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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIEF

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Education, 58:to register it, and the lifetime of a book is brief. To crown all, there is a definite effort toEducation, 133:for ample or satisfactory discussion in these brief instructions, but certain statements can beExternalisation, 13:of that training. The subject is too vast for a brief article. I do say, with emphasis, that a moreExternalisation, 58:I - Introductory Remarks Let us now pass on to a brief indication of the work of the eighth group,Externalisation, 76:use of the Great Invocation. We come now, for a brief moment, to a consideration of the JewishExternalisation, 287:of 2500 years. Year by year He returns. For a brief minute He reminds us that God exists and everExternalisation, 303:subject and perhaps may simplify the matter by a brief summation: A great cosmic Avatar can come ifExternalisation, 315:the work of the future, each day to use the very brief meditation which I outline below. It isExternalisation, 348:and that of the Hierarchy at His annual, though brief, return to bless humanity. This recognitionExternalisation, 382:freedom is of no individual importance at all. A brief period of organized effort and, at the end,Externalisation, 429:or in [429] Japan. In a lesser sense and for a brief time, there was no freedom in Italy, but ItalyExternalisation, 451:have laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history and have been brought up on a biased andExternalisation, 489:Hierarchy thinks not in terms of years and of brief cycles (though long to humanity), but in termsExternalisation, 494:of a stupendous world event, and in this brief paragraph I have summed up the working out of aExternalisation, 518:but short duration. It lives vitally for but a brief period; with rapidity it moves through itsExternalisation, 551:To each point enumerated I will append in a few brief words the reason why it is regarded asExternalisation, 562:dealing, is from now until the year 2025 A.D. - brief period of time indeed in which to see theExternalisation, 602:- when He does - mankind will be ready. For a brief moment, I would like to summarize certainExternalisation, 635:of the Christ can reach. Here you have a brief account of the work which I undertook on behalf ofFire, 172:into a "fire that burneth up the whole." A brief sentence has its place here owing to its relationFire, 225:subraces? When we have endeavored to answer in brief and concise fashion these nine questions, andFire, 334:unit in objective manifestation for very brief periods on the physical plane simply because as yetFire, 372:aroused to perfection His systemic Lotus. For a brief period He will shine forth radiant as the SunFire, 416:is hidden the mystery of the moon chain. Certain brief hints may be given for the due considerationFire, 433:seventh Initiation. Let us now pass on to the brief consideration of the future influence of theFire, 500:found his course. Let us, therefore, look for a brief moment at the microcosmic manifestation,Fire, 509:This stage is succeeded by the comparatively brief one of etheric existence (covering the period ofFire, 593:6. The Law of Love It is not easy, in this brief digest, to approach the tremendous problem of theFire, 692:vast period of time, to the Logos it is but the brief period of gestation which all bodies undergo.Fire, 718:during the fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, andFire, 752:That great Entity speaks through Him and for one brief second (if one can use such a term inFire, 765:levels a similar interaction takes place for a brief period between the Monad and its reflectionFire, 791:the length of time required for the process be brief, or the reverse. In the early stages, theFire, 792:intervening between two incarnations are brief or not as the man may choose in the interests of theFire, 829:through the door of initiation and enters upon a brief synthesizing process, or a final period inFire, 838:The Sons of God again looked down. For one brief second They thought upon the Mother, and as TheyFire, 839:and their work continues. The forms are set, yet brief their span. They move not, yet they pass.Fire, 839:reaches a higher sphere; the Sons of God for a brief period warm Themselves, yet approach notFire, 884:deva, The two adepts, The initiator, form, for a brief second, a triangle of force with theFire, 954:persisting in animating those forms for but a brief period, will be directed towards the creationFire, 1004:six rules for the mental plane are necessarily brief, owing to the fact that the plane of mind isFire, 1082:and historical value. Again we might append a brief epitome of some of the expressions used and ofFire, 1150:himself from the physical plane for a very brief time, and is driven by his Ego into a physicalFire, 1161:to man at his present stage of evolution. Some brief statements might, nevertheless, be given whichFire, 1196:known and its gathering together in the form of brief enunciated facts. Each of these sevenFire, 1199:with Their emanating source. We now take up for brief consideration two hierarchies [1200] whichFire, 1215:therefore, close this part of our Treatise by a brief enumeration of: The three atomic relations.Glamour, 28:the following three things. I am going to be brief and technical in teaching this group, for myGlamour, 80:upon the Threshold, and thus complete the brief outline of our problem which the first part of thisGlamour, 89:is under right