inhalation and exhalationMagic, 517:interludes between the two aspects of physical breathing for intense activity and the use of theMagic, 518:by the conscious man. As can be seen, these breathing interludes are also two in number, afterMagic, 519:and both know the significance of the physical breathing interludes. But the white magician worksMagic, 568:symbolically, according to the wholeness of the breathing apparatus, and according to the abilityMeditation, 62:in the lap. Then let the aspirant note if his breathing is regular, steady and uniform. Should thisMeditation, 62:Then let him three times intone the Sacred Word, breathing it forth gently the first time andMeditation, 104:unguardedly to arouse the sacred fire through breathing exercises and similar practices; they payMeditation, 156:etheric matter of the physical body, by forms of breathing (respiration and inspiration), and byPatanjali, 72:who aspires to liberation is not to be found in breathing exercises, however, nor in any work withPatanjali, 181:has to understand the significance of right breathing or of posture as they relate to the triplePatanjali, 181:to enlighten and illuminate him. The practise of breathing exercises, for instance, has led thePatanjali, 217:is prevalent and has led to the following of breathing exercises and to the practices dependent forPatanjali, 217:for their success upon the suspension of the breathing process. Most of this has been caused by aPatanjali, 218:of the breath. By stressing the physical act of breathing, much of the true sense of this sutra hasPatanjali, 219:symbolically, according to the wholeness of the breathing apparatus, and according to the abilityPatanjali, 219:out that this is much facilitated by steady even breathing, and the majority of the breathingPatanjali, 219:steady even breathing, and the majority of the breathing exercises when emphasized to the exclusionPatanjali, 219:the regulation of the etheric vehicle through breathing, and the awakening of the centers. The workPatanjali, 221:the body (dense and etheric). This concerns: The breathing apparatus and the use of the breath. ThePatanjali, 222:of the prana or life currents concerns those breathing exercises and rhythmic practices which bringPatanjali, 294:done through life, love and service, not through breathing exercise and sitting for development. 2.Patanjali, ix:various types of meditation practices and breathing exercises, is, from a certain aspect, aPsychology1, 151:great pulsations, and through a form of rhythmic breathing, around the entire solar atom; so thatPsychology1, 267:of the pulsating life [267] of Deity. It is the breathing out and the breathing in of the processPsychology1, 267:[267] of Deity. It is the breathing out and the breathing in of the process of divine existence andPsychology1, 365:constitutes the great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life itself. The Deity works withPsychology2, 158:the practicing of a definite formula of breathing, and regular concentration upon a specific centerPsychology2, 322:In the process of exhalation or of the breathing-out, a certain type of divine energy focusedPsychology2, 322:soul continued in this process of exhalation or breathing-out, initiated by the monad, or the OnePsychology2, 553:of the difficulties connected with the entire breathing apparatus are related to group conditions.Psychology2, 588:plane has been opened by following certain breathing exercises, plus certain postures, and other
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