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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BREVITY

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Astrology, 9:method whereby to handle it. [9] I decided on brevity, the concise statement of facts (facts toDestiny, 136:out or in full expression). Speaking with brevity, we could say that: The first initiation isDiscipleship1, 166:January 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: With true first ray brevity, you have replied to certain questionsDiscipleship1, 235:whereof I speak and the reason for the brevity of this communication. Understanding grows apace inDiscipleship1, 247:the Plan; be not prolix and train yourself to a brevity which in no way negates lucidity. ProceedDiscipleship1, 252:What are these terms? I will list them with brevity, for you need not, after all your training,Discipleship1, 293:there is no need for me to explain a necessary brevity. I will call to your notice for closerDiscipleship2, 434:this is implicit in these words, and in their brevity they convey the greatest spiritual truths.Discipleship2, 573:to the group meditation and do it with dynamic brevity. A quick rising act of alignment. A momentDiscipleship2, 580:the year, and this again you know. Hence the brevity of this communication. Discipleship2, 584:and upon all your group brothers the relative brevity of life. I say this not from the standpointDiscipleship2, 641:spoken to her and made them known, hence the brevity of my communication to you at this time. YouEducation, 37:is one which I intend to cover with the utmost brevity, writing only a fundamental textbook whichExternalisation, 212:I shall endeavor to speak with a reasonable brevity and clarity, and I do so with complete freedomExternalisation, 241:angles of the vision I can - with the greatest brevity - point out to you; I can indicate the signFire, 326:enumerate a few of these facts with exceeding brevity, as follows: It is the ether which the violetFire, 378:concerning our chain, and have (with the utmost brevity) passed in review the larger aspect of theFire, 645:well-nigh impossible. We might attempt with brevity to state a few of these functions, rememberingFire, 737:the rapidity of their incarnations, and the brevity of the pralayic period. There is little inFire, 1087:wheels of the universe, we will touch with brevity upon the "wheels" which concern the human monad.Glamour, 77:true and selfless love. I am but touching with brevity upon these glamors for each of you canHealing, 110:and so enable the wise to negate effects. This brevity and this system of imparting knowledgeHealing, 356:play in the art of healing?" I can answer with brevity. When we come to work as a group withHealing, 428:I wish to make. Let me tabulate them with brevity. Will you regard them as foundational andMagic, 257:or 'left-hand' path." The reasons for this brevity may be stated to be due to the extremeMagic, 543:work on etheric levels, and hence the relative brevity of the elucidation. Meditation, 120:to undesirable results. Therefore, I shall with brevity touch upon the subject. Upon the innerMeditation, 241:color for healing purposes, the reason for this brevity being that the subject, in order to bePatanjali, 232:marvellous treatise. It is valuable to note its brevity and yet its [233] concise and completePsychology1, 47:a cosmic story in terms of constructive brevity. Thus the three rays of Will, Love and IntelligencePsychology2, 198:Law of Expansive Response We can now, with great brevity, however, touch upon the sixth law and thePsychology2, 378:refer briefly to the Technique of Duality. The brevity is necessary because only disciples of somePsychology2, 689:their importance, and with as much clarity and brevity as this abstruse subject permits. TheRays, 90:Path, in order to convey to them with the utmost brevity and beauty the nature of the life of the
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