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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BRITAIN

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Discipleship1, 730:culminated in the declaration of war by Great Britain in 1939, when the destructive force of thatEducation, 107:Government control, as in Europe and Great Britain. The people are told just what is good for them;Externalisation, 85:London is, of course, the heart center for Great Britain (and temporarily it is also the headExternalisation, 130:of producing these fusions can be noted. Great Britain, the United States of America and the UnionExternalisation, 131:much of interest to be noted. One of them, Great Britain, represents a fusion, the foundations ofExternalisation, 131:and colors the embryonic civilization. Great Britain expresses the will-to-power but on account ofExternalisation, 132:as far as the Pacific. The other, Great Britain, through its successful demonstration of theExternalisation, 134:The drift of people to the colonies from Great Britain, the drift of the people from every nationExternalisation, 173:between two great nations, France and Great Britain. Unity of directed thought and purpose is theExternalisation, 175:also to give direction - along with embattled Britain and her Allies - to a world sorely needingExternalisation, 184:means of communication brought this about; Great Britain knew nothing of the movements ofExternalisation, 190:as has been until lately the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The control of labor by capitalExternalisation, 231:the reactions of such empires as those of Great Britain, France and Holland, and with indication asExternalisation, 231:today stand with their purpose focused in Great Britain, driven there by the trend of events. I doExternalisation, 236:truth nor armed might nor sacrifice. Today Great Britain stands with a handful of her alliesExternalisation, 237:by the peace-loving peoples of France and Great Britain, and the way of aggression, developed forExternalisation, 238:of the statesmen of both France and Great Britain and summed up in the words of a great Englishman,Externalisation, 238:call your attention to the broadcast from Great Britain, warning the Germans to take cover whenExternalisation, 242:British Dominions and their relation to Great Britain, and in the federation of the United StatesExternalisation, 377:Imperialistic powers, such as Great Britain, are publicly repudiating the old points of view andExternalisation, 434:weaker nation, thus forcing France and Great Britain to fulfil their pledged obligations to thatExternalisation, 499:country. We believe the determination of Great Britain, the United States, and Canada, who are inExternalisation, 548:at present - the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada. It belongs to the UnitedExternalisation, 614:funds in order to arm the Zionists against Great Britain, an ally and a friendly power; it isExternalisation, 614:the attack in Europe - the inhabitants of Great Britain, Italy, China, Poland, and the Balkans,Externalisation, 615:policies of Russia, the United States and Great Britain. To these factors must be added today theExternalisation, 615:force them to accept the offers made by Great Britain, Canada, Chile, Belgium and many other lands.Externalisation, 627:system the World has ever seen. Great Britain would gladly train the world in the British conceptsExternalisation, 639:Of this, the proposed treaty between Great Britain, France and the Benelux countries is a tentativeHealing, 250:the world, and that cancer is rampant in Great Britain, whilst heart disease is a prime cause ofHealing, 662:in her techniques. The United States and Great Britain are at a midway point. They have a visionHealing, 662:the efforts of the men of goodwill. Great Britain is at present impotent, financially ruined, herInitiation, 59:take pupils. One of them, who resides in Great Britain, has in hand the definite guidance of theMagic, 418:the United States, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. From their reaction to the vision of thisMeditation, 306:national schools. The exceptions are: Great Britain. Canada and the United States. Australia. AndMeditation, 307:educational work of the next ten years. Great Britain. At one of the magnetized spots in eitherMeditation, 309:Theosophical movement, and others. The work in Britain, America and Australia is already in processProblems, 13:marched into Poland and when France and Great Britain consequently declared war upon Germany, ifProblems, 19:Rehabilitation of the Nations Great Britain Great Britain has been a great and imperialistic power.Problems, 19:of the Nations Great Britain Great Britain has been a great and imperialistic power. HerProblems, 19:of owning the world alienates many. Great Britain carries the sense of caste into all herProblems, 20:all based on truth and the enemies [20] of Great Britain can bring due cause to the judgment seat.Problems, 20:particularly the nation which emerged from Britain, the United States. This is one side of theProblems, 20:and labor emphasize essential equality. Great Britain seeks no more territory; she is now aProblems, 21:and proud reticence were given free play, Great Britain and the other nations of the world couldProblems, 25:to shoulder worldwide responsibility. Both Great Britain and Russia have already learned thatProblems, 25:and the aristocracy. Countries such as Great Britain and France, which have accepted theProblems, 25:seek control. The same is largely true of Great Britain. The roots