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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship1, 145:Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D. July 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: There has been for you lately (as forDiscipleship1, 146:write can be printed and circulated... But, my brother, you must work for a year at the organizingDiscipleship1, 147:in application. You are learning fast, my brother, and will find ample compensation as the workDiscipleship1, 147:to Disciples - F.C.D. December 1935 MY BROTHER: I have earlier indicated to you that your generalDiscipleship1, 148:Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D. June 1936 BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLD: The strain of the past sixDiscipleship1, 149:here involved and learn its meaning which, my brother, is your task this life. How to disciplineDiscipleship1, 149:will save you from much depletion. If, my brother, you dwell ever on the plane of the mind, youDiscipleship1, 150:to Disciples - F.C.D. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You are about to enter upon a period of fullerDiscipleship1, 150:of this acquisition will be employed. Once, my brother, you placed your finger upon a major needDiscipleship1, 151:Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D. July 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: In dealing with the rays which controlDiscipleship1, 152:to Disciples - F.C.D. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen the many changes which haveDiscipleship1, 153:beginning in September of this year. This, my brother, gives you an interlude wherein to think withDiscipleship1, 154:endeavor. There are many gathered around you, my brother, to whom you have given much strength andDiscipleship1, 155:to you. Stand Free... Having pointed this out, brother of old, go forward towards the goal and theDiscipleship1, 155:- F.C.D. January 1939 You will note, my brother, how you reverse the problem of B. S. D. becauseDiscipleship1, 156:center of light and love. Be not distressed, my brother, but in calmness and in peace pursue yourDiscipleship1, 156:and with strength. I give you my blessing, my brother. NOTE: Under the most trying conditions, thisDiscipleship1, 157:Disciples - J.W.K-P. To J. W. K-P. November 1931 BROTHER OF MINE: I would conjure you to face theDiscipleship1, 157:you can accomplish much. You might ask me, my brother, how to utilize the meditation period so asDiscipleship1, 157:group belongs. You will comprehend what I mean, brother of mine, when I repeat to you the ancientDiscipleship1, 158:June 1933 I have the same word for you again, my brother. I say to you again and yet again, "LetDiscipleship1, 159:Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: I would like at this time to makeDiscipleship1, 159:preservation throughout the work of the day. My brother, we can translate all the above into fourDiscipleship1, 160:Cultivate love for your fellowmen or rather, my brother and my friend, the externalizing of thatDiscipleship1, 161:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. January 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: You face the three most strenuous years ofDiscipleship1, 161:workers to decide and not for me, your Oriental brother. I can but stimulate your soul to clarityDiscipleship1, 162:regards your personal development and training, brother of old, I can but enjoin upon you aDiscipleship1, 162:July 1935 I have but little to say to you, my brother, as last year I wrote to you in detail andDiscipleship1, 163:your inner pressure off the work for awhile, my brother. The momentum at this time is adequate toDiscipleship1, 163:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. January 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: Every perfecting organism must have in itDiscipleship1, 164:of purpose, of method and of attitude. This, my brother, is not easy. This year should see youDiscipleship1, 164:Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P. June 1936 BROTHER OF OLD: You are in process of gatheringDiscipleship1, 166:manifestation. Bear this in mind. As for you, my brother, keep close to your own soul. WalkDiscipleship1, 166:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. January 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: With true first ray brevity, you have repliedDiscipleship1, 167:permit no opportunity to slide. There are, my brother, many who will give their cooperation butDiscipleship1, 167:of the World Servers. I present it to you, my brother, and to my group, and I throw behind you theDiscipleship1, 168:- J.W.K-P. July 1937 Your mental body, my brother, is upon the fourth Ray of Harmony throughDiscipleship1, 169:1938 Three words I gave to you, my friend and brother, in my last communication. They were:Discipleship1, 170:and increased activity. For you, my brother, I have this word. Let not the glamor of fatigue and ofDiscipleship1, 170:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. January 1940 MY BROTHER: The pressure of the work is heavy upon you and itDiscipleship1, 171:improve. How shall this be brought about, my brother? The first stage is one of real difficulty,Discipleship1, 173:courage, hope and joy, plus understanding, my brother. Train those who work with you withDiscipleship1, 173:to Disciples - R.A.J. To R. A. J. August 1936 MY BROTHER: The press of work has led to some delayDiscipleship1, 174:that I may have said. Write out each passage, my brother, in full, gathering them out of theDiscipleship1, 174:Instructions to Disciples - R.A.J. March 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: The implications of the past year,Discipleship1, 176:on every hand in every form. I think, my brother, that if you ponder upon these thoughts and if youDiscipleship1, 177:own. One word more I would now give to you, my brother. Stand steady and know that you are notDiscipleship1, 177:to Disciples - R.A.J. December 1937 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you have noticed (and when I say "you"Discipleship1, 178:lead to good and creative activity. Then, my brother, I will give you and all in my group aDiscipleship1, 