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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIDGE

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Rays, 488:the carefully delimited ring-pass-not, and the bridge-builder is ready for the next step. HeRays, 489:of the antahkarana and the visualizing of the bridge of light in all its beauty and completeness.Rays, 489:which has been gathered for the building of the bridge. The creative activity of the imagination isRays, 489:the more beautiful and strong will be the bridge. Visualization is the process whereby the creativeRays, 489:outgoing and responsive to the mind of the bridge-builder. In this connection it should beRays, 490:Each disciple, having successfully organized the bridge substance, having brought into activity theRays, 491:soul. The antahkarana per se, completed by the bridge built by the disciple, is the final medium ofRays, 492:monadic radiation. [492] Therefore, before the bridge can be truly built and "projected on theRays, 493:Then it becomes possible to project the bridge. The vibration is then set up on lower levels ofRays, 493:the Word of Power is known and rightly used, the bridge is rapidly built. Students need feel in noRays, 493:(purpose and tension combined), and the bridge reaches stages of definite outline and structureRays, 495:Down - or rather [495] across - this bridge, descent can be made at will, in order to serveRays, 495:of gradual approach of the two aspects of the bridge - the higher, emanating from the SpiritualRays, 495:5. and 6. Stabilization and Resurrection. The bridge is now built. Thin and tenuous may be itsRays, 495:will slowly weave thread after thread until the bridge stands finished, stable and strong andRays, 497:the group antahkarana gradually appearing - that bridge whereby humanity as a whole will be able toRays, 501:and of preparation for the construction of the bridge by gathering the needed energy from twoRays, 501:dual process of building from both ends of the bridge (if such a phrase is possible andRays, 502:sequential and systematic picturing the "rainbow bridge," the disciple - by a distinct and separateRays, 502:and soul, as occupied with the process of bridge building. He never for one second loses his senseRays, 504:the method to be employed in building the bridge, according to the particular ray technique, andRays, 505:up the seven ray methods of projection. The bridge to be built is called frequently the "rainbowRays, 505:to be built is called frequently the "rainbow bridge" because it is constituted of all the colorsRays, 505:and from the angle of the disciple, the bridge which he builds between the personality and theRays, 505:ray dominates eventually, and in the rainbow bridge the "colors of his rays are heard vibrating;Rays, 505:vibrating; the note of his ray is seen." The bridge built by humanity as a whole is one bridgeRays, 505:The bridge built by humanity as a whole is one bridge composed of the multiplicity of individualRays, 505:groups (one group of each ray type). To this bridge the creative work of all human beings who reachRays, 505:to sight in the radiant light of the sevenfold bridge which humanity will eventually complete. EvenRays, 505:complete. Even in this finally completed bridge - at the end of the world cycle - one ray light andRays, 509:imagination. This line of light (this strand or bridge) is then pictured as colored by the two rayRays, 510:in its turn evokes response from the "rainbow bridge" as built by all other disciples. Thus theRays, 514:to see it performing the esoteric miracle of bridge building. The first ray disciple has,Rays, 518:this comes through the building and use of the bridge between the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 524:entirely to complete and traverse the "rainbow bridge" and to "go to the Father" (as He told HisRays, 532:revelation presents to the initiate the bridge between our cosmic physical plane and the innerRays, 532:and cosmic worlds; this entrance to the bridge (I am speaking in symbols) [533] reveals theRays, 540:of tension arising at many points along the bridge, the antahkarana; it is through the activity ofRays, 633:the whole matter is being put to the test. The bridge will be built. In the U.S.A. you have theRays, 633:and evince a more understanding spirit. The bridge between these two great groups must and will beRays, 633:and the work to be done is to raise more than to bridge. This leveling produces serious conflictRays, 672:has to be constructed and established as a bridge of light between the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 672:and the soul-infused personality, so a similar bridge or correspondence is established between theRays, 750:spirit) by efforts along all possible lines to bridge or heal the cleavage. This is testified to byReappearance, 76:idea symbolically, this energy creates a living bridge from the human kingdom to the Kingdom ofSoul, 55:the Western or mechanistic conception, and so bridge the gap between them, it is necessary toSoul, 73:and things existing outside, there was no sure bridge upon which to make the passage that aloneSoul, 90:as Christian Science and New Thought, a bridge has been constructed between the East and the West.Telepathy, 33:will make true interplay possible, and this will bridge between the old way of understandingTelepathy, 68:The New Group of World Servers is the linking bridge and the mode of communication between theTelepathy, 113:in an invocative form; it does so in order to bridge the gap existing in consciousness between theTelepathy, 139:by advanced students. There is no such planned bridge for the gap in [140] consciousness between
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