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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRILLIANCY

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Autobiography, 144:the breathlessness, the mad rush, the brittle brilliancy and the glare of modern Hollywood today.Fire, 71:and causes its light to shine with increasing brilliancy. Third. It works upon the spirillae, andFire, 436:all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and moulds the form to theFire, 541:other two, which practically show forth in equal brilliancy. On the mental plane, the light ofFire, 725:An increase of spiritual light and brilliancy. Planetary radioactivity. It is this planetaryFire, 841:of small development, [841] showing forth in the brilliancy of the permanent atoms, and in theFire, 1001:is that the inner light becomes veiled, its brilliancy dimmed, just as the inner light of the EgoFire, 1093:of living energy, focal points of intensified brilliancy and everywhere the sparks. 14 Color. -Fire, 1118:of its color is not here referred to, but the brilliancy of the fires, and the rapid scintillationGlamour, 70:and suns and planets shining with a clear cold brilliancy and with a twinkling blazing light whichHercules, 64:fact that the star, Castor, is waning in brilliancy and has not the light that it had severalPsychology1, 131:becomes accentuated and takes on a still greater brilliancy through the blending with it of the
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