direction, e'en if (during a brief interlude) they misunderstand the process andGlamour, 126:baffled disciple, struggling with glamor, and brief moments wherein he is the triumphant initiate.Glamour, 141:to this particular process. I am giving you a brief and somewhat inadequate paraphrase of thisGlamour, 219:will be the formula reduced to the following brief outline: Brief Outline of the Formula The fourGlamour, 219:formula reduced to the following brief outline: Brief Outline of the Formula The four PreparatoryGlamour, 236:mental plane and the beam of light fades out. Brief Form of the Individual Formula The fourGlamour, 239:of the OM individually and aloud by each member. Brief Form of the Group Formula The Act of Naming.Glamour, 241:The Technique of Indifference We come now to a brief study of the third aspect of illusion, toHealing, 7:to put much truth [7] and information into a brief space, so as to make each sentence convey someHealing, 32:I have asked A.A.B. to insert a very brief synopsis of some of the points I have already made underHealing, 79:of Coordination and Integration We come now to a brief consideration of our second point ofHealing, 104:out. Then use thought, directed thought, for a brief moment and think of the one you seek to heal,Healing, 224:with the older and more developed. I hold no brief for the manner in which this is being broughtHealing, 230:stable as it can be now, but even its relatively brief tenure was a tremendous step forward; theHealing, 278:terms of cycles and you think in terms of a few brief years. What I am in reality attempting to doHealing, 312:He will be either emotional or mental, and at brief times, and from a purely physiologicalHealing, 344:question is somewhat answered in the above brief statement. I am doing what I can in my personalHealing, 407:from extra-planetary Beings. I have given these brief summations so as to enlarge your generalHealing, 476:the pause at this point will be exceedingly brief, sometimes only for a matter of seconds. TheHealing, 491:rope, if I might use so simple a simile. For a brief second the soul responds, and the nature ofHealing, 497:this period of semi-mental life is exceedingly brief and is brought to an end by the soul whoHealing, 566:up and disease eventuates. I think that even a brief consideration of the above questions willHealing, 592:categories; the subject is unsuitable for the brief handling which I purpose here to give. UnderHealing, 682:stands free. This moment of true freedom can be brief and fleeting as in the case of theHercules, 31:and impetuous aspirant. Such is the story, brief, dramatic and encouraging. What of the sign inHercules, 42:was subjected are exceedingly sketchy and brief in outline, but the tests in Taurus and Gemini, inHercules, 80:tell you what she sees." Into the shrine for one brief moment passed the huntress of the Lord andHercules, 83:gains achieved and the powers developed. This brief summation of the signs, as they affectHercules, 89:time, when Christ rode into Jerusalem during his brief moment of triumph on Palm Sunday [90] seatedHercules, 157:tremendously important sign I want to give you a brief resumé of what has happened up to he presentHercules, 202:covered, therefore, nine years, a relatively brief time; it resulted in the decision arrived at byHercules, 225:back-drop to the drama enacted in each Sign this brief summary seems to integrate the HerculesInitiation, 15:into the consciousness of the Monad. A brief period of enlightenment wherein the initiate sees thatInitiation, 31:distribution he employed, he brought about in a brief cycle of time what would otherwise have beenInitiation, 70:Masters, drafting them into small groups for a brief period. The experiment is being tried ofInitiation, 109:aspects. Suffice it to say, in concluding this brief statement, that the making of an initiate isInitiation, 119:before initiation, this belief was based on brief and fleeting vision and strong inner convictionsInitiation, 123:He sees the solar system as a unit, and gets a brief revealing which opens to his amazedInitiation, 125:of the major steps thereto. He sees for one brief second the glory as it shall be, and that path ofInitiation, 132:him; he stands betwixt earth and heaven for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning ofInitiation, 133:the bodies of the two sponsoring adepts. For a brief second, the entire Lodge of Masters andInitiation, 155:with the significance of the Words of Power in a brief manner. We might now sum up certain of theInitiation, 156:on the path of return, speech becomes ever more brief, words are more sparingly used, and the timeInitiation, 160:Logos of our scheme. They are given in this brief form both to protect the concealed truths and yetInitiation, 206:subject is too vast to be enlarged upon in this brief commentary. The "mark of the messenger" inInitiation, 208:- Rules for Applicants The final rule is very brief and consists of five words. Rule 14 Listen,Initiation, 225:of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews his touch and withIntellect, 71:yearns, and which he senses, and of which he has brief and fleeting experience, becomes definiteIntellect, 131:of the latter is illumination. Here we have a brief summation of the entire process - Attraction,Intellect, 142:of form. This interlude is necessarily brief at first but as progress in control develops, itIntellect, 142:possible. At first this will only be for a brief second. A flash of intuitive perception, a moment
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