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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRIEF

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Intellect, 215:to contemplate makes itself felt. This is a brief summation of the mechanics of the process, and isIntellect, 245:but inane platitudes. He would improve the brief moment by pointing out some weakness to beMagic, 56:start off in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire with a brief summary of the process and a statement as toMagic, 57:to read and ponder upon that which he reads. The brief exegesis of Rule I gives the followingMagic, 58:Rule One - Some Basic Assumptions The above is a brief analysis of the first rule for magic and IMagic, 58:student is started in his study of magic with a brief understanding of the past situation, hisMagic, 112:the egoic ray dissimilar, you may have those brief and sudden friendships and affinities, that areMagic, 223:material enchantment, but the lapse will be but brief. Nothing in heaven or hell, on earth orMagic, 224:form of some great and vital test, covering a brief time but calling forth every resource of wisdomMagic, 257:the comment given in the Treatise is noticeably brief : "This rule is very briefly summed up in theMagic, 261:might be wise to commit to memory the following brief dedication to be said silently at that hourMagic, 267:be avoided. Let me here make some statements in brief tabulated form, which will produce a truerMagic, 306:the medium of the personality. This is but a brief summation of the major fears which afflictMagic, 371:has but short duration. It lives vitally for a brief period; it moves with rapidity and then isMagic, 431:selfless service. We are to take up now a very brief consideration of two types of energy of aMagic, 513:and of inbreathing (inhalation) are relatively brief and - the point to be emphasized - these twoMagic, 635:run nothing can really deter him. What are a few brief years in a comparative cycle of aeons? WhatMagic, 635:delay in expected help, but that again is brief, and help will come from other sources, for theMeditationhas apparently attempted to supply the need of a brief yet scientific exposition of a rationale ofMeditation, 40:expressions, finishing yesterday with a few brief hints anent the causal body on its own level andMeditation, 101:here. I would like also to give you here a very brief though occult fragment that.. may now be madeMeditation, 117:casual friends, and the people he touches for a brief period and then sees no more. His work withMeditation, 212:of the matter of the seven rays... Certain brief statements seem to be in place: The true indigo isMeditation, 225:considerations which can be best dealt with by a brief consideration of the law of analogy andMeditation, 248:have often told you, that in the following up of brief hints lies the path that leads to the sourceMeditation, 267:(which is the Master's vibration) for a very brief interval. He will at some high moment link upMeditation, 289:consciousness of the fact is held but for a few brief seconds; as progress is made, and everyMeditation, 292:polarization into the body egoic, even if for a brief moment, then he can know that he is for thatMeditation, 292:moment, then he can know that he is for that brief moment vibrating to the key of the Master of hisMeditation, 294:as the sounding is both unlooked for and too brief to catch. But as time progresses, and the pupilMeditation, 295:them with the body egoic (even if only for a brief minute) suddenly he may see, suddenly he mayMeditation, 327:initiation in earlier lives will be there but a brief time, pushing rapidly through the curriculumMeditation, 360:of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews his touch and withPatanjali, 25:endeavor and through non-attachment. A few brief explanations are all that is necessary with aPatanjali, 32:aspects which express the one Life. In such a brief commentary as this perforce must be it is notPatanjali, 55:the concept and grasp the significance of the brief statements made according to the state of hisPatanjali, 112:place, time and number and is also protracted or brief. 51. There is a fourth stage whichPatanjali, 220:place, time and number and is also protracted or brief. This is a most difficult sutra toPatanjali, 261:possible. At first this will only be for a brief second. A flash of intuitive perception, a momentPatanjali, 304:though esoteric significance attached to these brief words. Patanjali, 316:and the full light of day. Ganganatha Jha in his brief commentary touches on all these three. HePatanjali, 367:enlarged." It might be helpful also if the brief comment of Dvivedi were quoted here as it is wellPsychology1, xxiv:to make this treatise upon the soul relatively brief. I shall seek to express these abstract truthsPsychology1, 71:and are conveyed by six short and excessively brief commands uttered, curiously enough, late in thePsychology1, 143:expression of life-quality-appearance. This is a brief statement of the Plan. Of this the HierarchyPsychology1, 149:for our future studies. First, I