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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREEDS

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Astrology, 155:second and the second is the third. The Ram that breeds and fertilizes all; the Scapegoat, in [156]Autobiography, 150:is easy for people to be overcome with fear. War breeds fear and Germany, with her terror tacticsHercules, 178:which holds so many back from activity and breeds only inertia, the great fault, we are told, ofMagic, 163:by a human being in relation to his brethren. It breeds hatred, jealousy and envy, and worksProblems, 11:particularly in relation to each other. This breeds dislike, distrust and the disruption of rightProblems, 21:that of any other nation. This in itself breeds distrust. Her territory covers a large part ofProblems, 30:which has distinguished the past and which breeds a growing hatred, and recognize that all nationsProblems, 87:and its various selfish implications; it breeds distrust between peoples and hatred throughout theProblems, 88:of possessions and of cultural progress and breeds an arrogance, a boastfulness and a contempt ofPsychology2, 681:is separative in its effects, [681] and breeds divisions and hatreds. Some of the World Servers andRays, 752:under seal" that which is not good, that which breeds ugliness and hate, and that which distorts
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