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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIDGES

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Bethlehem, 7:truth. A myth is a valid and proven truth which bridges, step by step, the gap between the pastDiscipleship1, 528:are two narrow, stone-and-wood Chinese-curved bridges, backing on the wall, and with a latticedDiscipleship1, 576:the contacts you make, the work you do and the bridges which you establish between yourself andEducation, 17:to grasp the fact of the higher realities and bridges the gap between his higher and his lowerEducation, 29:the ages individuals have built their individual bridges between the higher and the lower, but soEducation, 32:a spider, man spins connecting threads, and thus bridges and makes contact with his environment,Education, 95:levels of the mental plane. These symbolic bridges, when constructed, will facilitate the stream orEducation, 96:the second half of the antahkarana (that which bridges the gap in consciousness between the soulEducation, 110:facilitated and the group building of the needed bridges of light may go on apace. Forget not thatEducation, 148:down upon the physical plane, and later bridges the gap - through meditation and service - betweenFire, 302:is considered manasic in a different sense. Man bridges in essence; the devas bridge in matter. Fire, 604:the Logos, for we stand then in the body which bridges the gulf between the dense physical, and theFire, 846:to the deva evolution as the mysterious "bridges" which baffle scientists, and which are foundFire, 896:symbology, for it is a synthesis, and that which bridges the higher and the lower strata ofFire, 1126:It is called "the path of manasic evil," and bridges a gap between the mental unit of the magicianFire, 1135:them is found that period of manifestation which bridges the two, and connects the positive and thePsychology1, 378:unless the conscious sons of God can build those bridges and develop that understanding which willPsychology2, 67:possible to consider the process whereby a man bridges the gulf or gap (speaking symbolically)Psychology2, 448:brought about by the will-to-good. This bridges not only the major cleavage in individual man, butPsychology2, 580:and their various off-shoots. A group which bridges between the Oriental races and the Aryan raceRays, 257:initiates, all have created their own "rainbow bridges" with understanding and accuracy, and allRays, 406:to the cosmic mental plane. There are "rainbow bridges" carrying the sevenfold energies of theRays, 406:to plane on cosmic levels. It is over these bridges that the will of the related spiritualRays, 408:the impulsive incentive of these Masters which bridges and links between the Monad on the monadicRays, 450:a spider, man spins connecting threads, and thus bridges and makes contact with his environment,Rays, 458:not in fact. The sutratmic strand of energy bridges the gap, and tenuously relates monad, soul andRays, 505:composed of the multiplicity of individual bridges, built by the many disciples. It is thereforeRays, 516:which acts as a great creative agency and bridges across all barriers and separative states of
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