seek to give a brief exegesis of the basic theory of The SecretPsychology1, 271:serve no useful purpose if I put forth, in this brief discussion of an immense subject, any of thePsychology1, 312:covered. But when his open eyes are lifted for a brief moment, and see the world of reality and ofPsychology2, 79:of any of the three form aspects. Certain brief paragraphs will suffice to define each of thePsychology2, 175:the essential key to the highest knowledge. A brief example will serve to illustrate this, and wePsychology2, 183:b. The Characteristics of the New Groups This brief summary will serve to give some of thePsychology2, 201:incarnation. We enter, therefore, upon a brief consideration of a subject that, to the ordinaryPsychology2, 238:God's true objective and purpose, to catch a brief glimpse of God's Own pattern and the Plan toPsychology2, 251:quality, temporarily we exclude or relegate into brief abeyance another aspect or aspects. This isPsychology2, 267:made of a real simplicity and also exceedingly brief. Intricacy of definition does not necessarilyPsychology2, 274:and effort - suddenly "touches", for one brief moment, the level of the soul, and knows the meaningPsychology2, 311:is under right direction, e'en if, during a brief interlude, they misunderstand the process andPsychology2, 347:of destruction and rebuilding, with a brief indication of the process and the result. The finalPsychology2, 374:his eyes on the soul and ceasing activity for a brief period of time until the light breaks in. ItPsychology2, 378:of the Ray of the Personality. After a brief study of this we will refer briefly to the TechniquePsychology2, 418:types of fainting fits; these are caused by the brief and temporary withdrawal of the thread ofPsychology2, 468:deal. I can do so only cursorily, as the time is brief and I seek to indicate and not to elucidatePsychology2, 731:endeavor. It is not possible to enlarge within a brief space upon the methods and the plans of theRays, 44:cold, and toward a newer tension. Here, in very brief form, certain basic instructions are given.Rays, 46:the antahkarana. It is not possible in these brief instructions to deal adequately with the willRays, 58:however, be for a hundred years, which is but a brief moment in the eternal history of humanity.Rays, 58:of the significance of initiation in these brief expositions? [59] Do you see more clearly theRays, 110:himself. This exegesis of Rule IV is necessarily brief because it is of such deep significance thatRays, 224:have you note that I have given you much in a brief form and have added much of new informationRays, 227:Creative Hierarchy, the human kingdom. This is a brief and inadequate summation of the more generalRays, 290:story - was reached in Gethsemane, and for a brief moment we are given an insight into an aspect orRays, 355:and not the Master Jesus, except in the one brief episode wherein He appeared to Mary, weepingRays, 450:above paragraph and its implications you have a brief and inadequate statement as to the Science ofRays, 476:"I and my Father are one." The above is a brief and probably meaningless statement exceptRays, 479:of the fused and blended threefold thread. This brief summation of the past process is intendedRays, 605:keep the handling of this subject exceedingly brief, or as brief as its historical importance willRays, 605:of this subject exceedingly brief, or as brief as its historical importance will permit and itsRays, 650:there have been many such moments, but they were brief and passing, serving only to stir theRays, 655:progress upon Their chosen Path in order, for a brief time, to implement and aid the work of theRays, 702:by philosophers as synonymous in meaning) for a brief period of time, but was called (on account ofRays, 711:the energy of ideas) some faint glimmering and brief revelation of the purpose of the ideas whichRays, 733:I am of course endeavoring to translate certain brief words and intricate symbols into phrasesRays, 760:written anent the Invocation and then prepare a brief manual as to its use and purpose, putting aReappearance, 69:covered, therefore, nine years (a relatively brief time); it resulted in the decision arrived at byReappearance, 119:man thinketh in his heart, so is he." These few brief words need most careful consideration. UnderSoul, 11:centering solely in the brain. I am holding no brief for the tentative conclusions reached by theSoul, 50:on the subject, the following may be given as a brief summary. [51] The whole subject is in anSoul, 55:intricate, and defies summarization. Still, some brief introduction must be made and the followingSoul, 56:[56] intelligible survey of the field, however brief, it will serve its purpose. In giving thisSoul, 120:upward on the ladder of evolution. Such in brief is the teaching of the East with regard to theTelepathy, 50:In the above I have given you an interesting and brief elucidation of the technique to be appliedTelepathy, 182:a better picture than heretofore. This is also a brief preamble to another statement, which can be
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