180:I do not here refer to the will-to-love, my brother. That you have. I refer to the power-to-loveDiscipleship1, 181:Instructions to Disciples - R.A.J. August 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: It is not my intent to do more thanDiscipleship1, 181:the initiate. Prior to your group meditation, my brother, I would have you do the following briefDiscipleship1, 182:- R.A.J. January 1939 You have one glamor, my brother, which to you is well known. I will not giveDiscipleship1, 185:are lacking in this incarnation. I wonder, my brother, if you have noted the relation which existsDiscipleship1, 185:test.... There is need for some physical care, brother of mine, and also for the cultivation of aDiscipleship1, 186:to Disciples - I.A.P. To I. A. P. June 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: The last few years have been for youDiscipleship1, 187:service. I am communicating with you, my brother, as with a trained worker and as one who hasDiscipleship1, 188:Instructions to Disciples - I.A.P. January 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I would suggest to you that yourDiscipleship1, 188:goals. But this constitutes a thought-form, my brother, no matter how lofty in nature, and canDiscipleship1, 189:to Disciples - S.S.P. To S. S. P. May 1934 MY BROTHER: We are to work together for a while and IDiscipleship1, 189:particular work? Partly for karmic reasons, my brother - a karma that has touched mine at variousDiscipleship1, 190:of the unanswerable is a waste of time, my brother. The attempt to define the undefinable and toDiscipleship1, 190:you free. Think with simplicity. I give you, my brother, a special piece of work to be done duringDiscipleship1, 191:to Disciples - S.S.P. November 1934 MY BROTHER: I have but little to say to you this half year, soDiscipleship1, 191:preach. The lives you touch each day. Note this, brother of old, and enter on your record in yourDiscipleship1, 192:Instructions to Disciples - S.S.P. June 1935 MY BROTHER: During the coming six months I am going toDiscipleship1, 193:You know well, do you not, my friend and brother, that the more disciples are aligned andDiscipleship1, 193:If you follow these simple suggestions, my brother, you will be surprised at the results which willDiscipleship1, 194:very little to say to you this half year, my brother. The meditation work and the exercisesDiscipleship1, 194:spiritual perception. It is not necessary, my brother, to do this at night, if the hour, fatigue orDiscipleship1, 195:your friend. One other point I seek to make, my brother, whom I hope to see drawn into a closerDiscipleship1, 196:to Disciples - S.S.P. December 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: One of the secrets of true life,Discipleship1, 196:This is predominantly your life lesson and, my brother, you are just beginning to learn it. ForDiscipleship1, 197:but full. Yes, I mean exactly what I say, my brother, "brief but full" for this is largely aDiscipleship1, 198:of soul and personality. Be not discouraged, my brother. If you and all your group brothers willDiscipleship1, 200:to Disciples - S.S.P. August 1937 MY BROTHER: During the past six months, you have made definiteDiscipleship1, 200:the group members and myself, your Tibetan Brother. Between the group, as a whole, and theDiscipleship1, 201:than from within yourself. Is this not so, my brother? This is not so usual a condition as mightDiscipleship1, 202:will behind it... Proceed with confidence, my brother, knowing that all is well. You have two majorDiscipleship1, 202:Instructions to Disciples - S.S.P. May 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: It will, I know, be a source of greatDiscipleship1, 203:is all I have to say to you at this time, my brother. NOTE: This disciple is still looselyDiscipleship1, 203:to Disciples - C.A.C. To C. A. C. August 1937 MY BROTHER: You have been asked to serve in my groupDiscipleship1, 204:brought you into a New Age group. I am glad, my brother, to have you associated with this group andDiscipleship1, 204:you through and over all obstacles. Use it, my brother, with greater frequency - not on others butDiscipleship1, 205:to Disciples - C.A.C. August 1938 MY BROTHER: I feel that if you had to define just what the pastDiscipleship1, 207:to Disciples - C.A.C. January 1940 MY BROTHER: The glamor which constitutes your major limitationDiscipleship1, 207:for you the Door of Initiation. I believe, my brother, that if you will meditate upon this that youDiscipleship1, 208:Instructions to Disciples - C.A.C. July 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: You have had much of strain,Discipleship1, 210:I would ask you to proceed as indicated and, my brother, to trust me, your teacher and friend.Discipleship1, 210:Disciples - I.S.G-L. To I. S. G-L. March 1934 MY BROTHER: There are several things which I seek toDiscipleship1, 211:ended. Do you understand what I mean, my brother? You have two handicaps and they must beDiscipleship1, 212:to the ajna center? Through right meditation, my brother, and right breathing. I will ask you,Discipleship1, 214:to the suggested work (and not to me, my brother) will come for you increased power to live withDiscipleship1, 214:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. August 1934 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with thisDiscipleship1, 215:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. March 1935 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: (For such you have been for manyDiscipleship1, 216:force before the close of this life and, my brother, it is one requirement that you can fulfil. YouDiscipleship1, 216:but most valuable. I ask you to attempt it, my brother, and to pursue this objective in spite ofDiscipleship1, 217:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. November 1935 MY BROTHER AND MY FELLOW WORKER: For all disciples, in theDiscipleship1, 217:vision of discipleship. Live up to our vision, brother of [218] old, and know that time is of noDiscipleship1, 218:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. October 1936 MY BROTHER: This has been a year of inner expansion for you
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