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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRITAIN

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Astrology, 446:shift of populations throughout Europe and Great Britain and which is responsible for the steadyAstrology, 522:of many nations found asylum in Great Britain. Likewise, if the Forces of Light triumph because ofAstrology, 524:It is of deep moment to realize that Great Britain and the United States are closely related andAstrology, 524:functioning potently; and that India and Great Britain are related through the first rayAstrology, 524:through the first ray personality of Great Britain and the egoic ray of India. The implications areAstrology, 526:this time: The United States of America, Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experimentsAstrology, 526:in the States by corrupt politics and in Great Britain by ancient imperialistic tendencies. ButAstrology, 530:of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States - not because ofAtom, 41:lecture before a body of chemists in Great Britain, in which he dealt with the ability of the atomAutobiography, 2:varied experience of living and working in Great Britain, Europe, Asia and America led to basicAutobiography, 12:firm - one of the most important in Great Britain. I was, therefore, born under the sign of Gemini.Autobiography, 12:and therefore it is in that country and Great Britain that the great conflict between capital andAutobiography, 15:and made me feel that there were those in Great Britain who had not forgotten me. I want to mentionAutobiography, 17:several of the municipal water systems of Great Britain. He had a large family. His eldestAutobiography, 19:and was well known in Washington and Great Britain. The Fairbairns did not belong to the so-calledAutobiography, 19:I had been criticizing my great-uncle! Great Britain was democratic even in those far off days andAutobiography, 27:of the paternalism and the feudalism of Great Britain but it had its good points. It may be a goodAutobiography, 38:I twice (whilst living and working in Great Britain) took part in an extraordinary ceremony and itAutobiography, 70:problem and that is why they can advise Great Britain on what should be done. The rabid speeches ofAutobiography, 71:the undeniable fact that India and Great Britain are closely related and have much karma to workAutobiography, 79:until I could arrange for his passage to Great Britain, where he ultimately recovered. AnotherAutobiography, 80:sea. Once I spent three weeks returning to Great Britain and whilst there spent one week inAutobiography, 88:question. The well defined caste system in Great Britain aided this position. They must not andAutobiography, 100:where I wished in India and go back to Great Britain when I wanted without a single [101] thought.Autobiography, 102:There may be an aristocracy of birth in Great Britain but in the United States there is anAutobiography, 109:was about six months old I went back to Great Britain to see my people, leaving my husband toAutobiography, 118:been any anti-Semitic attitude in Great [118] Britain, particularly in my youth there. Some of ourAutobiography, 121:they dwell. I have not found it so in Great Britain or in Holland. The Gentiles have frequentlyAutobiography, 134:of the same social background in [134] Great Britain as myself. I had never met them but had wantedAutobiography, 165:The General is a Tibetan, educated in Great Britain at public school and university and was inAutobiography, 184:the average parents in this country and in Great Britain. Here in the United States we are so laxAutobiography, 184:or self discipline whilst in Great Britain the discipline [185] and parental demands andAutobiography, 185:went overseas. When I was in Europe and Great Britain in the summer of 1946 I got direct first-handAutobiography, 201:Today, in 1947, the world is sex mad. Great Britain, the U.S., and all other countries are riddledAutobiography, 201:and Episcopal churches of the U.S. and Great Britain hold the view that if a divorce is procuredAutobiography, 207:and always paid our passages to Europe and Great Britain and back. We were so close that if I wasAutobiography, 214:became absorbed in work both in Europe and Great Britain as well as in the U.S. and also in theAutobiography, 215:of the school was growing in Europe and Great Britain. The books that we had published were findingAutobiography, 219:just as bad people, just as good people in Great Britain, Switzerland, France, etc., as there areAutobiography, 219:through city after city in the States, Great Britain and on the Continent and have listened to whatAutobiography, 227:my husband and I were five months over in Great Britain and Europe and seven months in the UnitedAutobiography, 227:students, most of them men. The work in Great Britain was also going ahead. Little groups ofAutobiography, 229:equally in Poland and Romania as in Great Britain and America. It was almost as if the door to aAutobiography, 241:the same quality in the people as in Great Britain and the United States. The same things could beBethlehem, 63:the pagan English before their settlement in Britain about A.D. 500, 'began the year on DecemberBethlehem, 241:are more than the entire population of Great Britain, and constitute a large group of human beingsDestiny, 49:5th Ray Knowledge. I release the Light. Great Britain 1st Ray Power. 