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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROAD

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Healing, 645:True healing, however, is based on certain broad principles which require definite mentalHealing, 646:as he attains skill in action. Speaking in a broad and general way, and with the reminder thatHealing, 658:from the head and heart centers. This is a broad and general outline of the processes followed inHercules, 48:so symbolizing the soul. Nature of the Tests The broad lesson to be learned in this sign is toHercules, 191:to do it. We are just beginning to think in broad terms, to leave off being exclusive. Emerging inHercules, 216:belt in the heavens, sixteen or eighteen degrees broad, through the middle of which passes theInitiation, 7:process of overlapping and mingling. Only broad generalities and a recognition of fundamentalMagic, 68:is very great. In solving such problems, certain broad discriminations can precede the more subtleMagic, 196:work and sex life of the race. This is a broad and general outline of the three main streams ofMagic, 354:and only sensing the inner truth, work on broad lines of preparation. They are aided by bands ofMagic, 362:deduction. All that is now possible is a broad general outline, patient reserve, a willingness toMagic, 431:only be possible in this book to outline some broad generalizations, and to indicate certain factsMagic, 468:passes the gate. The field is green and on its broad expanse the many forms of the one moving LifeMeditation, 53:and destructive - of the Word. Just a few broad hints will be possible, to form a basis for theMeditation, 114:that can be said on this particular matter, save broad indications. Each of these various subjectsMeditation, 202:covered the ground. I have but indicated the broad outlines of what will some day be facts inMeditation, 228:life ensues. Let us enumerate or tabulate in broad general fashion, leaving the detailed workingMeditation, 231:perfect knowledge. Have, therefore, courage, a broad elasticity of view, and an ability to reserveMeditation, 265:of the pupil. We have in these letters given a broad outline of the magnitude of the task that liesProblems, 95:resources will only be possible when certain broad and general principles have been enforced by theProblems, 99:wait; their numbers are increasing daily. In a broad generalization about any race or nation, theProblems, 132:by its multiplicity of divisions; it is broad, narrow, liberal, radical and ever protesting. ItPsychology1, 5:expected to work, given certain conditions, is broad and sound, and the wideness of its grasp canPsychology1, 153:of the subject is very great, and only the broad general outline of the system, and the basicPsychology1, 158:form in every kingdom, and they determine the broad general characteristics which govern thePsychology1, 190:of grasping the general outline and the broad basic propositions will be able to gather out ofPsychology1, 191:is an expression of a solar Life. Now take this broad idea and make it personally specific byPsychology1, 223:take much time and only in retrospect would the broad general outlines of the evolutionary processPsychology1, 356:the Plan of God and to cooperate; they see the broad general outlines of the divine purpose, andPsychology1, 400:the third of the three disciples. The above is a broad generalization. The period covered is soPsychology2, 26:will indicate that we have only dealt with the broad outlines, and [27] have ignored the infinitePsychology2, 118:of at-one-ment. We shall now consider the broad outlines of this science, for it is the majorPsychology2, 183:the elementary requirements and, by means of a broad generalization, to indicate the major reasonsPsychology2, 216:They have a much wider scope, and pertain to the broad sweep of the evolutionary cycle as itPsychology2, 227:of psychology which must be founded upon a broad and general understanding of the divine Psyche asPsychology2, 259:plane, in the majority of cases. Speaking with a broad generalization, we could say that humanPsychology2, 327:their planned service. [327] This is a rough and broad generalization, but it accounts for humanPsychology2, 337:the Bodies In this summary, we have sketched the broad general outlines of the process. It will bePsychology2, 445:deal with the man and what would he do? On what broad and general principles would he proceed? IPsychology2, 519:generalize, and point out the way to certain broad trails or lines of investigation along which thePsychology2, 534:he is discovering. It might be stated here in a broad and general sense that: Psychology2, 644:which can separate and breed dislike. These are broad generalities, governing the conduct of thePsychology2, 646:forward along lines of non-separativeness and broad inclusiveness. This can be done through thePsychology2, 656:again the order of Initiation. Such is a broad and general idea of the objectives of the Plan andPsychology2, 744:the spectacular and untrue details from the broad and true issues. These lines of cleavage fallRays, 45:and his life demonstration - regarded in a broad and general way, from the angle of theRays, 98:are general in nature and relate to certain broad themes or demanded hypotheses which must governRays, 113:of the normal separate consciousness into the broad state of awareness that "sees no difference."Rays, 130:usually registered by disciples and I use these broad analogies to expand your point of view. By soRays, 132:that divine ring-pass-not. There is still the broad confining sweep of the purpose and theRays, 180:if rightly approached and applied. This broad and general presentation must be rightly grasped ifRays, 186:of the Hierarchy as a whole, producing a slow, broad, though somewhat negative organization of theRays, 255:XIII. In the foregoing pages I gave you certain broad principles and outlined a new aspect of theRays, 323:best, reinterpreted. I have myself dealt in a broad and general way with the subject of initiationRays, 336:with the entire theme of initiation from its broad and general angle and from the angle ofRays, 350:goals emerge as widely different; one treads the broad way which leads ever deeper into matter andRays, 372:conditioned by His ray type. Passing from these broad generalizations, which in reality lie farRays, 542:endeavors to bring about. These are the broad and general lines governing the initiatory process;Rays, 638:to think sanely, with right orientation and a broad point of view; let them think truly, evading noRays, 753:which is material; it has thus constructed the "broad and easy way" which leads to the place whereReappearance, 153:to you that it is only possible to indicate the broad general outlines of the new world religion.Soul, 25: The Soul and its Mechanism - Introduction A broad and general division is outlined for us by Dr.Soul, 37:"There is not the slightest reason to doubt the broad fact of the profound effect on temperamentTelepathy, 55:and emotional natures. If you can grasp certain broad and relatively simple facts and recognizeTelepathy, 196:by the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen, by industrialists and business
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