of the people in the UnitedProblems, 26:States, but will also be fought out in Great Britain and France. Russia already has her ownProblems, 41:the children of Europe, of China, of Great Britain and Japan will ever completely recover from theProblems, 41:There will be exceptions, particularly in Great Britain and parts of France. Time alone willProblems, 70:ends. From the feudal barons of Europe and Great Britain in the Middle Ages through the powerfulProblems, 74:the coal fields both in the States and Great Britain. The exploitation of children increased. TheProblems, 76:[76] Groups of enlightened men in Europe, Great Britain and the United States began to agitate, toProblems, 93:(rightly or wrongly) as imperialistic; Great Britain is endeavoring to protect her "lifeline" toProblems, 96:though this has been less marked in Great Britain, Holland, France and Italy than elsewhere, andProblems, 101:for decades, antagonism is rising; in Great Britain its evil head can now be seen, and in theProblems, 172:the fast dying imperialism which handicaps Great Britain and a clinging to responsibilities andProblems, 172:over to the United Nations; the hope of Great Britain lies in her socialistic tendencies whichProblems, 173:which colors the press and the radio in Great Britain and still more in the United States, thusProblems, 175:States and - to a lesser degree - that of Great Britain; South America is rapidly learning toProblems, 175:States on the ground of imperialism; both Great Britain and the United States mistrust Russia, onProblems, 175:be remembered that there are statesmen in Great Britain, the United States and Russia who arePsychology1, 175:exploitation of the many by the few. In Great Britain, we find the dictatorship of empire (if suchPsychology1, 382:ray of knowledge. "I release the Light." Great Britain 1st ray of power or government. 2nd ray ofPsychology1, 383:present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, and yet a relationship can be seen betweenPsychology1, 383:can be seen between France and Great Britain through their esoteric national mottoes and alsoPsychology1, 383:intelligent manifestation. The symbol of Great Britain, under the same divine apportioning, is thePsychology1, 384:strongly the outstanding characteristic of Great Britain. England is an exponent of the art ofPsychology1, 385:the light. It is in this connection that Great Britain emerges into renewed activity, for herPsychology1, 385:and , and the quarrel between Great Britain and India is largely a family affair in thePsychology1, 386:It is for this reason therefore that Great Britain can contact the German race and handle thePsychology1, 387:that of the major nations only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America arePsychology1, 387:fact emerges as we consider this grouping. Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect ofPsychology1, 387:the angle of culture and civilization. Great Britain therefore represents the aspect of mind whichPsychology1, 389:civilization and ideas. China, Germany, Great Britain and Italy are masculine and positive; theyPsychology1, 430:ray of knowledge. "I release the Light." Great Britain 1st ray of power or government. 2nd ray ofRays, 428:is the most free from selfishness today is Great Britain; she is experienced, old, and thereforeRays, 429:In the hands of the United States, Great Britain and Russia, and also in the hands of France, liesRays, 430:by the right thinking and planning of Great Britain, the United States and the majority of theRays, 430:the true situation; it is one which finds Great Britain temporarily weakened and ineffectiveRays, 604:burnt up the terrain in Europe and in Great Britain, being - curiously enough - preceded by theRays, 624:of Germany and of all the nations. Great Britain is at the point of emergence from theRays, 626:Major Initiations The major conflict in Great Britain at this time is between the reactionaryRays, 627:of view is needed and will be provided. Great Britain, from the angle of its personality orRays, 629:of the United States which relates it to Great Britain. The sixth ray personality energy (at theRays, 631:closely related to the personality ray of Great Britain, the first Ray of Will or Power; the willRays, 632:of the dreamed-of democracy. France and Great Britain are equally democratic, and more successfulRays, 632:All three are of equal importance. In Great Britain - right human government - Will or Power In theRays, 633:out in each of these three nations: In Great Britain, the problem of socialism is being resolvedRays, 633:intense individualism is not easy, and in Great Britain the whole matter is being put to the test.Rays, 681:the U.S.A. and, in a secondary degree, by Great Britain, under the influence of the U.S.A. It isRays, 744:a man born in the United States or in Great Britain boasts and is pleased that he was born in aRays, 746:- Appendix The imperialism of democratic Britain has badly marred an otherwise fine record onRays, 746:it is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as Britain gives freedom of choice and democraticRays, 747:These issues will emerge clearly in Great Britain, where the socialist point of view is gainingRays, 748:anything yet demonstrated and, aided by Great Britain, the two great democracies, expressing rightRays, 748:of man, can do great things for the race. Great Britain is learning a sense of values, and beingReappearance, 175:system the world has ever seen; Great Britain would gladly train the world in the British concepts
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