2nd Ray Love. I serve. ItalyDestiny, 49:present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, yet a relationship can be seen also betweenDestiny, 49:can be seen also between France and Great Britain through their esoteric national [51] mottoes andDestiny, 51:aspects in manifestation. The symbol for Great Britain, under the same divine apportioning, is theDestiny, 51:Power is the outstanding characteristic of Great Britain. England is an exponent of the art ofDestiny, 53:the light. It is in this connection that Great Britain will emerge into renewed activity for herDestiny, 53:and ; the quarrel between Great Britain and India is largely a family affair in theDestiny, 53:ray energy. It is for this reason that Great Britain can contact the German race and handle theDestiny, 53:qualities and one of the services which Great Britain can render at this time is to come to the aidDestiny, 54:that of the major nations only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America areDestiny, 54:An interesting fact thus emerges: Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect of thisDestiny, 54:based on true idealism and love. Great Britain represents that aspect of the mind which expressesDestiny, 56:civilization and ideas. China, Germany, Great Britain and Italy are masculine and positive; theyDestiny, 68:Aries 1st Fourth Pisces 12th First. Great Britain Gemini 3rd Second Taurus 2nd First. Greece VirgoDestiny, 68:the major and powerful nature of the part Great Britain is playing in the present situation. As youDestiny, 68:present situation. As you will have noted, Great Britain is ruled by Gemini and Taurus, andDestiny, 69:10th Germany Berlin Scorpio 8th Leo 5th Great Britain London Leo 5th Libra 7th Italy Rome TaurusDestiny, 77:should not forget the Napoleonic wars, nor Great Britain the Boer war. All nations have much in theDestiny, 80:Here lies the crux of the world problem. Great Britain, with her soul ray ruled by Gemini (whichDestiny, 80:of Certain Countries In considering Great Britain, we note first that the ruling sign is GeminiDestiny, 80:been thought by certain astrologers that Great Britain is ruled by Aries, and this is true of it,Destiny, 81:which has in the past distinguished Great Britain's political activity. Gemini people are oftenDestiny, 81:the Gemini effect along this line makes of Great Britain no exception. Such distrust has beenDestiny, 81:does not entirely control, for the soul of Britain is only now struggling for expression. For longDestiny, 81:is, therefore, the soul factor which links Great Britain to France and which should assistDestiny, 81:policy, but primarily the Libra aspect. Great Britain regards herself as the preserver of theDestiny, 82:part of the whole? It was the Leo force in Great Britain which attracted originally the Leo forceDestiny, 82:between the United States of America and Great Britain than between any continental power, forDestiny, 83:in all nations and individuals. Governing Great Britain, therefore, are the following energies,Destiny, 83:It accounts for the warlike history of Great Britain, but works out at the present time in theDestiny, 83:to note that it is this ray which links Great Britain so closely with France and appears nowhereDestiny, 84:between the Earth, as a whole, and Great Britain. It links Great Britain also with the third rayDestiny, 84:as a whole, and Great Britain. It links Great Britain also with the third ray personality ofDestiny, 84:first ray. Again you find in this ruler of Great Britain's Taurian personality, a link with theDestiny, 85:and forces will account adequately for Great Britain and her activities; they indicate also certainDestiny, 85:British attitudes, decisions and activities. Can Britain change and - preserving the will-to-orderDestiny, 85:present largely in the hands of France and Great Britain, and the happiness of the world is assuredDestiny, 86:thus relating Italy to France, to Great Britain and to Berlin - all of which have Leo as a rulingDestiny, 86:Italy is more closely related to Great Britain than she is to France, because Rome is ruled byDestiny, 86:by Taurus and by Leo which ties her to Great Britain through identity of vibration. This FranceDestiny, 86:have to recognize as well as Italy and Great Britain. The personality of Italy is ruled byDestiny, 87:relates Italy to the second ray soul of Great Britain and tends to a basic understanding. I wouldDestiny, 88:This influence is also dominant in Great [88] Britain and again closely relates the two countries.Destiny, 88:Gemini, linking it therefore closely with Great Britain and also by Aquarius as the ruler of itsDestiny, 88:by Gemini, and a second ray soul (as has Great Britain), ruled by Aquarius, is potent for futureDestiny, 90:thus linking the States closely with Great Britain and indirectly with France. Ray 4. - HarmonyDestiny, 97:of many nations found asylum in Great Britain during the war. Also, if the Forces of Light triumphDestiny, 99:It is of deep moment to realize that Great Britain and the United States are closely related; thatDestiny, 99:nation is functioning potently. India and Great Britain are also related through this first RayDestiny, 99:through this first Ray personality of Great Britain and the soul ray of India. The implications areDestiny, 101:this time: The United States of America, Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experimentsDestiny, 101:in the States by corrupt politics, and in Great Britain by ancient imperialistic tendencies. ButDestiny, 104:of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States - not because ofDiscipleship1, 161:Workers increasingly will be drawn to Great Britain and to the continent of Europe. From the United
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