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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIDGING

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Psychology2, 445:functioning personality. The adjustment of the bridging process between the two major energies.Psychology2, 446:man, in which vehicle is there the need for the bridging process? Where is the point of cleavage,Psychology2, 446:Is this problem One of cleavage, requiring a bridging process, and leading thus to a fusion ofPsychology2, 448:will" you have two keywords which express the bridging of two cleavages: One in the psychic naturePsychology2, 633:a wide [633] generalization and there are many bridging groups between the four major divisions. Psychology2, 746:have made the field of service clear. It is the bridging of the separative cleavages, and theRays, 34:faculties can only be brought into play when the bridging antahkarana is beginning to play itsRays, 255:my task is not yet completed and this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledgeRays, 326:I gave out teaching which indicated the mode of bridging the gap between the lower three worlds andRays, 445:are symbols on the external plane. How is this bridging antahkarana to be built? Where [446] areRays, 448:and natural, can be focused where needed. This bridging work has in part already been done.Rays, 448:physical man. It should be noted here that the bridging has to be done in the consciousness aspect,Rays, 450:of the pictorial and visual imagination. This bridging must take place: From the physical to theRays, 474:be thinking, speaking and teaching in terms of bridging, and thus approaching basic statementsRays, 476:itself threefold. The technical antahkarana, bridging between the threefold personality and theRays, 478:consequently to the conscious creation of the bridging [479] antahkarana, which is the outcome ofRays, 482:occupied might therefore be stated to be the bridging of the gap between: The Mutable Cross and theRays, 751:now recognized; the delay comes in the task of bridging them and also in shoulderingTelepathy, 34:and expressed by them. In this way the time of bridging and the period of transition can beTelepathy, 34:and when I say normally I mean consciously. This bridging work must be carried forward by disciplesTelepathy, 110:of the personality; it is in the nature of a bridging faculty, for it is one of the major steps
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