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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIDGED

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Bethlehem, 167:in forms which the average man could grasp. He bridged the old and the new, and gave out that newDiscipleship1, 340:mind and the astral-emotional nature) can be bridged, thus letting in the illumining control of theDiscipleship2, 152:the diaphragm is the exoteric symbol) could be bridged and the emotional personality be controlledDiscipleship2, 193:bearing in mind that you have at least bridged the gap between the personality and the SpiritualEducation, 5:between the lower mind and the soul has to be bridged, and curiously enough humanity has alwaysEducation, 30:been done. Humanity has as a whole already bridged the gap between the emotional astral nature andExternalisation, 545:manifold divisions of the Protestant churches be bridged is imperative. If none of these thingsFire, 138:doing now. When the gap is [138] completely bridged, man's body becomes coordinated with the mentalFire, 1021:and the gaseous subplane of the physical be bridged. It might be useful here to remember that inFire, 1113:the Mother for the Father. The greater gulf was bridged. The lesser gulf persisted, and must beFire, 1113:bridged. The lesser gulf persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons of Mind themselves."Fire, 1159:which have (in the course of evolution) to be bridged by the energetic action of the rapidlyFire, 1159:hiatus, just as there exists that which must be bridged between the triple lower man and the egoicFire, 1160:of consciousness there is that which must be bridged. Again, between the alta major center and theFire, 1160:his evolution in the three worlds) that gulf is bridged and the Monad and the Ego are closelyPsychology2, 67:functions in its own world. This has to be bridged before at-one-ment can be achieved and completePsychology2, 416:of which man is so distressingly aware will be bridged and ended when the mind is trained toPsychology2, 426:and his environment which - when once healed and bridged - makes him a responsible human being andPsychology2, 439:astral or emotional body and the mind has been bridged, and the man discovers the vast field ofPsychology2, 442:of intelligence. The group that has already bridged this cleavage and is now aware of a major taskPsychology2, 447:the path itself." When the cleavages are all bridged, the various points of crisis have beenRays, 113:formation) is possible only to those who have bridged the gap between the concrete lower mind andRays, 326:by the soul) and the Spiritual Triad could be bridged by the aspirant himself. II. I found itRays, 448:have learnt to control the mind and to have bridged the divisions, and so can direct at will theRays, 448:been done. Humanity has as a whole already bridged the gap between the emotional-astral nature andRays, 464:note of Nature The mental plane which must be bridged is like a great stream of consciousness or ofRays, 611:of certain fundamental cleavages which must be bridged by human effort. The partial "sealing of theSoul, 76:in line with the Oriental philosophy. They bridged the gap therefore between the two hemispheres.Telepathy, 139:and the Spiritual Triad. This gap will be bridged by the building of the antahkarana, and this can
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